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Destroy and Survive with N'aix the Lifestealer, by Reaper666

Created by Reaper666 on 2008-05-30
Last modified: 2009-10-31
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This Strategy is Reaper666's entry for Dota Strategy's contest, hope you enjoy it. N'aix is a killing machine, and my favorite hero, This is my first strategy, and hopefully, with this guide, I'll show you how to destroy everyone and survive possibly with 100% hp left, Some people think this is a weak hero, some think he's strong, I say, its all about the tactics, he's extremely strong, but only if used right, and is probably why some people say he's weak, they cant figure out how to play him right, read this and not only will you be godlike but most enemies wont be able to get away. prepare to be hated by your enemies and making Ursa warriors and Centaurs scream and run at the sight of you.

N`aix - The Lifestealer

Range: | Move Speed: 315
Primary: STR
Str: 25 + 2.4 | Agi: 18 + 1.9 | Int: 15 + 1.75
Damage: 57 - 67 | HP: 625 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 1.00 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 0.69 | Armor: 2
Rage (R)
Naix goes into a maddened rage, becoming immune to magic spells and gaining increased attack speed.
Level 1 - 30% Increased Attack Speed and Magic Immunity. Lasts for 2.5 seconds.
Level 2 - 45% Increased Attack Speed and Magic Immunity. Lasts for 3.25 seconds.
Level 3 - 60% Increased Attack Speed and Magic Immunity. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Level 4 - 80% Increased Attack Speed and Magic Immunity. Lasts for 4.75 seconds.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 15
Comment: A multifunction skill, at level 4 (of the skill not the hero) usually when you press this your hp will start going up as the enemy's hp will drop rapidly which will cause him to run which will cause you to Open wound him and laugh, more uses will be discussed further on.

Feast (F)
Regenerates a portion of enemy's current HP and deals the same portion per attack.
Level 1 - 4%
Level 2 - 5%
Level 3 - 6%
Level 4 - 7%
Does not work on Roshan.
Works against magic immune units.
The heal is independent of the damage.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Your insane lane staying, hero destroying skill, this is the reason people will stay away from you, and why you dont need too much hp at the beginning even tho you will have a nice amount probably.THEORETICAL example for those of you who don't get it: You have 1000hp centaur has 2000hp, you hit you deal 7% of his hp now he's at 93% and 1860hp, you did 140dmg and heal for 140 which is 14% of your hp!!! and is why i said your hp doesnt matter that much 1on1 atleast.. this is THEORETICAL armor etc will affect the outcome of the fight ofcoures.
Open Wounds
Open Wounds (W)
N'aix rends the enemy, slowing his movespeed and allowing his allies to feast on his life force, regenerating a portion of the damage dealt. The victim slowly recovers movement speed over 8 seconds.
Level 1 - 15%
Level 2 - 20%
Level 3 - 25%
Level 4 - 30%
Casting no longer causes Naix to loose attack focus.
Mana Cost: 110
Cooldown: 24/20/16/12 seconds
Comment: Another multifunction skill, this thing is for Chasing, escaping and helping allies, Insane too, this skill can make you win starting with 30% hp vs 100% hp enemy. altho it wont be enough to chase lots of the times, but we'll fix that.
Infest (T)
The Lifestealer tears its way into the unfortunate body of a target unit, laying dormant and undetectable inside its living frame until he is ready to come to form. When he comes out of the unit, he deals damage to all nearby enemy units. If the infested unit is an enemy, the Lifestealer will devour it first, gaining the health the unit currently has.
Level 1 - 150 damage, Enemy non-hero units, allied units
Level 2 - 275 damage, Enemy non-hero units, allied units
Level 3 - 400 damage, Enemy non-hero units, allied units
N'aix gains experience from kills made nearby the Infested target while he is traveling with it.
If the Infested unit is killed before N'aix uses Consume, he will not be healed.
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Comment: The enemy will hate you if they actually hurt you and you escape and come back 30secs later with 100% hp and only 50mana less cause you found a nice little centaur at the jungle , not to mention when they are about to kill you and you disappear into one of their monsters leaving them confused and then pop out of nowhere healed and kill them, this skill is great, its for healing, instant killing of Dominated creatures or neutrals or creeps, and can be used to surprise or move across the map without getting hurt, ill explain later on.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Feast
2. Open Wounds
3. Feast
4. Rage
5. Feast
6. Rage
7. Feast
8. Rage
9. Rage
10. Infest
11. Infest
12. Open Wounds
13. Open Wounds
14. Open Wounds
15. Stats
16. Infest
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Regeneration
2 HP Regeneration
Your Feast skill will be enough only if you dont get harrased + you'll need this for Vlad's.
2.View Details for Animal Courier
Animal Courier
Active: Summon Animal Courier
- Creates an Animal Courier to carry items
- 5 manacost
- Animal Courier has 45HP, 0 armor and magic immunity

