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Blade of Alacrity

Blade of Alacrity Price: 1000

10 Agility


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13 By Jinzakk007 2009-12-27

better to buy quarterstaff
alacrity for alleria= 10 as and 1.4 armor for 1000 gold
quarter for alleria= 10 dmg and 10 as for 900 gold

12 By varunshenoyg 2009-12-27

@11:- Not worth it!

11 By dota_noobie 2009-12-27

If agility is not your primary attribute, Blade of Alacrity give you 10 attack speed and 1.4 armor


10 By DaMan2000 2009-08-07

don't get this for alleria

9 By sebastiansb1 2008-12-19

It is very similar to butterfly.

8 By dotadoter 2008-10-25

is it goood for alleria the windrunner???

7 By vfdivinof 2008-08-26

haha nice comments. yep it's only a shadow or a reflection haha

6 By pleng11 2008-08-25

what needs this?

5 By MotorNecla 2008-05-17


4 By ricecreamdude 2007-08-27

or a reflection.

3 By vi_pre_ash 2007-04-27

i think the other blade is just a shadow

2 By aznasianlotus 2007-03-14

no because the other blade is just a mirror image

1 By icyjovial 2007-03-06

i think it should be blades... not blade...

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