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The Soul Keeper - Terrorblade

Created by Counter_Force[X] on 2008-02-18
Last modified: 2009-08-16
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Sup people !!. This CF[X],back with a guide and ready to pawn you. Terrorblade is one of my old time favorites, a hero that I learn to play DotA with, and the first carry hero I won with. This guide is aimed on teaching lower level players and intermediates the way I play Terrorblade. This guide will focus on 2 main builds which fits 2 situations differently. Have fun!

Terrorblade - The Soul Keeper

Range: | Move Speed: 310
Primary: AGI
Str: 15 + 1.9 | Agi: 22 + 3.2 | Int: 19 + 1.75
Damage: 48 - 54 | HP: 435 | Mana: 247
HP Regen: 0.70 | Mana Regen: 0.77
Attack Speed: 0.81 | Armor: 5
Reflection (E)
Terrorblade brings forth a dark reflection of all enemy units in a small area. Affected units are slowed and attacked by their reflections for 5 seconds.
Level 1 - 20% AS & MS slow, illusions deal 35% damage
Level 2 - 25% AS & MS slow, illusions deal 45% damage
Level 3 - 30% AS & MS slow, illusions deal 55% damage
Level 4 - 35% AS & MS slow, illusions deal 65% damage
• Casting Range: 600
• Area of Effect: 350
• Reflections are untargetable, invulnerable illusions.
• Reflections can only attack their source.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Comment: A great skill, but not early. Metamorphosis is one of Terrorblade's DPS dealing ability, giving him a ranged attack about 550 and some minor hp bonuses. Allows images that are generated later to have ranged attack and bonus hp as well. Only 1 level is gotten early, for ganking purposes and excess levels are absurd early.Terroblade’s only single unit battle synergy skill. Metamorphosis allows Terrorblade to into ranged form making him a 550 ranged hero, allowing him to wreck towers like child’s play. With help from illusion’s and allies, you can take down a single tower almost within 8 seconds with decent item. This skill synergies wonderfully with EoS allowing him to be one of the best ganker when equipped with decent items. Excess points of this skill is fairly unnecessary early game, since the HP bonuses are minimal as well mana consuming and un-spammable. Since metaorphosis last forever on an illusion until it is destroyed/end timer, we will not be maxing it. Metamorphosis casting animation is cancelable. ALWAYS metamorphosis first if you’re going on a serious killing, so that CI’s can have ranged attack.

