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Chu'sarik - Thorn Lord

posted by lone_destroyer47 on 2007-01-12
Chu Primary: INT
Comments: 17
Rating: 44444
Views: 565 times
From the murky depths, Chu'sarik served Slardar for years and never failed anything, and has been loyal to him until his soul dies. Chu'sarik killed a powerful giant while he was still a thornling. He can send spikes from the ground, causing his prey to fly in fear and to scream in pain. He can also shoot some of his regenerating spikes to enemies and peircing through their skins. Chu'sarik can absorb skeletons and implant it within him. Only very few has ever made this creature feel pain, while others die in torment.

Nephir'thotis - Undead orc warrior

posted by Black Angel on 2007-01-10
Nephir Primary: AGI
Comments: 14
Rating: 1010101010
Views: 1336 times
A warrior that was killed by the troll warlord Jah'rakal.Before his soul had gone forever,he prayed to the dark powers to save him for taking his revenge.He is now an orc with extraordinary powers for his tribe,making all tremble before him as he has joined the scourge for taking his revenge...

Origami - The Paper Mage

posted by donchovi on 2007-01-08
Origami - The Paper Mage Primary: INT
Comments: 15
Rating: 44444
Views: 913 times
He loved origami so much that he became a master of paper-a paper mage. He was on a journey in search for a forest that grew paper trees and so trees would not have to die to be made into paper. The man restlessly looked for such a place until he found himself in a different forest-a forest that held the battles between the Sentinel and the Scourge...

Ikka Neryk - Goblin Scrapper

posted by quickbrownfox on 2007-01-07
Ikka Neryk - Goblin Scrapper Primary: STR
Comments: 20
Rating: 99999
Views: 1277 times
Usually found in the battlefield only after the battle, Ikka Neryk is a scrapper, scavenging material from broken machinery and leftover weapons. He makes a profit by making salable items, but most of the material goes to his prized machine, the Legacy. He accepted an offer from The Sentinel to fund the development of the Legacy if he uses it in the battle against the Scourge. With its tough body and an array of functions at his command, Ikka and the Legacy are a formidable match in the battlefield.

47 - Hitman

posted by erroljandaman on 2007-01-03
47 - Hitman Primary: AGI
Comments: 32
Rating: 44444
Views: 1633 times
After Blood Money, 47 was assigned to assassinate a rouge mad scientist in Anatolia, Lichenstein. However, seconds before he could fiberwire his target, the laboratory imploded and they were all warped into another time and space continuum. In this continuum, rages a war between the Ancients and the Scourge. 47 joined the sentinels after being promised of a hefty pay for the Lich King's head/skull and a way back to his plane of reality.

Helius - Homunculus

posted by Lord_of_Draenor on 2007-01-02
Helius - Homunculus Primary: INT
Comments: 20
Rating: 66666
Views: 1268 times
Helius is exactly what the word Homunculus describes: a soulless, mindless being built from transmuted metal by skilled alchemists, used as a gigantic, burning war golem in battles. However, this Homunculus is special. A huge power core resides inside Helius' metallic heart, and it is said that great power is hidden within him, and that his true form which holds the ultimate destructive power must be unveiled steadily.

Tapion - Brave Warrior

posted by Lord_of_Draenor on 2006-12-30
Tapion - Brave Warrior Primary: AGI
Comments: 11
Rating: 66666
Views: 1331 times
Tapion comes from a distant plane of existence. He used to leave peacefully with his folk until one day an evil magican summoned a Demon of Devastation upon Tapion's tribe. Though only a few of them survived, Tapion, with the aid of the Gods, using a mystical harp managed to trap the evil being within himself, saving the rest of his people. Since then, he has been in self-exile, searching for a way to purge the evil permanently from within him. But he soon forgot his cause, and for a long time he has been wandering through the planes, offering his aid to defeat evil anywhere where it is needed, including joining the Sentinel side against the Scourge in their eternal conflict.

Stormguarde - The Dark Revenant

posted by lone_destroyer47 on 2006-12-29
Stormguarde - The Dark Revenant Primary: AGI
Comments: 20
Rating: 88888
Views: 1912 times
An armor enhanced by the dark wizards of Stormguarde with lost souls enchanted with darkness, thus creating the Stormguarde's sorrow and torment.. A revenant that uses wandering souls to annihilate it's prey, showing no signs of heart in the armor within it. The scourge made an agreement with the dark wizards of stormguarde to use the revenant for the invasion of the world tree. The scourge named the powerful revenant in the undead honor of it's origin. Stormguarde. Only few ever matched his power.

Daren Skyflame - The Phoenix

posted by Shimrra_3 on 2006-12-22
Daren Skyflame - The Phoenix Primary: AGI
Comments: 31
Rating: 55555
Views: 2107 times
When he was a child, his parents were killed by the Lich King's agents, and his younger sister captured. Left for dead, Daren was found by the Sentinel under a pile of burning rumble. A decade of apprenticeship under one of the Sentinel's pyromancers left him a reliable warrior, and an able fighter in the Sentinel's cause. Now Daren will stop at nothing to find his sister, even if it leads to him stand before the Lich King himself.

Armi Callid - Apparatus Cluens

posted by yukino_silvermaine on 2006-12-23
Armi Callid - Apparatus Cluens Primary: INT
Comments: 37
Rating: 99999
Views: 1951 times
Armi Callid is an expert in tweaking items. She is an acquaintance of Boush the Tinker, and took part in various experiments about machines with the goblins. Using her knowledge in equipments, she can boost their potential, degrade items, and even make tap their energy. Using advanced technology, she can make a closed space system which increases her combat abilities.
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