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Lion's Heart

Created by Bard Man on 2008-03-10
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Price: 5375 gold

This artifact dates back to before the great mage wars. Its purpose was to empower commanders with Courage and strength so that they could lead their armies to victory.

+600 to health
+5 HP Regeneration
+8 to all stats
+8 to Strength

Passive: Bravery

Those who wear this Amulet are said to have the courage of a lion and power to match.

+15% Damage

Vitality Booster
Lion's Heart Recipe Scroll



Bard Man thinks that the heroes that would benefit most from this item are Tanks like Leoric or Bradwarden, but at the same time, it can also be a valuable boost to the health an damage of any hero if Vanguard just isn't enough.

 Good items to combo it with would be other HP boosters and general damage increasers. The very best item would definitely be Battle Fury. It gives even more Health regeneration and a nice boost to damage that Blavery amplifies.



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38 By w00w 2009-02-15

where is damage block of vanguard ?

37 By w00w 2009-02-15

where is damage block of vanguard ?

36 By Bard Man 2008-11-19

By Thor's Banjo! READ OTHER PEOPLE'S COMMENTS BEFORE MAKING YOUR OWN! Merciful Odin, why is this such a hard concept?!? Bard Man will Explain this ONE LAST TIME....

Vanguard, by late game, is LAME. The Damage block is barely noticable at this point due to the simple fact that everyone one who is likely to attack you has 110+ damage and decent attack speed. Someone brought up the cost: Which is more reasonable in terms of price, 2000 gold for Vanguard or 3200 gold for the Reaver?

35 By edward_63426 2008-07-20

add block damage like vanguard

you're forgetting my favourite item in the effect

34 By folechno 2008-07-10

you lost a little bit of str but you'll have so much it doesn't really matter

vanguard is out of place (lost some of its effects only hp carried over so maybe replace it with vitality booster)

like bravery for flavor reasons, would almost say make it an aura for flavor reasons but then way imba

small changes, 8/10

folechno occasionally talks about himself in the third person too

33 By Cloud9 2008-07-09

Well I understand that bardman has said a lot of times 'I've put vanguard because it has no use in late game' I understand that. but vanguard IS NOT a cheap item. Its price is about 2000 approximate. You should think about putting some other time. Why don't you put x3 ring of regeneration. That'll be better :D and the 'passive' 15 % damage isn't worth itself -.- put something else. Some attack speed would be better. Sorry bardman. Its a 2/5

32 By avatryon 2008-06-26

where do that damage came from?
15% is big u knoe.

31 By SteliosrulezGR 2008-06-22


30 By TimeKiller22 2008-06-11

If u replace vanguard with ring of health this will become my favourite item!!! 10/10 from me.

29 By 2008-05-17

Yeah, where is the damage block?

28 By painxd 2008-05-04

where is the block from vangaurd

27 By Bard Man 2008-04-15

Thank you Dashy

26 By Dashy_gazzz 2008-04-07

Kinda hard to argue in between HoT and L'sH...
Cause of L'sH additional +15% dmg that gives it it's balance if i'm comparing dmg given when a STR hero gets HoT or L'sH, almost equal. >.<
Only thing HoT is better is it's regen, but normal HoT is gotten at end game, so regen is not really regarded, more on Max HP. Hard to argue, but since u'r item is new. Nice work on thinking things out 9.5/10... rounded

25 By Bard Man 2008-03-29

Dude, how many times must Bard Msn say it? Late game, the damage block on Vanguard isn't worth it. Hell, it's barely worth it MID game.

24 By izetazzky 2008-03-29

this idea is the best idea ever. bracers are including in the this item.
and that means free slot for news items

but it must be behave like vanguard
i think %65 chance to block 45 damage intead of 600 hp and 600 hp must reduce to 400.. how is it?

23 By Bard Man 2008-03-17

@SiNz.eXoSTAR: Your english is broken, but Bard Man somewhat understands you, but what're you talking about? Vanguard doesn't give a boost to Armor.

22 By SiNz.eXoSTAR 2008-03-16

If vanguard would be added for the requirements, Lion Heart must have give addition to armour as Vanguard gives armour..

21 By Counter_Force[X] 2008-03-15

following comment 16 and 15, i'd say 10

20 By Bard Man 2008-03-13

Late game the Damage block isn't all that helpful More damage on the other hand is key to winning.

19 By ssensation 2008-03-13

I agree the change to block damage should be somewhere in this item.

As for the HoT vs L'sH i would say it is a for all the items in DotA some are better one specific just make it when you think is better to have it then HoT.

The damageblock should be arround there.
great item 10/10

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