Zeal (C)
Increases your attack speed and HP regeneration.
Level 1 - +20 IAS, +2 HP regeneration
Level 2 - +30 IAS, +3 HP regeneration
Level 3 - +40 IAS, +4 HP regeneration
Level 4 - +50 IAS, +5 HP regeneration
• Attack speed bonus affects your illusions too.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: One of the finest lane staying skill ever, but leaves you opened to spells especially Meat Hook(Pudge) and Elune's Arrow(Mirana Nightshade) . After 2, i find excess levels are useless, and helped in minor aspects only. And therefore 2 is all the way we'll go until level 23. You can, if you want, max them. Not my style actually.Maximum cast range of SS is approximately 650.DO REMEMBER THIS IS NOT A HARASSING SKILL. Do not use it as a harassing skill, ever. You can still leech the hp of a WW hero given he does NOT GET OUTSIDE LEECH RANGE. A comparison of SS with LD -Gotten earlier -Lower CD -Lower mana cost -TB is better at dealing damage via Physical, so this is not capable of deadly combos.
Metamorphosis (T)
Transforms Terrorblade into a powerful Demon with a ranged attack and illusions.
Level 1 - 20 extra base damage
Level 2 - 25 extra base damage, 1 illusion dealing 10% damage and receiving 350% damage
Level 3 - 30 extra base damage, 1 illusion dealing 15% damage and receiving 350% damage
Level 4 - 35 extra base damage, 2 illusions dealing 20% damage and receiving 350% damage
• Metamorphed Terrorblade has 300 movement speed, a 1.6 Base Attack Time and 550 attack range.
• Lasts for 30 seconds
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Comment: His bread and butter, late game and mid game, CI is the way for Terrorblade to deal mighty damage and push effectively. As they can have ranged attack when generated when TB is under the effect of metamorphosis, this skill makes it all different from any other cloning skill present. The damage dealt by these clones are the most significant, and effective. The only part where this skill loses to Phantasm, is you can't generate a bunch of these images at once, and it reveals the real TB.THIS IS WHAT MAKES AND BREAKS TERROBLADE. Fairly seems quite useless early game, which is a reason to avoid this early. Also to be remembered, IMAGE WILL ONLY GET RANGED ATTACK IF CONJURED IN METAMORPHOSIS. Metamorphosis on images last indefinitely, until it’s timer runs out. Illusion DOES NOT BENEFIT FROM DIRECT(damage/speed/armor), and benefits from stats.Images are able to bash/crit but any occurring bash is regarded as a “fake” bash. More info please go to ~fwii’s image guide. CI cast animation is cancel able. A comparison of CI with MI -Low CD -Stronger images -Ranged(metamorphosis) -Casting animation does not dispel runes -Allows efficient neutralling -Less images than MI -No cast invulnerability -Casting animation reveals the true TB(DO NOT USE THIS AGAINST A STRONG ENEMY BY CASTING IN FRONT OF HIM. PURE STUPIDITY)
Sunder (R)
Sunder severs the soul from both Terrorblade and a target hero, then exchanges them, carrying part of the units' life forces. The percentage hit points of each unit are switched with the souls. Some hit points must remain on enemy heroes and yourself.
Level 1 - 33% hit point minimum.
Level 2 - 28% hit point minimum.
Level 3 - 23% hit point minimum.
• Damage type: direct HP removal
• Interrupts channeling spells of the target.
• Magic immunity on the target or Terrorblade will prevent that unit from having their HP changed. The other unit will still change its hp correctly.
• Casting range: 250
Mana Cost: 200/100/0
Cooldown: 160/110/60 seconds
Comment: Probably his most hated skill ever, Sunder further adds up to his amazing lane stay capability as well as allowing him to net some easy kills. Do remember that Terrorblade is able to cast this on ANY HEROES AND HERO IMAGES, allowing you to piss a KS-ing ally or an emergency Sunder on images. DO NOT USE THIS TO HELP ALLIES, EVER. AND ALSO,THIS SKILL CANNOT KILL. And Sunder goes through BKB but hero that you target takes no effects. Sunder cast animation is cancelable. Comparison of Sunder with Reincarnation -Lower manacost -Allows you to heavily damage an enemy hero -Able to form deadly combos -Linken block able -Has casting range and low -Active skill
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Metamorphosis
2. Soul Steal
3. Soul Steal
4. Conjure Image
5. Soul Steal
6. Sunder
7. Soul Steal
8. Conjure Image
9. Conjure Image
10. Conjure Image
11. Sunder
12. Metamorphosis
13. Metamorphosis
14. Metamorphosis
15. Stats
16. Sunder
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Wraith Band
Wraith Band
6 Agility
3 Strength
3 Intelligence
3 Damage
Slippers of Agility + Circlet of Nobility + Wraith Band Recipe Scroll
Get 3-4. Can be replaced by Bracers. 1 can be substituted byView Details for Poor Man
Poor Man's Shield
6 Agility
Passive: Damage Block
100% chance to block 20 hero damage if wielder is melee (10 if ranged). 60% chance to block 20 non-hero damage if wielder is melee (10 if ranged).
Stout Shield + 2 Slippers of Agility
2.View Details for Radiance
60 Damage

Passive: Burn Damage
Deals 45 damage per second. 650 AoE.
Note: Clicking Radiance will toggle Burn Damage on and off.
Sacred Relic + Radiance Recipe Scroll

3.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
100 Movement Speed

Active: Teleport
- Teleports you to an allied non-hero unit or building
- Casting time: 3 seconds
- Manacost: 75 mana
- Cooldown: 60 seconds
- Shares cooldown with Scroll of Town Portal

Note: Movement speed bonus does not stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, Tranquil Boots or Boots of Speed.
Double clicking teleports you to your fountain.
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
Best boot on Terrorblade. MS, farm and gank power in 1 virtual icon
4.View Details for Eye of Skadi
Eye of Skadi
25 Agility
25 Strength
25 Intelligence
200 HP
150 Mana

Passive: Cold Attack
- Causes attacks to slow the movement speed of the target by 30% and attack speed by 20%.
Melee hero:
- Lasts 5 seconds
- Orb effect
- Buff placer
Ranged hero:
- Lasts 3 seconds
- Buff placer

2x Ultimate Orb + Point Booster + Orb of Venom
Classic carry item. Can be replaced with SnY,
Skill Build

Early Game:


"I lost my fucking blade again"












Based on opinion of leaguers, Terrorblade is definitely a powerful late game hero. However, he suffers from dementia, which causes him to have little to almost no obvious values when compared to heroes like Viper and Leshrac.


However, this doesn’t mean that he is completely useless; he holds his value, although not suited for competitive plays, he is a very enjoyable hero to play with.


Many people misunderstood his function and they way it works; no I’m not saying he has undiscovered potential like most people who write guides says about their hero, I am just saying that most people fail to function him properly due to lack of knowledge and gameplay experience.



