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The Bane is Insane

Created by X@!n on 2006-10-28
Last modified: 2006-12-20
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Rating: 66666

One of the neglected heros in DOTA,he has the ability to take down even heavy strength heros and is very effective throughout the game.

Atropos - The Bane Elemental

Range: | Move Speed: 305
Primary: INT
Str: 18 + 2.1 | Agi: 18 + 2.1 | Int: 18 + 2.1
Damage: 51 57 | HP: 492 | Mana: 234
HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.73
Attack Speed: 0.69 | Armor: 4
Enfeeble (E)
Greatly reduces an enemy unit's ability to participate in combat by reducing its attack damage. Lasts 20 seconds.
Level 1 - Reduces attack damage by 25.
Level 2 - Reduces attack damage by 50.
Level 3 - Reduces attack damage by 75.
Level 4 - Reduces attack damage by 100.
Casting range: 1000
Mana Cost: 95/105/115/125
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Comment: WoW!You make a hero just useless!This is a skill what makes you a great upport throughout the game.Yes this hero is feared throughout the game because of this single ability.

Brain Sap
Brain Sap (B)
Feasts on the vital energies of another unit, absorbing some of its hit points.
Level 1 - Absorbs 90 HP.
Level 2 - Absorbs 160 HP.
Level 3 - Absorbs 230 HP.
Level 4 - Absorbs 300 HP.
Damage type: pure
Gives the full hp amount to Atropos, regardless of the amount of hp the target lost.
Casting range: 600
Mana Cost: 125/150/175/200
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Comment: Just 2 good.Do you want to harras your enemy?Stay longer in your lane?Very well.Also,Important to get because you need HP after Feinds Grip.
Nightmare (T)
Puts another unit into a fitful slumber, filled with horrifying nightmares. It takes 20 damage per second. If that unit is attacked while it slumbers, the attacking unit comes under the effect of Nightmare.
Level 1 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 7 seconds.
Damage type: HP removal
Nightmare can damage allies (and Atropos), and can thus be used to deny hero kills.
Typing -disablehelp will prevent direct casting on allies.
If the target recieves any type of damage except Nightmare, then it will wake up.
The use of spells on the affected units can wake the target up without the caster falling asleep.
In the first second of Nightmare the target will be invulnerable.
Casting range: 500/550/600/650
Mana Cost: 165
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Comment: Your Chaser,disabeler,nuke,all set up in one.Also,you can save yourself and allies with this.Great!
Fiend`s Grip
Fiend`s Grip (F)
Uses dark magic to grip a target enemy unit and damage it heavily. It cannot move or attack and Transfers 5% of enemies max MP per second to you. Lasts 5 (6*) seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 100 (155*) damage and transfers 5% (10%*) of the max mana of the target per second. Target is disabled for the duration of the spell.
Level 2 - Deals 155 (215*) damage and transfers 5% (10%*) of the max mana of the target per second. Target is disabled for the duration of the spell.
Level 3 - Deals 215 (270*) damage and transfers 5% (10%*)of the max mana of the target per second. Target is disabled for the duration of the spell.
Damage type: magical
Grants vision of the target hero
Using Fiend's Grip on a magic immune unit will still disable and drain mana, but no damage will be dealt to the targeted unit.
Fiend's Grip is a channeling spell.
Damage and duration can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).
Casting range: 625
Mana Cost: 200/300/400
Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Comment: Great ability.Great disable,killer and perfect to use with Brain Sap.Really good Cooldown
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Brain Sap
2. Enfeeble
3. Enfeeble
4. Brain Sap
5. Brain Sap
6. Fiend`s Grip
7. Enfeeble
8. Enfeeble
9. Brain Sap
10. Nightmare
11. Fiend`s Grip
12. Nightmare
13. Nightmare
14. Nightmare
15. Stats
16. Fiend`s Grip
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Sobi Mask
Sobi Mask
50% Mana Regeneration
2.View Details for Ring of Protection
Ring of Protection
2 Armor
3.View Details for Ring of Basilius
Ring of Basilius
6 Damage
1 armor
Passive: Mana Aura
0.65 Mana Regeneration. 900 AoE
Passive: Armor Aura
2 armor. 900 AoE. Doesn't stack with armor auras from Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, or Vladmir's Offering.
Note: Clicking the item will toggle whether Armor Aura affects heroes and units, or just heroes. Can be disassembled.
Ring of Protection + Sobi Mask
this lets you stay longer and push early.Two great Auras
4.View Details for Void Stone
Void Stone
100% Mana Regeneration
You need more mana regen
5.View Details for Staff of Wizardry
Staff of Wizardry
10 Intelligence
6.View Details for Robe of the Magi
Robe of the Magi
6 Intelligence
More mana and mana regen
7. Eul`s Scepter of Divinity
Your source of mana and regen.
8.View Details for Soul Booster
Soul Booster
450 HP
400 Mana
4 HP Regeneration
100% Mana Regeneration
Energy Booster + Point Booster + Vitality Booster
Provides HP and mana
9. Chain Mail
10.View Details for Blades of Attack
Blades of Attack
9 Damage
11.View Details for Blade Mail
Blade Mail
22 Damage
5 Armor
10 Intelligence