**Gives 150 gold to each enemy player when killed
**Does not drop items it is holding when killed
**Respawns 3 minutes after being killed, items inaccessible during that time

Hopefully you don't need to go back to the fountain for health issues thanks to the Ring and Feast, and if thats the case this is great for obvious reasons, he gets the items to you., if you prefer a Bracer and Tangos that's your choise.
3.View Details for Mask of Death
Mask of Death
Passive: Lifesteal
15% lifesteal on attacks. Orb effect.
Second item to get for Vlad's, important cause Feast does 7% of CURRENT enemy's hp which means the less he has the less you steal.
4. Vladmir`s Offering
Complete this item asap, first base item, Armor, regen, mana regen and most importantly Lifesteal that's not orb, Feast wont do as explained in Mask of Death's description.
5.View Details for Boots of Speed
Boots of Speed
50 Movement Speed
Note: Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
This item will turn to Powertreads, get this core item second for you'll need it to escape and to chase.
6.View Details for Power Treads
Power Treads
60 Movement Speed
30 Attack Speed
8 Selected Attribute

Active: Switch Attribute
Switches the attribute that receives a bonus. From Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength.
Note: Can only carry one. Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin or Robe of the Magi or Belt of Giant Strength
Complete this core item second, very important for this build, for the simple fact we depend, especially at the beginning on lifestealing and later on stunning and maim procs to chase and get the kill, and no, Open Wounds wont do, atleast not vs everyone, if you choose BoT for the active and extra speed thats your choise.
7.View Details for Armlet of Mordiggian
Armlet of Mordiggian
9 Damage
15 Attack Speed
5 Armor
8 HP Regeneration

Active: Unholy Strength
- Provides bonus 31 damage, 10 attack speed, 25 strength while active
- Drains 40 HP per second
- Activating has a 2 second cooldown
- Cannot die from HP drain or HP loss upon deactivation

Note: Can only carry one

Helm of Iron Will + Gloves of Haste + Blades of Attack + Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe Scroll
Naix's toy, this item is INSANE, It's like they made it for Nai'x, you click and get 25str, 25% attack speed, 5armor and 30dmg/s to self which wont matter since you steal so much hp. Perfect, get it!
8.View Details for Yasha
16 Agility
15 Attack Speed
10% Movement Speed
Note: Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Yasha, Sange and Yasha, or Manta Style.
Blade of Alacrity + Boots of Elvenskin + Yasha Recipe Scroll (600)
This is what I get next, for Movement speed and attack speed, your hp now should be enough so you dont need Sange so much, but you do need to stun alot with Cranium, this will help, If you choose to get Cranium first, so be it.
9.View Details for Cranium Basher
Cranium Basher
40 Damage
6 Strength
Passive: Bash
25% chance for melee heroes (10% for ranged) to bash on attack. 1.4 seconds stun. 2 seconds cooldown. Does not function with other Cranium Bashers, Abyssal Blades, Troll Warlord's Bash, Slithereen Guard's Bash, Faceless Void's Time Lock or Spiritbreaker's Greater Bash
Belt of Giant Strength + Javelin + Cranium Basher Recipe Scroll
That's it, you're a killing machine now, they cant hide and they cant run, click Rage and watch them drop.
10. Sange andView Details for Yasha
16 Agility
15 Attack Speed
10% Movement Speed
Note: Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Yasha, Sange and Yasha, or Manta Style.
Blade of Alacrity + Boots of Elvenskin + Yasha Recipe Scroll (600)
Complete this to turn into a even more of a killing machine, no one, and I mean no one, not even ursa will attemp to jump you alone, most likely they will run when they see you cause there's nothing that can stop you from chasing them.
11.View Details for Black King Bar
Black King Bar
10 Strength
24 Damage

Active: Avatar
- Gives magic immunity
- Duration and cooldown decrease each time it is used
- Manacost: 0
- Duration: 10/9/8/7/6/5 seconds
- Cooldown: 80/75/70/65/60/55 seconds

Cannot be sold

Ogre Axe + Mithril Hammer + Black King Bar Recipe Scroll
This is the item that'll make NO ONE able to touch you, atleast not 1on1 and thanks to this even 2-3 wont be able to help their friend, you're godlike now, with this Nothing can stop you from beating the crap out of anyone.
Skill Build

Early Game:


  • A very strong 1on1 hero, Best if you ask me.
  • Gains a good 2.4str per level.
  • One of the fastest Base AS.
  • Great at all stages of the game.
  • Stealthy, it's hard to spot this guy till it's too late.
  • Very high survivability if used right.
  • Can surprise or disappear using his Ultimate.
  • Can become godlike and hated if used right.