Hero Justification


Terrorblade is a Pure Carry. This means that he suits no other purposes aside from farming and shooting fireballs at enemies.


Terrorblade is built in a way, that he could rape just about any hero with mid-tier cores, via the power of focus fire. His combined DPS is envied by almost anything in the game except a chicken with tangos and clarities. He is blessed with the power to farm like a bitch on crack, push like a successful fool, and gank like a God.


However, in most games you foolish masses play, TB is a sure-feed hero. This is a result due of 3 main reasons, which are; 1, the player is a moron, 2; you fail to understand the pre-concepts at all, and 3; you are too obsessed with shimmy.


Here I will make it clear that anything that this guide does not mention as being “functional” will fail 60% of the time.



The Hero concept


Terrorblade is a stats-based hero. His main steroid is Image-based, and he is given monstrous str-agi gain. He is the only her with natural ranged illusion, and therefore, stats build suits him perfectly.


Despite the popular thoughts of the masses about this seems-to-be gay hero, in which they view him as weak 50mins-farm-win hero, TB is equipped with over-average ganking power, supplied by Metamorphosis(MM), Conjure Image(CI), and one of the most amazing power tool, Sunder.


Terrorblade is a hero built to focus-fire. He can dispense huge damage in seconds even when alone; this allows him to take down key targets with extreme efficiency. The only problem is that he lacks a reliable method of dealing them continuously on heroes. Thus he is usually mistaken as a “very” item dependant piece of crap. This is a normal situation in a noob –ap game where the guy who plays Crixalis saves his stun for KS and bloodstone charges. What I’m trying to say is, as long as you have a decent, functional-according-to-class teammate who can do the dirty disabling job for you while you spam your left mouse button, you are an effective ganker, sub-par to Mirana with smaller boobs.


However, this doesn’t mean that you must forsake all your farming needs if a better carry hero is present. You are nothing without items, so farm at least a branch. Items will ensure your monstrosity late game; your true reign.


In short, Terrorblade is a powerful farm-carry, with a huge overall damage output, but lacks an effective way to dispense them and he must consider a lot of counterparts in order to be effective.





Terrorblade’s array of skill is often misunderstood by fools who make the most of the world’s population. Just because Sunder brings down enemy HP to 20%, it doesn’t mean you should make a Dagon to complement it. Just because Sunder has low cast range, it doesn’t mean you must buy Lothar’s/Dagger/Force Staff to solve. Just because he’s half nude, it doesn’t mean you must buy Assault Cuirass.


Although being an ultimate, Sunder is not TB’s key power. You are a DPS, not a nuker. You are a carry, not a support. You are a male demon, not a bitch, so get your shit straight when playing this guy.



The Guide


Now, it seems that the DS population is turning into a gay-building where its residence seems to appreciate only colorful moving bicurious moving pictures. I used to ignore this but the second Dotactics’s result was so frustrating that I wanted to bitch slap the next person who mentions Alleria here.


Will this guide have?














Now if you want all of those, go watch Twilight, and play TheSims.








Str: 15 + 1.9 | Agi: 22 + 3.2 | Int: 15 + 1.75

A total of 52 base stats, and a total of 6.85 stats per-level, which are mostly allocated on Agi for damage and speed on images, Str for their tankability, and  some on Int to spam illusions. PL will mourn. Overall, he has a very effective stats amount for DPS and illusion power.


Terrorblade has a long backswing animation. Cancel it by issuing move orders; it could save up to 1 second. This will allow you to chase-attack, landing more hits. His damage point is takes place once his moonblade slashes the target by 30-40%. Not sure,  but that’s how I see it.


 Conjure Image

Conjure Image

Damage: 25%/35%/45%/55%| Mana: 70/ 85/ 100/ 115 

Your damage-dealing capability is mostly packed inside this skill. It could provide you up to 90% extra damage, not 110% like most of you think. It provides you with an immense power to farm and build up you hero, push as well as scouting abilities.


This skill will make and make more of you. No it won’t break you unless you have epilepsy as well as muscular dystrophy.


Early game for intermediates and above will revolve around this skill, and the luxury it provides you, allowing you to jungle and avoid a fucked up lane such as a solo mid Tinker with 4 reinforcements from all lanes.


Images derive their sexy powers from 3 things, which are; base damage, stats, and movement speed. They gain flat MS as the real TB does(exception to haste), flat IAS and HP from Str and Agi, and flat buttocks.


