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Charles's Bloodseeker

Created by Charles on 2006-12-25
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Bloodseeker is a great hero hunter.Most of its skills are suit for hero killing,getting Holy shit with this hero aint difficult.This is my first time writing a strategy,hope you will like it=).

Strygwyr - The Bloodseeker

Range: | Move Speed: 305
Primary: AGI
Str: 23 + 2 | Agi: 24 + 3 | Int: 18 + 1.7
Damage: 53 - 59 | HP: 587 | Mana: 234
HP Regen: 0.94 | Mana Regen: 0.73
Attack Speed: 0.73 | Armor: 3
Bloodrage (D)
Drives a unit into a bloodthristy rage. That unit is unable to cast spells, has its attack damage increased, and loses a small amount of hit points every second.
Level 1 - Increases damage by 20%, takes 20 HP per second, lasts 6 seconds.
Level 2 - Increases damage by 40%, takes 20 HP per second, lasts 7 seconds.
Level 3 - Increases damage by 60%, takes 20 HP per second, lasts 8 seconds.
Level 4 - Increases damage by 80%, takes 20 HP per second, lasts 9 seconds.
Damage type: magical
Bloodrage can be casted on an allied, enemy or neutral unit.
Casting range: 600
Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 12/10/8/6
Comment: This skill is versatile, u can use this on spellcasters to silence them so you can escape or kill.You also can use this on yourself for increased damage.

Blood Bath
Blood Bath (B)
Whenever Strygwyr kills a unit, he bathes himself in the blood, regenerating his life source. If Strygwyr does not kill a hero but is within 225 aoe when the hero dies, he will still regenerate hp.
Level 1 - Regenerates 10% of the Hero's max hp, 5% for 225 aoe. 10% for creeps.
Level 2 - Regenerates 20% of the Hero's max hp, 10% for 225 aoe. 15% for creeps.
Level 3 - Regenerates 30% of the Hero's max hp, 15% for 225 aoe. 20% for creeps.
Level 4 - Regenerates 40% of the Hero's max hp, 20% for 225 aoe. 25% for creeps.
Denied creeps and heroes will also trigger Bloodbath, illusions will not trigger Bloodbath.
Strygwyr will regenerate hp regardless of how he killed the unit, be it with spells, items or attacks.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Regains % of hp after killing the enemy unit,useful throughout the game.
Strygwyr`s Thirst
Strygwyr`s Thirst (T)
Enables Strygwyr to sense the bleeding of any enemy hero below 40% hp. If it finds one, Strygwyr gains vision of that unit and increases move speed.
Level 1 - Increases movement speed by 11%. Grants vision of the target, lasts until no nearby valid target exist.
Level 2 - Increases movement speed by 22%. Grants vision of the target, lasts until no nearby valid target exist.
Level 3 - Increases movement speed by 33%. Grants vision of the target, lasts until no nearby valid target exist.
Level 4 - Increases movement speed by 44%. Grants vision of the target, lasts until no nearby valid target exist.
Strygwyr's Thirst is not triggered by Illusions.
Invisible units will show up on the minimap, but won't be able to get targeted directly. If a target order (attack or spell) has been set on them before they go invisible, the order will be fulfilled. Units can also autoattack these invisible units.
Area of Effect: 1500/3000/4500/6000
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: This is to me The best skil for bloodseeker.When enemies have below 50% hp,you and your alies gain vision of them,and invisible units can be seen on minimap.You will gain 44% movement increase,with power threads and this skill you will 522 movement speed.
Rupture (R)
Deals a mighty blow to the enemy causing any movement to result in bleeding and loss of life.
Level 1 - 150 initial damage. Deals 20% of the distance moved as damage, lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 - 250 initial damage. Deals 40% of the distance moved as damage, lasts 7 seconds.
Level 3 - 350 initial damage. Deals 60% of the distance moved as damage, lasts 9 seconds.
Damage type: pure
Deals a maximum of 200 damage per 0.25 seconds. If a unit exceeds the 200 damage cap in less than the stated time, it will not receive damage.
Casting range: 1000
Mana Cost: 150/200/250
Cooldown: 70
Comment: This skill is another useful skill.Use this on a hero that is half hp if he runs he would get damaged if he does not move u attack him with bloodrage cast on yourself to kill him.This skill can be also use to escape when u are on the verge of dying,cast this on the person chasing you so he will stop.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Strygwyr`s Thirst
2. Blood Bath
3. Strygwyr`s Thirst
4. Blood Bath
5. Strygwyr`s Thirst
6. Rupture
7. Strygwyr`s Thirst
8. Blood Bath
9. Blood Bath
10. Bloodrage
11. Rupture
12. Bloodrage
13. Bloodrage
14. Bloodrage
15. Stats
16. Rupture
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Regeneration
2 HP Regeneration
2. Flask of Sapphire Water
3.View Details for Power Treads
Power Treads
60 Movement Speed
30 Attack Speed
8 Selected Attribute

Active: Switch Attribute
Switches the attribute that receives a bonus. From Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength.
Note: Can only carry one. Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin or Robe of the Magi or Belt of Giant Strength
4.View Details for Radiance
60 Damage

