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Vladmir's Offering

Vladmir Price: 2050

Mask of Death
Ring of Basilius
Ring of Regeneration
Vladmir's Offering Scroll

+2 hp regen/sec
Passive: Vampiric Aura
Adds 16% lifesteal to melee units. 900 AoE.
Passive: Damage Aura
Adds 15% damage. Bonus damage is based off of base damage and damage from attribute points. 900 AoE
Passive: Armor Aura
Adds 5 armor. Doesn't stack with armor auras from Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, or Vladmir's Offering. 900 AoE.
Passive: Mana Regeneration Aura
Adds 0.8 mana regeneration. 900 AoE.


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346 By CyberXDragon 2012-04-21

awesome item for a very good price

345 By silentzero 2012-04-21

auras don't stack so no

344 By OmniDrag 2012-04-21

Does this item give me +64% lifesteal if i have this item and then make three clones of myself? (I know, stupid question, but just checking)

343 By Nefera 2011-12-22

quelling blade give perfect last hitting for melee heroes. but for sure harassing from opponent is somewhat difficult for melee hero to farm. i had play ogre magi, he is horribly good in last hitting but sadly he is not a carry.

342 By EIOX 2011-12-22

341 By CyberXDragon 2011-12-22


Lanaya range but gt fast atk animation so can last hit

340 By neimi 2011-12-22

not true.
being ranged gives you a better time on the lane and a better time lasthitting/harrassing.

instead of walking up to the creep. just attack from far.
there are alot of ranged heros with excellent last hitting abilities.

339 By Nefera 2011-12-22

melee heroes got many specialty..Vlad,batlefury,quelling blade and basher..i like to play melee heroes compared to range one cause melee is easy to last hit creep too.

338 By EIOX 2011-12-21

the name vampiric aura..... Is sflf sufficient.

337 By shinhyunkang 2011-05-05

yup it sure does^^

336 By ahtrap77 2011-05-05

does it stack with vampiric aura of skeleton king?

335 By WhiteTigeress 2011-03-14

Yes getting both offering and domi is just too much. The money is better spent on something else. Too much lifesteal but too little damage would backfire.

334 By mawhpawh 2011-03-14

Yes, but do not think that imba lifesteal is imba.

333 By iStandForDaLight 2011-03-14

no it does not stack but the domi/satanic + vladimir + feast = imba lifesteal and the domi/satanic + vladimir + vampiric aure(leoric) = imba lifesteal

332 By iStandForDaLight 2011-03-14

so the vladimir's offering stock the with other vladimirs i mean the lifesteal only.. try buying 6 of this in one melee hero

331 By HyPeRhEaT215 2010-11-25

@330 just to clarify, when i said that EoS stacks with Mjo/LS, what i meant is that for ranged heroes therefore balancing the item stacking for both melee and ranged heroes...

330 By HyPeRhEaT215 2010-11-25

it isn't actually weak individually, the damage aura increases along with your damage, so it has a chance to surpass even dominator's standards, plus, paired with desolator/skadi/mjollnir doesn't it give you a higher damage rate than domi itself?

i guess vlads was made to maximize the abilities of the melee heroes and balance them with the ranged heroes...

Remember, before vlad's even came, EoS (Skadi) and Mjollnir/Lifesteal can be paired together right?

so for melee=Vlads

329 By HyPeRhEaT215 2010-11-25

The best item for melee heroes actually (non-arguable).

With the new Orb of venom released, orb abuse will just get too easy...

I tried this with troll warlord...
before vlad's was introduced, domi was a good choice yes, but it was limited to itself because it can only stand alone as it negates other orbs which is a huge setback for a hero with great item opprtunties.

but now?

Vlads + Skadi
Vlads + Orb of Venom + Mjollnir
Vlads + Stygian
Vlads + Venom + Diffusal

Orb abuse?
You got it... XD

328 By hagrid952 2010-11-15

No. All of vlads are auras. Thus Magina can use it for lifesteal.

327 By mandrakex 2010-11-14


An Inquiry

Does Vlady's have ORB effect on it. If a hero like Magina were to be used , would life-steal ever work ?

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