CI will be the first skill to max unless laning, because of the farm power it provides you, but it will not be maxed instantaneously. First of all, the effects are not mana-wise. Maxing it will strain your early game mana pool, hence barring your farm ability. CI is maxed later to start your neutral creeping so you can rush up for your EoS. A single level of CI is taken due to the several tactics that we are able to apply with it. CI’s early is stupid, it improves so little since you don’t have appropriate stats, and the damage they do is negligible and extremely low. You need some stats to boost them, and stats do just that. You also can’t spam them early, due to TB suffering AIDS early game. We only need them to tank and deal some damage. And since they get damage as well as HP from stats, getting stats is better than maxing it early as more levels would just make them damage-wise stronger.


For very experienced and micro-capable players, they are capable of using the images to block enemy movement path; this is rather easy once you got the hang of it, since TB has high MS with Metamorphosis. How do you do it? Outrun enemy with illusion, and micro it so it runs zig-zag infront of your enemy. Predict where they'll move. Of course the real you is ramming the enemy whilist your illusion dance.


Last note; set the formation to scatter.





550 range| 2/4/6/8 bonus damage| 1/50/100/150 HP| +20MS 

The skills than compliment CI and stats. You posses a melee-hero stats gain, but you have the ability to morph you and your illusions to ranged mode. The effects on TB alone are devastating; with some mere damage boost and a haste/DD rune, you can firstblood anyone as long as you know some shiz about animation-canceling.


Getting 1 level of this is a must early for ganking and escaping, but maxing them early is a waste; the first level is the most efficient. Early game where you need to farm, you only need the range and MS for some occasional nearby ganks or escape death with the extra MS.



Soul Steal

Soul Steal

Drains: 20/40/60/80 HP/seconds

This used to be the core early game skill when TB was capable of outlasting most lane situations. In the current game standards where powerful burst killers or chained stunners lane are popular, you simply do not have the reason to solo. Being babysitted means you will level up slower as well as dragging someone with you to that condition.


However, if you lane, at least 2 levels of this is a must. It is efficient in retaining your survivability, allowing you to quickly regen your HP so you can take more punishments while striving for last hits. Do not drain HP’s while taking punishments other than hero attacks; it nullifies the power of this ability.


If the lane enemy is a stunner, using this skill under his vision is rather naïve. In such situation, go to the neutral camp, and drain the creep’s HP. In this situation, maxing SS is usually important.


Common misconception, this is bad harassing tool. It is because it’s not a harassing tool. Only use it on heroes under desperate measures, for example, being towerdived by a Bloodseeker.


When leeching from neutrals, use CI to tank so that you won’t take extra damage. In lanes, don’t use it when you’re being focused by creeps.


If your enemy buys linken’s to counter Sunder, take 1 level of this skill, and use it to shut down linkens.





HP loss up to: 63%/72%/77%| Range: 250

Sunder is you main gank value and your ultimate tool of survival from mid to late game. Sunder goes through magical immunity, but it won’t do anything to enemy. It will replenish your HP to your enemy’s HP level however.


A common mistake done in team battles; SUNDER IS NOT AN INITIATING TOOL. It is supposed to keep you alive, not make you the prime target.


It is stupid to use it for ally-saving purposes. However, using it on allies to save you is quite reasonable under certain conditions.


The most efficient method to use Sunder, is to cast it on a hero with full HP when you have 1. This will usually result in your death, because unless that fool has dementia, it will not likely work.


Under the early game reign, it is safer to use Sunder at 40% HP. You might need to towerdive, or face sudden tide-changing situations. In these cases, if you have too little HP, you’re going to get fucked up.


Mid-late game when you can take some punishments, holding back the use of Sunder in a no-disable environment is usually more beneficial. I can’t teach you how to time and use Sunder; that is something you must learn from practices.


Using Sunder and ganking alone will usually result in failure. For the sake of convenience, ask Sven to help.




Skill Build





Conjure Image – 1, 8, 9, 10

Metamorphosis – 4, 12, 13, 14

Soul Steal – 21-25

Sunder – 6, 11, 16

Stats – 2, 3, 5, 7, lalalala


Reasons – This is the JUNGLING skill build. Soul steal is unnecessary as there is no need for lane control, as well as survival. As long as you don’t fail at microing, you can jungle. Maxing Meta first over CI is not reasonable. You need CI’s improvement after some stats to maximize farm-rate efficiency. 1 level of Meta is sufficient for some occasional ganks. It doesn supply you with damage, or farm power, and the improvements are not worth it early. Only 1 level of CI is taken early for image to tank. They still take similar damage and attack at similar rate when maxed. The mana cost is not worth it, and improving stats does better than maxing this for the early game portions.


