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Vengeful Spirit of DrifterZ

Created by DrifterZ on 2008-05-21
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Guide updated. This is support VS, if you play carry VS, gtfo please.
Shendelzare Silkwood

Shendelzare Silkwood - The Vengeful Spirit

Range: | Move Speed: 295
Primary: AGI
Str: 16 + 2.3 | Agi: 27 + 2.35 | Int: 15 + 1.75
Damage: 39 53 | HP: 454 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 0.75 | Armor: 3
Magic Missile
Magic Missile (C)
A magic missile is thrown at an enemy unit, stunning and causing damage. Cast range of 500.
Level 1 - Deals 100 damage and stuns for 1.45 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 175 damage and stuns for 1.55 seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 250 damage and stuns for 1.65 seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 325 damage and stuns for 1.75 seconds.
Mana Cost: 110/120/130/140
Cooldown: 10
Comment: Your what they say , "Bread and butter" skill. This is practically everything in one package. A Nuke , Stun , Escape Mechanism , Chase Mechanism and so much more. This should be maxed out first before anything else!

Wave of Terror
Wave of Terror (E)
Shendelzare lets loose a wicked cry, terrorizing nearby enemy units. Their armor and damage are reduced.
Level 1 - Reduces base armor by 2. Deals 18.75 damage.
Level 2 - Reduces base armor by 3. Deals 37.5 damage.
Level 3 - Reduces base armor by 4. Deals 56.25 damage.
Level 4 - Reduces base armor by 5. Deals 75 damage.
Damage type: HP loss
The wave gives vision as it goes forward.
Only decreases base damage and that given by the primary attribute of the units.
Mana Cost: 40
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Comment: Getting this at level 17-20 would be so worth it. Not before you max out stats.This along with Stygian Desolator , Assault Cuirass is massive rape. Don't forget that you have this skill!
Command Aura
Command Aura (D)
Increases nearby (within 900 AoE) units' damage.
Level 1 - 12% damage.
Level 2 - 20% damage.
Level 3 - 28% damage.
Level 4 - 36% damage.
The bonus damage provided by the aura is based on base damage and primary attribute.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Getting level 5 stats before this is natural. Obviously because in early game , your base damage will still suck. Vengeful Spirit becomes a support hero with this skill and terror late game.
Nether Swap
Nether Swap (W)
Instantaneously swaps positions with a target hero.
Level 1 - 600 range.
Level 2 - 900 range.
Level 3 - 1200 range.
Works on magic immune units.
Trees near Vengeful Spirit and the target will be destroyed upon swapping.
Interrupts channeling skills of the target.
Aghanim's Scepter drastically reduces cool down to 10 seconds at all levels and allows you to target creeps.
Mana Cost: 100/ 150/ 200
Cooldown: 45 (10 with Scepter)
Comment: Ah the very unique ultimate skill. This allows you to Switch positions with your enemy in an instant. Can be used to save your allies also if their being chased. You can also swap your ally , then use Magic Missile on the enemy hero(es) chasing him and quickly run away or fight him with your ally that was being chased. Always remember to use this skill because it has a quick cooldown of 45secs.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

Item Build
Skill Build

Early Game:

Hero Overview:

Once a mighty warden and sister of Mortred, the maniacal laughter of her sibling and the chakram of hers covered in her own just drawn blood is a sight that even today still haunts Shendelzare. Hearing the laments of her loyal daughter, Elune decided to not forsake her, and she graced her with a new body along with the ability to harness powers from the nether-world and a fighting spirit only owned by those who have met death itself. Shendelzare now leads the Sentinel's army, fearless of what could come at her, an avatar of the dreadful emotions within the soul of her former self.

Shendelzare Silkwood - The Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit

Many people think that Vengeful Spirit/VS is a very hard hero to play.But the thing is , she's very easy to play , some newbies might even choose Vengeful Spirit over Dwarven Sniper as a first hero to use.
Sure she's easy to play , but there are also a few flaws about her , like her having one of the slowest or possibly slowest BAT ( Base Attack Time ) , so i'm told , her range and ms. But overall a great hero that can be a killer or a support hero.

Item Build Explanation

Boots of Travel

Boots of Travel-Many would say that they would rather get Power treads for Vengeful Spirit , but I for one disagree.The Vengeful Spirit I will be showing you can still be pretty awesome even if she would lack the boosts from Power Treads.