Active: Damage Return
- Returns any damage you take (after reductions) to the unit that dealt the damage (you still take the damage as well)
- Damage is returned as pure damage
- Manacost: 25
- Duration: 4.5 seconds
- Cooldown: 22 seconds

Broadsword + Chainmail + Robe of the Magi
Ofcourse against Meele heros only.
12.View Details for Linken`s Sphere
Linken`s Sphere
10 Damge
6 HP Regeneration
150% Mana Regeneration
15 All Attributes

Passive: Spell Block
- Blocks most targeted spells once every 20 seconds
- Not triggered by Medallion of Courage of Urn of Shadows

Perseverance + Ultimate Orb + Linken`s Sphere Recipe Scroll
Skill Build

Early Game:

First get your Ring of Balliius and set for any lane.I think he is fine anywhere.Go ahead of your creeps and  stop.Repeat this so that your creeps stay backwards from where you ne\omally tart your fight.This i because fighting near your tower is better.Keep your ALT key presed and move left and right ahead of your ranged creep.Once a creep is very low on HP,attack it so that you get the gold or dent enemy Xpereince and gold(if the victum is your own creep).If your enemy is meele,keep harrasing him with a Hit and turn back.Dont let enemy farm,Kill or deny.If he comes forward to attack,attack him.If he attacks you,retreat a bit but not too much.He will probably back off and be hit by your creeps.If not,start attacking after enfeeble.If the enemy has a stun,Brainsap will probably get a good firt Blood.

         Once at level 4,you can now be a bit more aggressive,attack your enemy,if he retreats,follow a bit.His creeps are attracted to you.Once your HP fall 150 poits,Brain Sap and return.If he engages you,again after 150 HP damaged,Brain Sap and retreat.You need lots of  mana regen in begenning for this.Also,you should begetting advantage by aura.Hit te tower when your creeps are in its range.when the tower kills your creep,retreat and when the tower attends to other creeps,again hit the tower.This causes major damage to towers in beggening.

Remember,You need lot of Mana.Get your Energy Booster early  if you are near the secret shop.At level six,you are ready to ataack if you have 600 mana,and atleast 300 HP..Enfeeble your enemy and atttack.probabaly,the enemy will engage you.Keep attackingbut dont let your Hp fall below 200.Now feinds Grip.5 seconds gone and now you attack as the enemy retreats.Immediately Brain Sap.

Damage done=100 X 5 +225 -25%=543.+Normal attacks.So youcan normally take enemies.

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60 By hangthemhigh 2008-01-15

for bane elemental manta style; linken ;maybe necromicon . linken helps with a lot of reg mana and life and the images of manta style while holding your pray in fiend's grip will most certainly do the job for you, before images there's purge,that can prove usefull in many situatoins...

59 By batupyl 2008-01-11

Power Treads, Arcane Ring, Guinsoo's Scyth of Vyse, Radiance, Monkey King Bar... U don't need a Dagon 4 finishing bcause of ur nytmare and wen u have a large damage... That's why I use MKB...

58 By Abbadon_user^^ 2008-01-11

i havent used bane yet but i have been eyeing on him i think you could put orchid malevolence and shivas guard with him orchid malevolence helps bane a LOT adding 60dam +150%mana regen and a silence + amplify damage effect(Soul Burn)its what i think yuo should do with him lastly i agree with those players to get necromonicon for him helps greatly with his ult thats all^^

57 By Isoken 2007-12-01

This is a very good guide, although I think the Enfeeble skill becomes somewhat unnecessary during mid-late game.