Now I will advocate some words why SS is bad. First of all, it doesn't improve your jungling rate; it slows you down, and it simply makes you longer lasting. There is no reason to stay too long at the forest at a time, as smart enemies will come looking for you. Especially if you play suicide jungling, SS is nothing but a waste, since we purposely suicide to get a fountain trip anyway. Dying to neutrals isn't feeding; thus only sissies would question why is it an effective method. The stats are important to make you beefier mid game where you can already jungle non-stop without healing items or skills, and stats are more valued at that time.


There will be certain occasions where maxing CI earlier is important. For example, you have CM, or the game is a serious game, where having better farming capabilities are more appreciated because ganks are focused on you. Stats are still taken but only 3 points are invested. You can start leveling CI from level 7.



Lane Baby


Conjure Image – 4, 8, 9, 10

Metamorphosis – 1, 12, 13, 14

Soul Steal – 2, 3, 5, 7

Sunder – 6, 11, 16


Reasons – SS is needed for laners to survive sexual attacks. 1 level of Meta is taken early for ganks/escape possibilities. 1 level of CI is taken for scouting/jungling purposes. In lanes, you need SS to overwhelm harassments and prevent feeding, so that you can farm easier.

You can choose whether to max SS or not. 2 levels are sufficient most of the times, but there are situations when you'll need to max it, such as killer lanes. This is one of the reasons, laning with Tb is bad. There are many consequences if you fail at laning compared to jungling.




Starter Kit 

View Details for Quelling BladeCirclet of NobilityCirclet of Nobility OR View Details for Quelling BladeIronwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchAncient Tango of Essifation


-Quelling Blade

-2 Circlet of Nobility/Stout/2Slippers 


-Quelling Blade

-3 branches/Circlet

-2 tangos


Reasons – The first one is strictly for SUICIDE JUNGLING. It has no consumables. Only attempt this if your IQ level is above 100, and you if you have a pair testicles. Stout/Slipper is for those who wish to form Poor Man’s Shield before Wraiths/Bracers.


The second one fits laning and jungling(pussies). Even though you have SS when laning, tango is a must just in case. The amount of tangos are adjustable to branches. Suit them to your preferences.


QB provides huge damage output, useful to last hit and jungle. The tree chop is necessary to do 2x pulls. Therefore in any cases, it is a MUST. Circlets/branches provide stats for HP, mana and damage.


Tangos are necessary even if you lane, especially for the first 3 levels where people will try to kill heroes like you for firstblood. Shit happens, so its better to be prepared for them rather than crying later.


MY Cores

View Details for Boots of TravelWraith BandWraith BandWraith Band OR View Details for Boots of TravelBracerBracer


                                   RadianceView Details for Poor Man's Shield


Radiance will supply you with immense farm power; should be gotten above all else if you wish to. It will allow you to farm expensive items with ease, but it will make you less buffed up. Via jungling, you can easily attain the Sacred Relic and rush it. However, do not forsake Wraiths. Even with Radiance, Terrorblade is simply weak without supporting stats. Wraiths gives you cheap stats, exactly what you need after 20 minutes of farming.


Stat boosts are necessary to buff up you HP and mana for jungling. Wraiths provide damage while bracers give HP for cheaper price. You should get 2-4 Wraiths or 2-3 bracers. Poor Man’s Shield is a good item combined with wraiths or bracers. It allows your illusions and you to tank creeps better. However, it is useless against nukes; something you might want to consider if you prefer joining in early actions.


BoT is better than PT because of the travel ability. It will allow you to switch lanes, which is nifty for farming, pushing and escaping tax collectors. PT is okay however, only if you are underfarmed and need the stats desperately. MS carries on image, flat and that is why BoT is more image friendly. Those who disputes this can simply get Treads instead, it's not damned like some people said. I will expalin more on cares after you read this last statement.



Items Debate


Items are the ultimatum that ensures your continuum in the game. A powerful TB is basically a well farmed one. Therefore, I believe most of this guide should be focused on item queries, as TB is a rather simply farm-win hero.


We will go to the classic debate of main items.


There are no visuals for this because I can't load them.



Wraiths VS Bracers

Wraiths and Bracers are very distinguishable. Wraiths for damage and early game competence, and Bracers for survivability and early game savings. Simplified, Wraiths for those with masculinity and manliness, and Bracers for those who have tits and pussieses(rambol).




Why not? Simple, it’s not efficient. It costs you 5.5k and provides you with a massive 1k HP. EoS gives 200 less HP for 1k more, but it supplies your illusion with a massive 25+damage, it gives you a slow, and mana to spam illusions. Only attempt this if you lack the money.