  • Easy to kill from afar, in other words needs to be able to fight back to stay alive.
  • Not good at lane control (fixed by Vlad's) no AoE's at all.
  • Depends on his mana alot and doesn't have alot of it, Mana burn is deadly on him.
  • Timing his abilities is crucial and can be easily countered by silence/disable/stun to get away from him, Rage is 4.75secs timing is everything.
  • Surprising the enemy is very important, attack when he least expects it or you'll become the prey, atleast early-mid.
  • Target of harasses and can die very fast if not careful, no escape spell untill 6 (10 with this build) which also isnt really an escape it depends on your mana and if you have someone closeby to infest.

Use him smart and you'll own the game, making even Ursa 1on1 run in screams when he sees you, not true until atleast mid game tho so careful.


Starting Items:

Ring of RegenerationAnimal Courier If you're not facing nukers that can kill you this should do+Ring will be used to make Vlad's.

BracerAncient Tango of Essifation For the extra HP, I prefer Ring for the long-term durability and knowing ill use it for Vlad's + Courier so I don't have to run to buy stuff, but this might be a even better idea alot of the times, your choice.

If you're in a game with less than 5 per side, you can also buy combinations like:

Ring of RegenerationBoots of SpeedAnimal Courier

Ring of BasiliusRing of Regeneration

Mask of DeathRing of Regeneration

Just examples of decent items you can use.

Choosing a Lane:

Personally I prefer Upper or Lower for two reasons:

1) Got a nearby shop for Death Mask.

2) Only have to watch out from one side not two like when you're at the middle.

Lane Partner:

Best partners obviously will be any hero that can stun / disable, you don't want the enemy to get away, your damage is great at all stages thanks to Feast, but if you can't get close it's worth nothing, also if you're facing a good lane controller you might wanna get a partner unless he's not good enough at it to damage the tower too badly, although him getting close to your tower could work for your favor, i'll explain further on in Tactics section.

Lane Enemy:

1 Ranged - Don't get too close, you're fragile, and you have no escape tool, if he gets reckless and gets over confident and close to your tower, don't be afraid to attack him, ranged heroes wont last long 1on1 vs you, don't attack unless you're certain you can win cause running away from ranged will be hard, and you don't have Infest yet probably.

2 Ranged - Get a lane partner, you're fragile and it's you don't pay attention for 1 second or just don't judge the distance well enough, and they jump you, they will be all over you and will kill you easily.

1 Melee - Shouldn't be a problem, last hit as much as possible but if it's a stunner, be alittle more careful, still shouldn't be a problem tho, even hit him from time to time if you have the creeps as advantage, Feast will hurt even early game.

2 Melee - If none of them are stunners or teleporters (blink etc), don't worry too much but be on your guard, you're fragile and try not to get too close or they will jump you, in certain cases you can actually beat them both tho, if you have the right item's and they are the right heroes, always be ready to escape tho.

Always be on your guard no matter who you're facing, 1 Melee won't do anything you can take him 1on1 unless its Ursa early, but then again you never know who's lurking behind the corner.

Hero killing tactics:

  • The element of surprise - You can't imagine how important this is, here's a scenario, the enemy hero is pushing and pushing towards your tower, and there most of his creeps die and he stays there for 3secs too long which you use to Open wound him and Rage just as his last creep dies, you and all your creeps attack him, there's a good possibility he will die if he's a Int hero or Agi, but even if he doesn't, you can count on it that his hp will be very low. This tactic works try it, ofcoures you can do it in many ways, from the side, rushing, and ofcoures Infest if you're experienced, can be deadly especially if you get into a Dominated creep they keep close, also, even if you're at 50% hp or so most of the heroes you'll be able to bring down, thats the beauty of it, you pop out of their creep while they are all alone and beat the crap out of them, they wont know what happened till it's too late, its all about the timing.
  • Timing of skills - Don't be reckless, 15secs if along cooldown when it takes you 5secs to bring someone to 30% hp and making him escape.. don't use rage as the battle begins unless you know you'll need it to survive, in which case you probably wont win cause if you need it at the beginning to survive what will happen after the 4.75secs? especially late game when you need it to proc stun alot so they wont get away. also timing your open wounds is very important, do it the second you realise there's no other way to catch them, if you know that they are faster use it the second they turn, if you're faster use it to finish them off, or if you're low on hp and need it to survive, use your brain and you'll come on top possibly with 100% hp and a smile.
  • Don't be reckless - Never ever be reckless, as much as you're strong 1on1 its enough that 1nuker or 1disabler comes and casts 1 little spell on you to turn the battle around, always watch out for additional enemies that might just jump in, especially when they already know you're strong which will make them call for help instantly as they spot you, you're best 1on1, you can assassinate just about anyone but they will learn from mistakes so never be off your guard.
  • THINK - Best tip I can give you is to think before you make a move or it could turn into your funereal instead of their's.. Is it worth the risk? Can I finish him off or not? Is it worth the risk to chase him? Will i be able to escape if another one comes? Will he die if I cast it now? will I? Should I pop out of the creep now or in 10seconds, just Think before you act, and this is true for all of the heroes, when it comes down to it, it's all about the tactics.
  • Jump on Opportunities - If you see a good opportunity to jump a hero, even if you don't finish him off, it was worth a try, just don't die, below is an example of a good opportunity I took and it paid off, Note - Slithereen guard is a good partner, very good.
  Mouse over to see what happened
  Its hard to see but he did use his ultimate on her, and you can see him on the 2nd picture.

Items you Should Have:

Vladmir`s OfferingBoots of Speed

Hopefully you have atleast those or more, Next what you should get is Powertreads ofcoures.

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344 By WildTiger 2011-07-04

Good strategy, it helps me much :)

343 By windwaker 2010-11-05

i would get bfury first beause of easier farming so AoM and power treads is easier to should be SnY, MKB and BKB/Heart. not if the game ends earlier :D

342 By HunterKing 2010-10-04


username is right dude
BKB doesn't stack with Vlad

341 By Nabla 2010-07-31

@340 NO

BKB or Vlads on NAix WTF????
rather get DMG like AoM so you can kill enemies instead of surviving longer
4 seconds immunity are enough to kill one enemy
and when your team also attacks all nukes will be spelled, so you can continue killing...

340 By obelobe 2010-07-31

can i use ulti on syllas bear?

339 By leonheart024 2010-06-13

can ghost scepter stack with rage ??
(I try BKB with ghost and its not working)

338 By saikoretsu 2010-06-06

i also suggest that lane with melees

337 By saikoretsu 2010-06-06

@ Rox Star... Naix is easy to defeat.... after his rage people will attack you with nukes and stun and ur lifesteal is useless if ur stunned

336 By saikoretsu 2010-06-05

dont forget that you still need teammates if ur facing 4-5 heroes or ur dead... if u use the fucking BKB combo you may survive in time but still dead by the team's normal damage... but 9.5 seconds spell immunity is great to call your teammates to you

335 By saikoretsu 2010-06-05

for those who said that BKB and VLads is wasted....YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS WASTED.. Feast only absorbs 4-7% of CURRENT HP! and open wound's time isnt perma... so you still need Vlads for 2nd lifesteal and dont forget about the other effects like armor hp regen and mp regen...And BKB is activated after rage and 9.5 is enough to kill heroes with your insane AS and they cant use skills on you so your completely untouchable.. if you have it

334 By Kodalic 2010-05-21

I've always questioned about niax thinkin it was a shit char till i read this guide and tried it and didn't die on a 5v5 game once and became godlike. this guide is fackin amazing nice job on it.

333 By RoxStar98 2010-05-20

naix is hard to defeat becaue of his lifesteal then put stanic and vladimir then naix will go crazy! i like naix and nice strateg

332 By Bleef 2010-05-20

of course it can kill axe.
my friend always escape with his axe,but when i finished my cranium basher,he cannot get away because he is always being stunned.its like i beyond godlike him.

331 By qualivia 2010-05-07

yes it's useless but in the guide he's not really recommending it only in some situations

330 By Bleef 2010-05-02


u think vlads and satanic is a waste?
then you should not use N'aix u sh**!
thats a very good item to him...

329 By Bleef 2010-04-26

i think n'aix is the kind of hero that is really hard to kill

328 By User.Name 2010-04-11

u r using vlads n satanic..
what a waste..

327 By ken12345678 2010-04-10

I holy shit thanks to tis guy

326 By pomlaos 2010-03-31


Yes this hero easily kills axe. If you die then there something wrong with your skill build or item build.

325 By 995348694 2010-03-30

Can this hero kill axe?
i seems to be killed by axe(early mid),the more i attack the more it spin. Always ending up die.Is it the lousy way i play or just cant make it?