Although, late game, I prefer Radiance and fully levelled up Dagon. It's bloody powerful when doing a hero 1v1.
Just use Fiend's Grip, let the Radiance plus FG melt them a bit, then blast them with Dagon. It looks so beautiful when done right.

56 By Cloudzstrife 2007-11-28

your guide is a bit short and your skill build should be nightmare first cause nightmare is alot more useful than enfeeble. And if you also get a refresher orb or something or necromicon that's where you start owning.

55 By Garfield 2007-11-16

Do you guys actually realize that this guide was MADE IN 2006?! Of course the item build, and to a lesser extent the skill build, would be very outdated. So please don't say stupid stuff like "your item build isn't good". It's like telling your grandmother to use the latest cellphone tech.

54 By AXCELACCEL 2007-11-13

nice ill try it

53 By Artimon 2007-10-05

not great, limited exlpanation of early mid late game strats 5/10

52 By thesreejithr 2007-10-05

110 hp and chased by 2 heros, u said nightmare urself.. i think thats really foolish cos 1 hero ll attack u and enter nightmare other hero ll kill u..
better thing to do is brain sap and run..

51 By pornO_staR 2007-09-20

Why don't u make Necronomic?It is great with your ulti.You hold them for 5 sec and necronomic is burning their mana so they are usless and plus you make a great amount of damage with them.Works like Agahnim for your ulti.

50 By Suxen 2007-09-03

ahmm.. i think that is an old school build to bane.. here is my new build to bane elemental.. first buy a staff of wizardry and belt of giant.. and buy a recipe for Necronomicon.. youll hurt your enemy as well when you have a two summons.. these is quite hard for beginner because you'll controll 3 units.. bane and the two summons.. actually you'll buy a Necronomicon on level 13 i guess.. these is the strategy.. summon first and then attack it to your target and then use your ultimate.. your two summon have a mana burn skill (range) and a mana break (melee).. your enemy loose a hp and as well as a mana.. on my skill first i learn the brain sap(max) and then level 1 nightmare and stat.. sry in poor english.. :P

49 By wushu26 2007-09-03

wat the.. u nid guinsoo.. complete its build wid oblivion staff.. not just a scepter..


ul nid SCEPTER and oblivion staff to complete guinsoo men..

48 By CheshireCat 2007-08-11

kyle his not the only one that sucks i can tell ya your mom sucks just as good.


47 By kylepogi 2007-08-11

your skill build sucks My build is brain sap nightmare enfeeble is lvl 10 when no more other skills to put ..nightmare is for escaping,dodging AOE like Epicenter or freezing field or what ever enfeeble is just for the damage you can save your partner and yourself with nightmare Enfeeble SUcks not that useful

46 By frosty29pyro 2007-08-02

IMO i think that nightmare should be taken before enfeeble to stop early harrasers...

45 By drunkenducky91 2007-08-01

Nice Strat guide. First time i used him was in arem and i never used him before. I owned easily. I agree with your enfeeble and brain sap technique. But i think you should get a bottle in early to mid game because your mana drains away really fast. Other ways thx for the guide. (it helped me a lot.)

44 By vintage_thanderbolt 2007-05-31

good guide.
I slightly disagree w/ the skill build, i think nightmare and brainsap are the two defining skills of bane....
Good Item Build!!

43 By lewell 2007-05-22

nice strategies there men

42 By Ireul 2007-05-04

i love to play with anteopos and this will help me to defeat enemies-thx

41 By kelvin.wolfbane 2007-04-30

Errr... iam a bane user myself and i don't kinda agree with ur skill build. i would normally go with 1 brain sap and 1 nightmare til both are maxed. i won't add enfeeble unless there is really a need, otherwise, i would add stats and Fiend's Grip. As for item, i usually, get Linken's Sphere, Necro, Soulbooster, EoS, and if u got too much money, get a Mystic staff and get Aghemis Scepter since it add +30 int and some hp and mana which is always gd. I dunno if this is the rite way but it always work for me. Btw, Necro is a MUST for bane...