Skadi VS SnY

This is rather situational. Skadi is an all-round powerful item on TB; in fact, by effects, it is undisputed. However, it is very expensive, and its components are in no way, efficient. SnY comes in handy, small packs which allow you to be effective all around. However, this doesn’t mean that Skadi


SnY however is still viable against a class of heroes that we call “whores”. This is because they are women and they can’t take abuses. If you want to get into action faster, then SnY is your affirmative.


Do take in mind, SnY stacks with ranged mode Skadi(Pick or buy EoS when in meta state), so SnY+EoS is a good build, as it gives you HP, damage, 2x slow and mana to spam your illusions.



BoT VS Treads

Boots of Travel is the most tide-changing item on TB. It is simply wonderful. It allows you to escape ganks, thus allowing you to farm like a monster, push like a baller, and the extra MS is just nice. TB doesn’t need Tread’s IAS, since the essence of killing with TB is animation canceling. BoT is a must for Skadi build, unless the other team has 4+ morons who don’t know how to gank.


Treads however, is still viable. The extra stats may come in handy. I would attempt Treads if at least 4 of my teammates are stunners or nukers that know how to do their shit. Treads is also great for SnY users, as it boosts the real TB so that you can maim more.



Diffusal Blade

Diffusal blade is plausible in EoS-based build. Melee EoS will override the mana burn, this you keep the 20% slow, and have another massive slow, plus some huge Agi boost. The mana burn is worthless anyway; it doesn’t work in ranged mode, like Mythbusters proved. Now the problem is your father’s retarded Y gene is making you stupid compared to women, because it prints in your ass “orb effects don’t stack”. Now I will make this clear for the last time; NOBODY GIVES A FUCK BUT YOU.



Butterfly VS Manta

Again, this is in regards of the Skadi build. This is really based on preferences. Butterfly gives massive DPS and additional tank power in conjunction with Skadi’s bonuses, thus it is effective when you have functional disablers. However, for the vouch, getting simply Talisman would provide you with similar tankability. The damage can be easily made up for those who massed Wraiths.


Manta provides you with base-fucking and chasing powers, similar to Butterfly in a less sexy way, but it is more cost-efficient. Since one of my recommendations before getting EoS is Yasha, this simply makes up for it. However, that is also a vouch, as getting only Yasha and then going Butterfly after is also a decent way to go.


So all in all, it depends purely on your preferences.




This was a build that made hype when LighTofHeaven used it. It provides reliable, cheap anti-organic DPS that simply rapes, as it quickly makes up the time lost for rushing Skadi.


However, I will make myself very clear here; you are not LighTofHeaven, nor you are Hans2(bitch loser), so only attempt this at your experience. It works, but you need to have a grasp at it. Also, only get it when your team posses sufficient disabling powers.




Now, this will be rather interesting. Radiance is an old-school build for TB that focuses mainly on building a very powerful late game carry hero. The problem is, the chance of failing is huge, as it must be rushed, and it does not improve survivability at all. Farming it will be such a nuisance that if you succeeded and you still lose, you will feel like slapping the cat beside your desktop. I will give you a simple guideline on “when to buy Radiance”. Buy it when your allies aren’t idiots. Otherwise, stick to Yasha if your aim is Skadi.




This has been overlooked quite overwhelmingly. Now the problem with Dagger is, it doesn’t help you carry. All it does is it allows you to land a perfect Sunder, thus increasing gank success probability. Is this bad? No, it’s not bad when you have accumulated sufficient DPS. That said I would consider this as an option after a massive core built, so that I can get some kills against super-nukers like Lion.




This might not seem plausible, but it is viable, when your team lacks disables, and when you chose SnY as your orb.



Black King Bar

If enemies are throwing everything at you, get this. Can be used to heal low HP allies(activate BKB and Sunder him). Nobody cares which TB is bigger.




Damage doesn’t carry, not survivability, not chasing power, no cool floating blue orb, no balls.




Because it’s cool.




Because there is no need to chase or care about illusions.











Battle Fury

Battle Fury is the utmost, and the dumbest item on TB and Zeus, subpar to ring of regen. Direct damage(BFury) doesn’t carry to images. Regen(BFury) doesn’t work on images. Cleave(BFury) are not inherited to images. Direst attack speed(BFury+Gloves of Haste) doesn’t work on images.



Hand of Midas

Are you Midas?



Aghanim’s Scepter

Are you Aghanim?



Cranium Basher

Are you a Shimrra?



And that is all




Early Game

For jungling, refer HERE: I Love Pizzas!

TB should jungle. It is safer and allows you to farm up easier most of the time. Mid game, you can go and farm lanes, but until then, let's not do it shall we?





Survival will be your ultimatum. Do not suck, do not feed, so that you won't fail.


