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Observer Wards

Observer Wards Price: 150

Active: Place Ward
Places a ward to give 1600 vision. 200 HP. Invisible. Lasts 6 minutes.
Note: Maximum stock of 2 in store. Store stock takes 6 minutes to replenish. Stacks with itself in inventory. 2 charges.


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41 By GuriPSYCO 2012-03-29

I'm searching for Caspian Guide to Wards but I can't find it nowhere, can someone help me?

40 By Feuertanz 2011-11-10

Observer Wards are imba if placed right ... @38 waste? lol :D

39 By Hyperion1O1 2011-11-09

@ 38 I suppose that you scold your allies if they buy this item?

38 By nwa4life 2011-11-08


Add a energy booster and then u can. Haha this item is useless.. I'd rather be enchantress and just walk around. Then I'm the cost of a ward. 250g to be able to kill things.. 1800 night vision.. And if I have gem I can kill the rest. Don't waste your money on this item.

37 By Riki.rules 2010-12-11

venoviper:good idea!!!

36 By tharaka117 2010-10-20

realy good for sniper to finish off running enemys

35 By jhongojar 2010-08-22

how about can use this as a anyfarming.. you can prevent the neautral creeps to respawn..even after a minute...and it last 6 minutes no farming creeps hahhaha

34 By Sundew 2010-08-06

6 minutes is enough. With efficient ward placement, you only need about 2-3 wards up at a time to give you the map awareness you need.

Only time you might want more is if they're doing a terrific job counterwarding.

33 By silentzero 2010-08-06

wards last 6 minutes, and the time you spent placing the wards is more than enough for you to get more of them

32 By hagrid952 2010-08-06

6 minutes for replenish is too long x.x

31 By kiminmaster 2010-07-17

I keep getting fail at ward placement even with guides...sigh...

30 By DP.Negative [X] 2010-07-17

wif dis item,u will b call mher by noobs

29 By alick12345 2010-04-18

lol@ 27.

every team shud have one of these!

28 By venoviper 2010-02-13

in a -test mode..
type -noherolimit

then buy as many stealth assassins as you want.. assign them to guard commonly visited spots.

you already have an unlimited time observers.

27 By Jinzakk007 2009-12-24

yeah, this perv-eye peeping on rylai

26 By slyfe 2009-12-15

It's mainly bought by support int types, like rylai etc.

25 By rjaye630 2009-09-20

i use this often... i knda scout the neuts for posible ganks... and i always end up with the weaker items because of spending much with wards... its ok though. its a team game anyway. sacrificial lamb...

24 By bobbob247 2009-04-27

Not anymore. You used to be able to.

23 By Oskar90 2009-03-28

Can you use a flying animal courier to place these?

22 By HyPeR!!! 2009-03-24

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