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Ultimate Orb

Ultimate Orb Price: 2100

10 All Attributes


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32 By comasa123 2011-12-04

31 By MAATTAAN 2009-08-04

30 By Darren93 2009-06-07

29 By TTMasterfims 2009-05-27


28 By Witch Doc 2009-05-01

until what version is eternal orb available?

27 By lupeman#2 2009-04-17

nar, theyve taken the eternal orb out of the game, there was no point of it really anyway considering the EOS gives +25 to all stats, a health and mana bonus and a cold attack for 6650 and the Eternal orb gave you +25 to all stats for 6300. What would you rather? and they need to update this item, it costs 2100

26 By Conscree 2009-04-05

Yup, orb+orb+orb=Eternal Orb. Cool secret but not worth the price.

25 By Morphling89 2009-01-12

costs 2100 not 2300

24 By killior751 2008-09-01

is this stackable?

23 By gnonz 2008-02-28

buy 3 orb and get eternal orb..

22 By Rickard Sharpeye 2008-02-28

Only reason i would buy this is for Eye of Skadi

21 By snakeeaterjf 2008-02-07

Ultimate orb is now 2100

20 By Sh1TFaced 2008-01-19

So you get +10 dmg, +10% ASP, +190hp and +250mana? Its basically a quarterstaff/point booster recipe.

19 By asanes25 2007-12-24

try nyu 3 ultimate orb and combine it to linken sphere . . . ^^ one great item will appear ^^ asaness!!!!putang ina mga tanga di nakakaalam

18 By asanes25 2007-12-24

lets play gg philippines!asanes!you'll not win i will build linken's sphere!no match!@

17 By asanes25 2007-12-24

i dont buy that item bcoz its too expensive and it only gives +10 stats!i'll just buy that when i use -rich!

16 By mv20vm 2007-12-23

thank goodness the price is 2000 now

15 By DONTBUTMEPISS 2007-11-30

14 By r41d3n 2007-11-06

13 By qwertyfg 2007-11-02

wtf? eternal orb is nothing but bull****.

1.)look all items combined have special bonuses(like Skadi have frost and 25allstats,hp/mp ,and frost attack, with a price close to 3 ulti orbs while using 2 ulti orb, a point booster and a scroll worth 1250, the point booster and scroll worth similar to 1 ulti orb)

2.) 3 ulti orbs make 30 to all stats but uses 3 slots

3.) eternal orb= now this has a similar price with skadi if not 200 gold cheaper and makes 25 to all stats

NOW use the grade 1 math skills you've learned combine with common sense.

how the hell will eternal orb be the best item if it will just sacrifice 5 allstats and no bonuses. just because this is a secret item doesn't mean it is as good as you noobs think.

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