Terrorblade isn’t exactly a good laner. Unlike Troll who is naturally ranged or Mortred who can last hit with Dagger, a lane TB will usually be left underfarmed, and ineffective. However, if the lane enemy isn’t a strong lane controller(melee, no stun/nukes), then you can overwhelm. The problem is, the probability of this in a well organized game is very narrow.


You can choose to solo(mid) or lane with a babysitter(Sent btm/Scourge top). To be honest, although you have SS, many heroes will overpower you in the case of last hitting and denying. SS will only help you survive, not farm.


If you wish to solo, mid is the best lane. It is safe, as you can abuse the terrain for things such as SS, and you can back off to tower for cover easier. Also, most mid lane are nuker solos like Zeus and SF. SS can easily nullify their nukes, so that you won’t be feeding early. 



Before anything, go and check the runes. As is mentioned, DD or Haste usually means firstblood. All you need to do is repetitively animation-cancel in metamorphosis.


Always be in the safe spots; eg. Away from diverging lanes, near juke spots, near towers, not in creep paths etc. You get what I mean. At these positions, it will be easier to back off just in case ganks come.


Lane with a disabler if you could. Your base damage is huge; you just couldn’t dispense them effectively. Disablers could help you net kills; in other words they form a strong, aggressive babysitter lane.


Focus more on last hitting. Deny when possible only. If last hitting is too hard, use Meta for the ranged advantage, or revert to jungling/semi jungling.


Try not to auto attack, you will push too much. If you’re pushing too much, focus on denying, or back off until creeps are fighting in safe spots again. You could also do creep pull to lure away 1 wave of your creep wave from pushing for a while. Go to the camp near the side lane, attack and then run to the lane at XX:17/XX:47 to lure the creeps. There is no pain in losing 1 wave experience, not compared to dying.


Use your image if your MP is full/unused. The images can be used to scout the forest when enemy from lanes are missing. They can also be used to scout for runes. There is no point in letting your MP unused. No I’m not saying you should waste them. Similarly, use CI, send it into forest when someone is missing, and you suspect you're going to be the victim.


Heroes like Viper can easily harass you without you capable of fighting back effectively. If these people decide to kill you, use Soul Steal on them to make them back off. Similarly, use SS on towerdivers.


Purchase the items whenever you have the money. Do not take the risk of losing gold when dying.



Sunder as a Powertool


Sunder is a powerful tool of gank and survival which overpowers most nukes in terms of total damage. However, several issues limit the possibility of use. First of all, your HP needs to be severely down before it can be effective. Second, it has shitty cast range and cast point. And third, it is a non-lethal skill. These 3 problems branches into even finer details, but they share the same common solution; all you need to do is hold the enemy in place, or attain advantages in initiation. This can be achieved via disables or runes.


You can bring your HP down to your desirable state with a lot of methods. You can fool around with heroes; let them harass you down to 50% HP. You can also come out to Sunder after intensive jungle creeping when your HP is low. Or you can purposely let Roshan or creeps beat your HP down to pulp before doing Leeroy Jenkins. It is advisory not to let your HP get fucked up too much; it’s just not worth the risk in most cases. Having higher HP will allow you to do more maneuvers if the need arise, for example, tower diving as well as taking some more punishment before going down, eleveating the chances of success. Also note that the MS bonus via meta can be abused to initiate a well done Sunder.


The problems regarding cast range can be solved in numerous ways. Disables comes quick in mind. But what happens if you were the one who is ganked? There are certain classes of heroes who are able to take you down without being close to you, or they can do it so fast that you couldn’t react; viper and drow, lion and lina, SF and NA. These heroes will make you feed so badly if you perform the actions wrong. In the case of SF-NA, disables are obviously the only counter; and you need over average map awareness to prevent yourself from being ganked.



Viper - The NetherdrakeKel`Thuzad - The LichVisage - The Necro`licLuna Moonfang - The Moon RiderHuskar - Sacred WarriorTraxex - The Drow Ranger

Certain heroes can distance themselves away from you very well. Take Viper and Drow for example; their massive slow and range keeps them safe from Sunder. But to abuse it, the must be able to see you. Abuse the fog to terminate their advantage. Run up a cliff or juke into fog where they can see you, and they will be force to move into the fog, where they can’t expect what you are doing. One of the interesting manuever you can do is to turn around instantly once they moved close, and sunder.