Bracers-Okay , Bracers Over Vanguard for multiple reasons.Bracers give you stats and Vanguard only gives HP.The Vengeful Spirit i'll be showing you is an early game dominator but still a dominator late game.Get at least 2-3 bracers early game.Making the bracers before Boots of Travel is advisable , but it would depend on your style.


Lothar`s Edge

Lothar's Edge-Ah Lothar's Edge , one of the greatest items Vengeful Spirit could get.A simple wind walk has the abilities to turn the tides around in a single team clash.
The basic combo with Lothar's Edge is Nether Swap -> Magic Missile -> Wind Walk -> Attack
Just rinse and repeat and enemies will surely fall from your wrath.


Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass-Sure this item has a crappy icon / image , but this along with terror and if possible at late game , Stygian desolator , is massive rape.Just believe me lolz.



Vengeful Spirit vs. Melee Hero
-Huge Advantage. If your those types that dont like to make enemy heroes strong and such, you might as well focus on denying than farming , for those very pro types , you'll be doing both. For the newbies , I suggest just last hitting enemy creeps for easy cash.

Vengeful Spirit vs. Range Hero

-Fair or Slight Disadvantage/Advantage. At this scenario , focus on farming and denying like there's no tomorrow.Slight disadvantage if enemy is a massive nuker such as Lion/Lina.Slight advantage if your the only one who can use skills powerful enough to deal decent damage ( in our case , Magic Missile ).Such are troll warlord and others.

Vengeful Spirit vs. 2 Melee Hero

-Slight Disadvantage because they might combo up on you.Just imagine Pudge and Balanar in one lane or something.Scary! Focus on denying rather than farming but still farm though.
Request for assistance if needed!

Vengeful Spirit vs. 2 Range Hero

-Major Disadvantage.Quickly request for assistance once knowing this.Imagine this at your lane ( Minor warning ) - QoP + Mirana. OMG O_o. Both of your allies should focus on denying , mostly you to support your ally more.

Vengeful Spirit vs. 1 Range Hero AND 1 Melee Hero

-Slight Disadvantage. Be aware of Combos and such like Techies and Tiny and others.
Request assistance once needed quickly!



Farming Tips and Styles

-First off you should always press the "ALT" button to check the HP ( Hit Points or Life Points for some ) of the creeps / hero.
This helps alot in farming because you can see which creep to attack.

-Second , never auto-farm. This is just leaving your hero to randomly attack creeps randomly obtaining money.

-Third , read these:

Use Styles in Farming, my two recommended styles are:
Stop-Attack AND Move Attack

Stop-Attack is when you press S and right click on the creep at the same time looking at its HP. Do NOT press S when it is on low hp and you can kill it in one blow. Once seen , quickly right click the creep to get the cash.

Move Attack is when you move around holding ALT and when you see a low hp creep that can be killed in one hit , quickly press A and left click that creep to get the cash.



Since this is an early dominate Vengeful Spirit , your going to have to kill enemy heroes often.

You will be needing Map Awareness , which is constantly looking at the Mini-Map to see if heroes are gone and stuff. Making you more cautious.
Don't be curious though , since you know what they say , "Curiosity killed the cat." wise words lol.

You will also be needing to go around the map to see if your enemy heroes are dying. In such cases , ask your allies that you and that ally / those allies are willing to kill the enemy hero , if yes then go quickly with a swift stun and whack that enemy hero to death!


Early Game - Level 1-11 Goal : At least 2500 Gold.

Lane control - quick hit and runs will give you lane control , once enemy is low hp , hit them with a Magic Missile and whack them to death.

Farming - already explained . Look back at the strategy!

Hero Killing - hit and runs. Constantly check at the runes also and map awareness again! REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE MAGIC MISSILE AND NEVER FORGET IT !


Starting Items Are:

Ironwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchAncient Tango of Essifation

SET A - The Spam Tango + Branch. This is Self-explanatory!

Crow Courier

SET B - Crow. Used to constantly buy branches and regeneration items.

I have already explained things that are needed and stuff , so lets see your goals:

1.)At least 1 Kill
2.)Ending Early Game with Boots of Travel and possibly a Lothar ingredient
3.)You should at least have 20-30 denies which is crucial in not letting your enemy farm / level up which results in a level gap , lane switch and more.

End Early Game Items:

If you did an awesome job:

Boots of TravelLothar`s Edge


If you did an average job:

Gauntlets of Ogre StrengthGauntlets of Ogre Strength

Circlet of NobilityCirclet of Nobility

Boots of Travel

If you didn't do quite good , had a bad early game:

Boots of SpeedBracer


 Using  Nether Swap*Nether Swap*

There are many uses to Nether Swap, one of them mainly is for doing a famous move for killing opponents just at Lv6.

