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aboardboy`s Rikimaru

posted by aboardboy on 2006-09-04
View details Hero: Rikimaru
Comments: 11
Rating: 66666
Views: 4315 times
I think SA is a very good character as its ulti makes it invisable.This is my third guild in DS so hope you like it!!!

Mortred 4.0x

posted by asdfjjj on 2006-09-03
View details Hero: Mortred
Comments: 44
Rating: 77777
Views: 8468 times
Mortred is a hero with good skills that compliment one another. She is known for dealing extraordinary amounts of damage to heroes and she is very good at hunting prey.

The best stunner

posted by maxi12 on 2006-09-02
View details Hero: Raigor Stonehoof
Comments: 20
Rating: 66666
Views: 5903 times
Before we go through the other sections of this guide, we'll have to know raigor's strength and weaknesses. We'll discuss all his skills and i'll explain how to use them. And so as his statistics, i'll explain all of those matters that here. I really recommend everybody to read this section since it will explain why I chose the item and skill builds i'll post later on in this guide. Each hero in dotA has his/her distinctive ability. Some hero has the power to disable, some to tank, to damage, to empower team mates or to curse enemies. That's why team work is very needed. Thus having heroes of various abilities can give your team a bigger chance to win. Moreover, earthshaker's special ability is to stun huge amounts of enemies which is the best disable ever. Why? Stun halts every movement available to enemies. They can't attack, cast skils, or even move!

Destructive Nevermore

posted by heavenfallz on 2006-09-02
View details Hero: Nevermore
Comments: 17
Rating: 44444
Views: 3503 times
I finally came up with a build for this character after using him and trying out different items build for him.This is my first time creating a strategy for him,any comments are accepted

Aboardboy`s Mortred

posted by aboardboy on 2006-08-30
View details Hero: Mortred
Comments: 22
Rating: 44444
Views: 2775 times
This is my second guild in this website.I think PA is a very good character as its forth skill is i think the most powerful damaging skill in dota.And whats more its a passive skill.

New and Shiny, Struttin' his Stuff

posted by SexualPanda on 2006-08-28
View details Hero: Demnok Lannik
Comments: 20
Rating: 44444
Views: 3836 times
This is one of the two new heroes, and he is already showing his support skills

unstoppable Abbadon

posted by godspeed on 2006-08-28
View details Hero: Abaddon
Comments: 25
Rating: 66666
Views: 4476 times
I'm just a beginner and this is one the few characters I've used so far and i think it's the best. well maybe because it's almost unstoppable when you know how to use it. and o some of the items were told by my friends

The Weaver

posted by nidoking on 2006-08-26
View details Hero: Anub`seran
Comments: 17
Rating: 77777
Views: 4611 times
Just this afternoon, i was playing again for the first time in weeks with my friends. This was the hero I got in an -ar match. Of course, I just tried to make the best out this hero.

The Ice Age

posted by darkshadow on 2006-08-25
View details Hero: Kel`Thuzad
Comments: 21
Rating: 66666
Views: 5329 times
I will show you the great thing, that Lich can do! Take a look!

Ultimate Creep Killer

posted by Jackal13 on 2006-08-25
View details Hero: Sven
Comments: 37
Rating: 33333
Views: 2649 times
Creep killer? I don't know if there's ever such a term, but it's a term I use for heroes that can kill a small or large group of creeps in a very short period of time. So this guide focuses mainly on being a team player, winning the game and owning the creeps. MUHAHAHA! This is my first strategy guide. You're free to give comments.
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