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Lion's Heart

Created by Bard Man on 2008-03-10
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Price: 5375 gold

This artifact dates back to before the great mage wars. Its purpose was to empower commanders with Courage and strength so that they could lead their armies to victory.

+600 to health
+5 HP Regeneration
+8 to all stats
+8 to Strength

Passive: Bravery

Those who wear this Amulet are said to have the courage of a lion and power to match.

+15% Damage

Vitality Booster
Lion's Heart Recipe Scroll



Bard Man thinks that the heroes that would benefit most from this item are Tanks like Leoric or Bradwarden, but at the same time, it can also be a valuable boost to the health an damage of any hero if Vanguard just isn't enough.

 Good items to combo it with would be other HP boosters and general damage increasers. The very best item would definitely be Battle Fury. It gives even more Health regeneration and a nice boost to damage that Blavery amplifies.



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18 By Bard Man 2008-03-13

Bard Man just realized something. mirana0406 never said which heart was better. Hmm.

17 By mazman 2008-03-12

i think that this is a good items but the 15% damage seems a bit strong, because you have already gotten many stat bonuses

16 By Bard Man 2008-03-12

@ thewyliecoyote: 'Bout time someone gets it. This item is easy to obtain, gives a very good stat and HP boost and even adds to your damage.

And the main reason to get it over HoT? Easy. It's alot easier to get. With HoT you need to buy Messerchmit's Reaver (3200 gold!) Then the Vitality Booster and the Recipe. Lion's Heart only needs items that you get off the bat when you need HP. Plus, STR heroes always grab bracers, so this makes sense for them.

15 By thewyliecoyote 2008-03-12

I took a second look at your item and the +15 damage does make sense. Heart of Terrasque gives 300 HP + 35 str which translates into 965 total HP. Lion's heart gives 600 HP + 16 str which is 904 HP. The remaining question is, would any hero benefit more from a little extra HP, Str, and regen from Hot, or +15% extra damage and recipe requirement's that are obtainable early game. After looking at it again, Lion's Heart definitely is better than the Heart of Terrasque. Great job Bard Man. 9/10

14 By Counter_Force[X] 2008-03-12

hp bulk does not give regen as STR does, worthless statement

15% to base damage is hardly anything even on sven except for tiny

heart gives 35 damage to str
this would give at most 45+ damage on tiny

13 By JeFf_ThE_mAOri 2008-03-12

this should have damage block and more hp regen.....

12 By mance435 2008-03-12

Well, that depends on what basis you have for what is better. If you are talking of the Strength, maybe you are right(Tarrasque has 2x more increase in Str than Lion's Heart). But look at the difference between the HP-ups. Lion's Heart has 2x more additional HP than Tarrasque's Heart(sounds cool, Lion's Heart and Tarrasque's Heart). And for regen, Tarrasque has 2x more of it than the other Heart. Still, 15% more damage looks better for battle tanks(Sven) than pure tanks(Brad) which need Heart.

11 By Counter_Force[X] 2008-03-11

you just repeated what i said but yes

10 By mirana0406 2008-03-11


300 HP


+600 to health
+5 HP Regeneration
+8 to all stats
+8 to Strength

Passive: Bravery

Those who wear this Amulet are said to have the courage of a lion and power to match.

+15% Damage


9 By Jayceja 2008-03-11

thats true, but then again look at vlads, it gives 15% attack coming from a ring of regen, ring of basilus and a mask of death,

although seeing that vanguard is used a damage reduction aura or something of the sort would suit it better,

i still think its a good for mid game item or upgrade from vanguard especially for heavy mana using strength heroes

8 By thewyliecoyote 2008-03-11

It'd make a lot more sense if Bravery gave like 20% damage reduction, since all of the recipe items are defense based. Yet they combine into an item giving damage?

7 By Counter_Force[X] 2008-03-11

my point is why buy this when you can buy a heart?

6 By Bard Man 2008-03-11

@ Mance34: Bard Man won't deny that, but late game. Vanguard isn't really all that great. This makes use of an item that doesn't do you alot of good late game along with a pair of items you normally sell before Mid game.

The damage boost works like an infinite version Magnataur's Empower skill at level one.

Bard Man's last point is this: What makes more sense, buying this or buying a second Vanguard?

5 By mance435 2008-03-10

Good point Ghost(for the months I have read through the forums, Ghost always seems to get the right stuff).

If you would put Vanguard and not include block damage, you might as well change Vanguard into Ring of Health and Vit Booster to save 300 from our hard earned cash. Still, 15% damage..... don't really understand how you get 15% of you damage if your damage is pretty much randomized between 2 numbers. Still nice item. 8/10 for now

4 By Blasting Illusions 2008-03-10

same as CF[X] and Ghost where goes the damage?
if you gonna put a vanguard in it then lets see... vanguard blocks 65% of 30 damage right? you can increase the damage block or something like that
and increase the stats a 2+ that should be enough
rest love this item

3 By Counter_Force[X] 2008-03-10

boost something to all stats gain
and yes, where goes the damage block?

2 By burst1994 2008-03-10

emmm.....i feel if u make this item that u need vanguard...i think u should block a certain damage...
But i still like it...because of 5395 cost item can increase 600 hit points

1 By Ghost 2008-03-10

the vanguard is lost in this item.
the bracers make sense, and the booster makes sense but the vanguard does not.
perhaps just the ring of health is needed.

i don't know, your call

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