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Circlet of Nobility

Circlet of Nobility Price: 185

+2 to all Attributes


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22 By masy94 2009-10-20

very usefull in early game since it give 0,6 armor 38health points and 2 dmg

21 By bobbob247 2009-08-30

I think he means gauntlets. But o.O brass knuckles.

20 By varunshenoyg 2009-08-30

Brass knuckles??

19 By Zorb effect 2009-08-30

Strygwyr in rage, it depends. For example, Rotundjere, who has shizzle ma nizzle health, should get brass knuckles first IMO.

18 By DaMan2000 2009-08-07

this item ALSO allows you to carry one more item compared to 2 branches

17 By varunshenoyg 2009-07-30

But you cant make the bracer or its equivalent from branches

16 By B-bob 2009-07-29

branches are way better and cost effective

15 By shinhyunkang 2009-05-21

i start with 2 of these and tangos/clarity for mostly any hero~~

14 By countchocula13 2008-10-24

13 By strygwyr in rage 2008-08-10

should u get ur main attr or circlets/ ironwood?

12 By strygwyr in rage 2008-08-10

should u get circlets or branches first? which better?

11 By strygwyr in rage 2008-08-10

i like always start with 1 of these

10 By cebuffs 2008-04-21


9 By simon_rav 2008-02-04

Cheap and good x)

8 By BigBoo 2007-09-16

circlets + branchs = gg early game

7 By cafein 2007-08-08

i cant control myself about buying these.i think its my favoruite item in the game.

6 By aRuCaRd- 2007-07-31

5 By Flodian 2007-07-26

ya... but having alot of these things take yp a hellot of room...

4 By CarpY 2007-04-29

Small things do big things

3 By vi_pre_ash 2007-04-27

use this to make the first 3 early game items

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