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Beginner's Guide

posted by lupeman on 2007-01-12
View details Hero: Rikimaru
Comments: 27
Rating: 66666
Views: 1168 times
I've only played DotA for around a total of 10 hours now. So if this guide is a bit n00bish, tell me how I can improve on it. I've played online and I always seem to do well, but only in the n00bz and amateur ones. The pr0z don't let me in theres.

~Princess of the Moon~

posted by BibleBash on 2007-01-11
View details Hero: Mirana Nightshade
Comments: 16
Rating: 88888
Views: 2380 times
Since there isnt many guides on Mirana Nightshade, i shall create one. This will be my third guide in DS. Basically, Mirana is very weak during early and mid games but powerful in late games. This guide is meant for TEAM games and not SOLO games. Do read on to find out more about this hero!!

Vengeful The Swapper Killer

posted by _noob28_ on 2007-01-07
View details Hero: Shendelzare Silkwood
Comments: 15
Rating: 66666
Views: 2204 times
This i my first guide making a vengeful guide,. i choose vengeful bec this is my first hero that i played with and i think vengeful is a good supporter and a hero killer as well, a find really interested in vengeful skill Terror with an item desolator and with swap combined with a teammate crixalis,crystal maiden and Techies...hope you'll like it.. i'll be reading your comments later..

Bathe in Blood

posted by Greedygood on 2007-01-06
View details Hero: Strygwyr
Comments: 15
Rating: 77777
Views: 2101 times
Hello, this is my first strategy not only for the Blood Seeker, but also on this forum. I learned a lot by reading the other posts here, and just wanted to add my two cents while (trying) to get a game here in KR land.

Krommic's Guide to a Stinging Impetus Enchantress

posted by Krommic on 2007-01-02
View details Hero: Aiushtha
Comments: 12
Rating: 77777
Views: 5109 times
Many people, acknowledge the strength of Impetus early game but can their arrows remain true? I created this Guide to help players who are new to the Enchantress to help understand how she can be used to her fullest potential.

Chen Creeping Guide

posted by Himura on 2007-01-01
View details Hero: Chen
Comments: 13
Rating: 66666
Views: 2494 times
Chen creeping guide, a guide on how to own with chen

How much do you seek for blood?

posted by noobseeker on 2006-12-30
View details Hero: Strygwyr
Comments: 22
Rating: 66666
Views: 2935 times
My question to you, how much do you seek for blood? To all seeker friends out there, this is for you! Meant to be kept simple yet informative, I hope new players who want to try this hero out, bear the following points in the strat in mind because a lot is expected of you when you are a BS...

Krommic's Guide to a Devestating Tormented Soul

posted by Krommic on 2006-12-29
View details Hero: Leshrac
Comments: 15
Rating: 88888
Views: 3877 times
This hero is a rather oddity, an item dependant INT hero that is weak HP wise and has the strongest AOE in the game.

Viscous Nasal Attack

posted by Ratbag on 2006-12-27
View details Hero: Rigwarl
Comments: 15
Rating: 55555
Views: 2646 times
My style with the Bristleback focuses of one of his key skills, Viscous Nasal Goo. With clever use of this ability, smart skill point distribution and good item selection, the Bristleback can be a destructive force that will rip apart almost any other hero from start to finish. Read on to learn more.

Invis for the win

posted by Shimrra_3 on 2006-12-27
View details Hero: Rikimaru
Comments: 67
Rating: 66666
Views: 5136 times
Hi everyone, I am Shimrra_3 - which is my name too - and this is my first strategy. I haven't really mastered Dota yet, but I can win any day with this SA plan. Tell me what you think.
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