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Crow Courier

Crow Courier Price: 220

Animal Courier
Flying Courier

Active: Summon Flying Courier
- Creates a Flying Courier to carry items
- 5 manacost
- Flying Courier has 150 HP, 10 armor, Burst (moves at max movespeed for 20 seconds) and magic immunity
- Cannot carry Gem of True Sight or Aegis of the Immortal

**Gives 150 gold to each enemy player when killed
**Does not drop items it is holding when killed
**Respawns 3 minutes after being killed, items inaccessible during that time


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118 By ragnadiktus 2011-02-23

@117 : Akasha - blink
Furion - TP
Only ones i can think of

117 By iStandForDaLight 2011-02-22

who is the best courier killer???

116 By iStandForDaLight 2011-02-22

my fave item ! and also bottle

115 By nwa4life 2011-02-09

The best item since animal couriers.. This thing flies which is soooo much better it moves faster it can tank more and it doesnt cost 5 mana. its pretty cheap for wat it does since it makes a cool flying creature that can tank with its 10 armor and sheild. plus it can scout with awesome vision to add. Best item and much better than that useless animal courier. XD.

114 By Feuertanz 2011-01-31

Ursa and bottle? Never saw or guessed that.

113 By Phanx 2011-01-29

So being on topic i guess we can all agree that Pudge is a viable hero to go bottle with. Maybe Ursa is another one?

112 By hagrid952 2010-11-07

Press F11 and select allies that u want to share the crow w/.

111 By mahpanda 2010-11-07

how to share it

110 By zy12345 2010-10-26

seriously wtf is wrong with you people? Don't be funny and buy mana item and dagon for bird. by the time you farmed out these items, opponents will probably have lvl3 or even lvl4 recipe items already.

109 By tryss 2010-10-26

Change the price to 370. Chicken got buffed by having a decrease of price

108 By hagrid952 2010-10-26

it does work, but i advise u not to dat...

107 By brytonlaw 2010-10-26

Serious comment here, in theory this SHOULD work
1)buy a flying courier and equip it with lv 1 dagon and a soul booster
2)tower hug with it
3)when an enemy is on red health and escaping, chase them by bursting with the courier , turning on the shield when near an enemy tower, and dagon that fucker

106 By yourdoom 2010-10-16

a build for courier


and in WTF, this "thing" is unbeatable at any cost

mean it, max MS and invulurablility?

105 By || Chaos || 2010-03-04

i was never able to figure out how to get mana on courier until i read the comments haha =)

104 By seanngjoonxian1996 2010-02-09

if it gets an arcane ring then it CAN replenish its own mana

103 By qscfthn 2010-02-07

You can KS with flying couriers, just get the courier a energy booster or a bloodstone then a Dagon.

Fly your courier to the dying heroes then use Dagon on them. Need to regen mana in the fountain before doing this.

102 By Mortredx4 2010-01-31

Storm bottle plus crow yay!

101 By dare18 2010-01-31

on supports


100 By ->F3lix<-/ 2010-01-31

I like reporting idiots to mods seriously, stop shit talk and return to discussion pls...

On which hero should you go bottle+flying courier?

99 By iWasGanked 2010-01-31

@97 im gona try it!

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