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Rylai Icegirl

Created by Moon_Raven on 2008-08-07
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Hello everyone,this is my first strategy guide.It explains how to play Rylai Crestfall-Crystal Maiden.It is quite different from other builds and guides I've seen so far and it is more fun to play.It is quite big and has many screenshots because I really wanted this to be a complete guide to playing Rylai,so please don't make any comments about guide being too big and detailed.It is aimed for noobs anyway,but everyone can read it to try to play Rylai different.I hope you enjoy the guide! Moon_Raven
Rylai Crestfall

Rylai Crestfall - Crystal Maiden

Range: | Move Speed: 280
Primary: INT
Str: 16 + 1.7 | Agi: 16 + 1.6 | Int: 21 + 2.9
Damage: 38 44 | HP: 454 | Mana: 273
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.85
Attack Speed: 0.68 | Armor: 1
Crystal Nova
Crystal Nova (V)
Blasts enemy units around a target point with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement speed and attack rate.
Level 1 - 100 damage and slows for 3.5 seconds.
Level 2 - 150 damage and slows for 4 seconds.
Level 3 - 200 damage and slows for 4.5 seconds.
Level 4 - 250 damage and slows for 5 seconds.
Damage type: magical
Will slow the affected units' movespeed by 30% and attack speed by 20%.
Casting range: 700
Area of Effect: 400
Mana Cost: 100/120/140/160
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Comment: A nice spell with slow effect.Damage is quite good for early and mid game but not so good for my build.Use it when chasing enemies to slow them(and damage them).

