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Gem of Truesight

Gem of Truesight Price: 700

Passive: True Sight
- 1100 AoE

Stock Cooldown: 10 minutes
Note: Drops on death


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82 By chen836 2011-09-18

I always buy six of these cause it makes eye of true sight which provides global vision of the map and also has global true sight, only 4200 gold, best item ever

81 By sewingmachine 2011-06-22

theres always dust,sentry wards and lvl 3 necromicon for true sight.and of cause u can always choose hero that counters invisibility when there's invisible hero(es) on the other team.

80 By Rupture 2011-06-21

its stock cooldown is its weakness..when you see a gem carrier bring him down quickly..then the other team will spend many mins unable to buy another gem AND SEE YOUR INVISIBLE teamate or hero

79 By %freak 2011-03-10


That, too.

78 By sewingmachine 2011-03-10

6.70-6.71 also introduces the 6 minutes cooldown.nice way to balance the game.goodjob icefrog :D

77 By %freak 2011-03-09

In 6.70-6.71 era, couriers/crows can now hold this but disables sight.

Great way in retrieving lost gem during clashes.

2 Thumbs up!

76 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-02-24


75 By TenSARS 2011-02-24

If you spawn illusions whilst holding Gem, do your illusions see invis as well?

74 By Riki.rules 2010-12-26

i hate dis when i use riki

73 By biel6666 2010-11-28

@72 too expensive because it drops..

72 By k0tm 2010-11-28

@55 if its too expensice because it drops, then what is divine?

71 By Esmael 2010-11-08

ultimate counter against riki =D

70 By mshepley 2010-08-03

@69 The gem allows you to see invisible units.

Naga doesn't go invisible w/o rune/lothars.

Unless you are asking is Naga can carry it, in which case. ALL heroes can carry a gem.

69 By dushyanth 2010-08-03

does this works on naga??

68 By GawDzilla23 2010-07-08

clicked and cooldown? won't it become dust?

67 By MiniGaY 2010-01-24

@66 no , if you want sure counter to invis heros get wards/dust

66 By Phred 2010-01-24

it should be clicked and have a cooldown. that would be more fair right?

65 By juicyjuice 2009-11-08

i don't think anybody has addressed number 49:
that's not true, illusions are still hidden. however, for phantom lancer, you will be able to see him when he dopplewalks, and you will know that the invisible one is the real one.

64 By Zaggiertjukkur 2009-10-30

I hate when people buy this shit! It makes game inbalanced! Riki can't backstabb and as long as the carrier is strong - well so long riki!

63 By Kaiman 2009-10-25

"cuz there woould be no piont being invisble if this is a cheap item that never drops!"

It could be a lot more expensive though.

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