Rhasta - The Shadow ShamanLion - The Demon WitchLesale Deathbringer - The VenomancerViper - The NetherdrakeAtropos - The Bane ElementalVol`Jin - The Witch Doctor

Sunder is also non-lethal. Having to bring a disabler along, and a nuker along is quite not dynamic in most cases of a typical gank(TB isn’t a league hero). Therefore, having the correct partner that can function well is very, very important. Heroes that comes with a slow/disable and finisher will make quick work of stuffs. Bane is one of the best choices. Proper use will usually allow you to net 2x kills. Nightmare, Sunder, Brain sap, grip another hero, and beat him down. Rhasta and Vol’jin are also decent. Necrolyte only functions effectively mid-late game.


However, the real possible obstacles when carrying this maneuver are numerous. Shit happens, but it doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it. Before performing this move, you must take account of the situation. How much HP will I lose when charging in? What are problems will I face when he performs an action I couldn’t foresee? What if he’s naked? The answer to this is too remote. You must asses all the variables yourself, with the accumulated knowledge you have in that particular game. Pick a correct target, one can not kill you and he that is bound to die.



Ezalor - The Keeper of the LightKardel Sharpeye - The Dwarven SniperRigwarl - The BristlebackTraxex - The Drow RangerMortred - The Phantom Assassin

Choosing the correct target is vital; not just the hero anatomy(roles, HP), that is simply insufficient. Asses your targets(the players) using your ingame experience. Is the player decent? What is his current HP/MP and how many spells can he still cast? If I chase him down how long would it take? If even I could sunder, could I or my team mate secure the kill? Securing the kill is important; it is the purpose of ganking with TB. There is no use for you just to send him back to the fountain, unless to extend your HP for more farming.


Using you capabilities, your low HP can be abused to play certain mindgames. You can “force” enemies to run your desired paths if done right, and on the correct target(view above paragraph) where you have traps set in. Good cooperation and combination will usually result in win-win. For example, if you rush from behind, they will be force to move towards your team area. Striking from blind, fogged spots where the charging distance is small(<300) also works well against nukers/slowers, as long as they don’t have a hint. This could be done well in the top/bottom lane, by hiding in juke spots, or behind tree areas.



Your early game ends as soon as you got Wraiths/Bracers and BoT. I usually get those under 18 minutes. And you don’t need to be fed to get that.


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1465 By frost-viper 2013-04-17

Right now i am thinking that this herois useless....he gets easily outganked and without a lothar his survivaty becums zero....even ice frog is not sure abt his abilities....sunder is like the worst ability ever....

1464 By frost-viper 2013-04-17

@1459- its not warth bands its wraith bands

1463 By sasori113 2011-09-07

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.e.dang! happen

1462 By bulagernesto 2011-06-29



anu ba bobo nyo mag dota battle me at jc castueras at facebook super imba!!!!!


1461 By Masterfurion01 2011-06-28

TRY this on 5 v 5

MAGNUS LICH = Solo lane either mid or top
AXE, WD, JUGGERNAUT trilane = total creep control
Juggernaut goes on pulling while axe do the calling then meledict counter helix then burn equals +++ total owning on early game plus 100 percent creep control on bottom

just imagine magnus and lich coming into the scene with the perfect combo
bkb then dagger by magnus then chain by wd then call by axe and juggernaut will watch them all die and SS

1460 By Masterfurion01 2011-06-28

Master of DOTA your Spelling sucks
go back to your english class,,,

1459 By Master_of_dota_gr 2011-06-28

If you do that you will farm a lot and gangs will be more eazy

Then i build him
With that item you can take ramdage

1458 By emo boy565 2011-04-17

My F*cking Build

Treads then Later Change to Boots of Travel, Manta, Skadi or SnY or Both(only in "Metamorphosis") Butterfly and Radiance. = ImBa TerrorBlade.

1457 By ->F3lix<-/ 2011-04-08

5v5 only, cause 5v5 is most common

1456 By akuzlin 2011-04-08

are all of the strategies for 5v5 only OR XvX ???

1455 By rapist1997 2011-03-23

doombringer rapes hahah

1454 By oblique15 2010-12-14

nice guide..too bad it won't be updated cause its really helpful even though its rather old

1453 By blackxandro 2010-12-13

dear CF[X],

I hope you'll update this guide, just for the last time.

and I hope marina accept you

please CF[X], please

1452 By Counter_Force[X] 2010-12-12

sorry guys. ive quit dota. there wont be any more updates unless i happen to marry marina

1451 By Counter_Force[X] 2010-12-12

sorry guys. ive quit dota. there wont be any more updates unless i happen to marry marina

1450 By RAC1ST 2010-12-10


1449 By zenman 2010-12-10

what would be a good counter for terrorblade all game?

1448 By RazerRage 2010-11-30

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1447 By Abdulink 2010-11-30

Is radiance still viable?

1446 By Abdulink 2010-11-30

Is radiance still viable?