 This is called Tower Swap.

Tower Swap isn't exactly the hardest thing to do. Ever. All you actually do is Get yourself in the position thats just NEAR the tower, Swap the enemy (Making sure the Enemy is in the Tower's Range and the Tower can score atleast 3-4 hits), Stun him, Whack him, Get the money. Simple but very effective.Quite famous too so most people will avoid this. Be careful about that.

 Other reasons are for Ganking.

When Ganking with Nether Swap, just remember to buy Wards to keep safe. Make sure that you wont swap yourself into the other 4 enemies while you swap one. And dont accidentally swap the one that can take down your whole team in 7 seconds or something like that.

 Another is for saving one's ally.

Dont be greedy using Nether Swap, seriously. Learn to save your allies with it. A good method is by letting the enemy chase your ally til the tower can start hitting the enemy, swap with your ally , stun your enemy, get a kill. You've just saved your ally and just got gold for it. Fun eh?

 There are many more uses in using Nether Swap,try to figure them all out and dont be afraid to experiment with friends and such.

 Guides to help you if you just started playing DotA:

Ghost's guide to DotA:

Caspian's creep blocking walkthrough:

Caspian's warding guide:

Caspian's runes and powerups guide:

Quale's magic resistance guide:

FF_Dragon's guide to spell reduction, evasion and critical stacking percentage guide:



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265 By `pein 2009-06-09


264 By Zapatsu 2009-06-07

i'm 13. and im smoking good!

263 By darkness_knight 2009-06-06

i think thread is better than BOT.

262 By PLS_imanub 2009-05-10

if -random, start with bottle n tangos
if -ap start with bottle


261 By MiniGaY 2009-02-11


i said to get BoT Or PT + lothars i always get lothars on her my build is in order

-2x wraith

260 By rapizar 2009-02-04


6 boots wont stack and its possible to get those items even in 5v5 unless ur really really stupid...

259 By halfkidd 2009-02-04


258 By AlexJJ007 2009-01-29

i think i better out power thread o if cannstead of BoT......(++Atk Spd)
Then i'll out SnY n deso if can........
Y dun try wraith band ???
Buriza also quite a gud item for it u noe????

257 By DoomSnow 2009-01-08


256 By Drakkkan 2009-01-06

haha nice comments :D
to the guild - I liked it, almost all important things there. I prefer to pick Command aura before stats, and Mkb before lothar, your damage is then much greater and together with some ally you can hunt some noobs better. Lothar is for me better if you want play venge more like hunter and solo killer.
Rest of the guild (late build and so on) is fine.

255 By DrifterZ 2009-01-05

dzenotiii, just to tell you those are the ideal item builds. you'll probably achieve only 3 or 4 of those items.

considering by you, you'd quit because your such a noob. stfu

254 By ic4three778 2009-01-05

no to skadi and mjollnir!!! she just doesnt have the prowess of mirana when it comes to mobility ...

although awesome strategy. :P

253 By stratocastom 2008-12-31

lack of hp regen mid / late game.. Should go for satanic instead of stygian ??? I don't know because stygian really pwn ! or maybe a perseverence mid game. it would be ok

252 By Kleptus 2008-12-30

"skadi + S&Y > only desolator "

Not for her anyway. Desolator links with Terror.

251 By Kleptus 2008-12-30

Terror on lvl 16?
I think u rly don't know what -5 armor can do early game.

Travel instead of Power Treads? Really?
Oh my

250 By jcrull0605 2008-12-28

ah damn..
forget focusing on armor powerups and lowerups..
thus, ignore terror skill..
dominator would be ok for this hero..

249 By darkst0rm 2008-12-28

i think the perfect stuff for a vengeful spirit was :

1. Power Treads
2. Stygian Desolator
3. The Butterfly
4. Eye of Skadi
5. Lothar Edge
6. Assault Cuiras

with that 6 items i think you're
great enough to kill until beyond godlike.

Drifterz guide maybe a guide for Vengeful Spirit in support version.
Anyway a good guide for eleven..

248 By AsS-Ki.cK 2008-12-25

Hahaha @ these comments!
" You cant farm so much in one game, noob!!!"

"Get lothars -miniGAY "

really, This pwns.

247 By criz 2008-12-17

gud one. i think i make sunthing up with juz reading this ^^

246 By Draco2 2008-12-13

your strat is awesome and i tried evry build and i pwned so hard. BTW the comment page is more instresting than the strat LOL !!!