Passive: Burn Damage
Deals 45 damage per second. 650 AoE.
Note: Clicking Radiance will toggle Burn Damage on and off.
Sacred Relic + Radiance Recipe Scroll
5.View Details for Satanic
25 Strength
20 Damage
5 Armor
Passive: Lifesteal
25% lifesteal on attacks. Orb effect.
Active: Unholy Rage
Adds 175% lifesteal. Lasts 3.5 seconds. 35 seconds cooldown.
Helm of the Dominator + Messerschmidt's Reaver + Satanic Recipe Scroll
6.View Details for The Butterfly
The Butterfly
30 Agility
30 Damage
30 Attack Speed
35% Evasion
Eaglehorn + Talisman of Evasion + Quarterstaff
7.View Details for Monkey King Bar
Monkey King Bar
88 Damage
15 Attack Speed
Passive: True Strike
Prevents your attacks from missing (except due to exceeding Movement Buffer Range on melee units). Interferes with some attack modifiers on ranged units.
Passive: Mini-Bash
35% chance to bash on attacks. 100 bonus damage. Stuns for 0.01 seconds.
Note: Clicking the item will toggle True Strike on and off.
Demon Edge + 2x Javelins
8.View Details for Hyperstone
55 Attack Speed
Skill Build

Early Game:

This strategy will be for bloodseeker in a 5v5 match as you have more chances getting kills.OK early game buy a Ror and a flask of sapphire water as you would get 500 gold when you choose a hero.If u randomed it,buy 2 additional flask of sappire water so you can stay in your lane longer.

Usually i prefer to go to the top lane for sentinel ,bottom lane for scourge as its near the fountain and mid lane.Ask for solo as it would be crucial for bloodseeker to outlevel others as once you have rupture,your killing streak will start.
Farming techniques
Press alt to see the creeps hp and a to deny and last hit creeps.If your good at farming you will know what to do but strategies are for new players so i will teach you the way i farm.Firstly run around behind your creep wave and running through your mouse on the creeps hp if u see its about"1 more hit to death"hit A key to deny or last hit it.Your distance from the creep that you want to last hit or deny must be near enough for you to reach to get it in a "1more hit to death",your estimation must be very precise if mastered you can last hit almost all the creeps and deny too.If you mastered this technique well,you can procede to the harder part of this skill which is farming with spammers, so you can stay in a distance where u can get exp and last hit or deny without getting attacked you must be tactful in some circumstances.For example if they are standing on the right side in front of you you move to the left and vice versa,this is also useful against pudge so he would not be able to hook you.You should not be in a range where enemy hero can see you but u can get the last hit or deny in 1 go when attacking the creep that is dying.You may not understand what i say but to make it simpler its like ksing a hero which with 1 hit he would be dead.If the hero in your lane keeps spamming skills on you,you would still have your 2nd skill which aids in farming and the flask at early game u bought.

Motives early game
By lvl 7 to 9 u must have power threads.Its is for early game hero hunting with this and level 4 blood thirst you wil have max movement speed.

Try to outlevel evryone in the game by last hitting more u must try to be 1 level higher then the person who is also soloing the lane you soloing or at least same level as him.For 2 heroes in your lane you must be 2 or 3 levels higher or at least 1 level higher then them.

Get 1st blood.You can do this if nobody get it before u hit level 7,you should have a power threads and look arond the map if anyone has hp half or 3/4 ok its 1st blood,rupture him and chase him if he is smart he will stay and fight you but with you soloing a lane means your level would be at least 2 levels higher and with additional 150 damage from rupture to his 3/4 or half hp will make him even lower and bloodseeker base damage its quite high too so he would most probably lose to you.It would be better if your allies help you so it would be easier and not too risky.If the person you ruptured is a dumbo and continues running,just chase and attack him,Bingo 1st blood is yours.

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167 By ucannotbserious 2011-03-05

error on guide man, please explain to me how you can bloodrage urself and then rupture then enemy before chasing?

166 By iceguard 2011-02-16

Power treads
That invis item
And then depending on the team or how I'm
doing bkb or the critical strike one

165 By thehot22 2010-11-10

really gg thing but some items were not gg like hyperstone mkm and santinice i prefer mom buriza and powertreads at aggilty and heart of tarrase for life when chassing

164 By Arch_Vince 2010-10-14

@162: Treads (STR) is better on Blood Seeker since it adds to your HP.. And the bonus attack speed and bonus stats also comes in handy.. Besides, you already have uber MS whenever BS's Thirst activates... BoT are for uber farmers or late game heroes... And Blood seeker isn't a late game hero.. XD

163 By dotawarlord 2010-10-14

rofl 162 go play a real game

162 By biel6666 2010-10-14

I still think bot is superior too power threads

161 By hagrid952 2010-10-14

well... the strategy was made 4 years ago...

160 By ntts 2010-10-14

I wont read the strategy because i read the comms and it seems like not being good...

159 By jajohn 2010-10-14


158 By jajohn 2010-10-14

Yout late game strategy has one little flaw: "1st bloodrage yourself,then rupture the other enemy hero"
how exactly do you want to do that?
but seems nice otherways

157 By leoj1995 2010-08-17

Force staff (for ulti)

156 By -awesomojasonn 2010-04-04

u gotta dagon aswell mate

155 By bloodmayflows 2010-03-12

noob strat

154 By Jinzakk007 2009-12-28

please remember that while lvl3ruptured enemies will not take dmg when forced because the dmg is out from the cap

153 By Stevemotto 2009-12-27

@ ShurikenOo why the hell do you have bashers??? If you cast your ulti on someone why would you want stun them on the spot after? Wouldn't you want to let him/her run while you chase him so he deals more damage to himself?

152 By Stevemotto 2009-12-27

Force Staff for the wind!!

151 By armapker 2009-12-23

hm i think isnt good idea to give Strygwyr`s Thirst as first skill...i know that you can have level 4 on level 7 but i still think u should get at least 1x bloodrage when lvl 1-5

150 By KimJohannaST 2009-12-09

I'd still get gem though.If not for getting a kill then for not getting killed.

149 By bibek 2009-11-12

why dont you get 1 lvl of blood rage you are wasting mana until lvl 6

148 By Shui 2009-11-03

It sucks, dagon has more dmg output for around the same price. so dont buy it