Frostbite (E)
Freezes the target in a case of ice, prohibiting movement and attacking. Deals 70 damage per second.
Level 1 - Disables the target and deals 70 damage per second, lasts 1.5 seconds.
Level 2 - Disables the target and deals 70 damage per second, lasts 2 seconds.
Level 3 - Disables the target and deals 70 damage per second, lasts 2.5 seconds.
Level 4 - Disables the target and deals 70 damage per second, lasts 3 seconds.
Damage type: magical
Blink- and Metarmophosis-based skills cannot be used while under the effect of Frostbite.
Lasts 10 seconds on creeps level 5 or lower.
Casting range: 500
Mana Cost: 115/125/140/150
Cooldown: 10
Comment: This skill is veeery good because of the freeze effect which acts similar to stun,only the damage is dealt over time.So at level 3 its 70 Damage* 3 seconds = 210 damage.Very useful skill.
Brilliance Aura
Brilliance Aura (R)
Gives additional mana regeneration to all friendly units on the entire map.
Level 1 - Adds 0.5 mana regeneration.
Level 2 - Adds 1 mana regeneration.
Level 3 - Adds 1.5 mana regeneration.
Level 4 - Adds 2 mana regeneration.
Stacks with the Brilliance Aura given by Ring of Basillus.
The bonus mana regeneration is not considered for percentage mana regeneration increases.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Now this is the skill I use.It helps your mana regeneration,and i go for it first,not nova because my strategy is quite mana demanding.More on this later.
Freezing Field
Freezing Field (F)
Causes many random icy explosions in an area surrounding Rylai. Enemy units in the Freezing Field are slowed. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Level 1 - Each explosion deals 105 (170*) damage.
Level 2 - Each explosion deals 170 (250*) damage.
Level 3 - Each explosion deals 250 (310*) damage.
Area of Effect: 635** / 190***
(**) Total area of effect of the spell.
(***) Area of effect of each explosion.
Damage type: magical
The slow is applied on all enemy units within an AoE of 635, even if they aren't hit by any explosion (lasts 1 second).
Every 0.1 seconds one explosion is made, for a total of 40 explosions.
Aghanim's Scepter improves explosion damage.
Mana Cost: 200/400/ 600
Cooldown: 150/120/90 seconds
Comment: Aaahhh...The Freezing Field.The level 4 damage is with the Aghanim's Scepter.The damage it deals is MASSIVE.Note that it is a channeling spell,so you can easily be stopped by stuners like Vengeful Spirit for example.It also slows all enemies within the Area of Effect.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Frostbite
2. Brilliance Aura
3. Frostbite
4. Brilliance Aura
5. Frostbite
6. Freezing Field
7. Frostbite
8. Brilliance Aura
9. Brilliance Aura
10. Frost Nova
11. Freezing Field
12. Frost Nova
13. Frost Nova
14. Frost Nova
15. Stats
16. Freezing Field
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Ancient Tango of Essifation
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Active: Eat Tree
Eats a tree to restore 115 HP over 16 seconds. Purge will end the effect even though the status icon will remain.
Note: Stacks with itself in inventory. 3 charges.
Rylai is a low HP hero so she needs these items.
2.View Details for Boots of Speed
Boots of Speed
50 Movement Speed
Note: Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Rylai is a very slow hero so she needs this thing early too.
3.View Details for Aghanim`s Scepter
Aghanim`s Scepter
10 All Attributes
200 HP
150 Mana
Passive: Ultimate Upgrade
Upgrades the ultimate of Earthshaker, Pandaren Brewmaster, Stone Giant, Clockwerk Goblin, Sacred Warrior, Sand King, Spiritbreaker, Axe, Doom Bringer, Lord of Avernus, Night Stalker, Butcher, Undying, Juggernaut, Moon Rider, Faceless Void, Lightning Revenant, Vengeful Spirit, Venomancer, Netherdrake, Crystal Maiden, Enchantress, Faerie Dragon, Holy Knight, Prophet, Lord of Olympia, Slayer, Windrunner, Goblin Techies, Invoker, Shadow Priest, Shadow Shaman, Tormented Soul, Twin Head Dragon, Witch Doctor, Bane Elemental, Demon Witch, Lich, Necrolyte, Oblivion, Obsidian Destroyer, Queen of Pain, and Warlock.
Point Booster + 1 each of Ogre Axe, Blade of Alacrity and Staff of Wizardry + Aghanim's Scepter Recipe Scroll
My Rylai needs much mana.This gives her looot of mana.Rylai is low HP.This gives her loooot of HP.Rylai's ultimate is main combo component.Thi improves her ultimeate.Nothing else to say.Simply the best item for Rylai.Components order:I suggest point booster first,then energy booster and finally vitality booster.
4.View Details for Lothar`s Edge
Lothar`s Edge
30 Damage
30 Attack Speed

Active: Wind Walk
- Makes you invisible until the duration ends, or until you attack or use an ability
- Adds 20% movement speed
- Can move through units
- 0.3 second fade time
- Attacking to break the invisibility will cause you to deal 150 bonus physical damage on your attack
- Duration: 12 seconds
- Manacost: 75
- Cooldown: 18 seconds

Claymore + Shadow Amulet
This item is used for windwalking,not for agility and damage ofcourse.More on lothars edge later.
5.View Details for Linken`s Sphere
Linken`s Sphere
10 Damge
6 HP Regeneration
150% Mana Regeneration
15 All Attributes

Passive: Spell Block
- Blocks most targeted spells once every 20 seconds
- Not triggered by Medallion of Courage of Urn of Shadows

Perseverance + Ultimate Orb + Linken`s Sphere Recipe Scroll
This item is important because it can block most stun spells that would otherwise stop your channeling.It also provides nice all stats bonuses and extra HP and mana regeneration.
6.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
100 Movement Speed

Active: Teleport
- Teleports you to an allied non-hero unit or building
- Casting time: 3 seconds
- Manacost: 75 mana
- Cooldown: 60 seconds
- Shares cooldown with Scroll of Town Portal

Note: Movement speed bonus does not stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, Tranquil Boots or Boots of Speed.
Double clicking teleports you to your fountain.
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
This gives her more speed that Power Threads and the teleport ability.Since Rylai isn't a hitting character,she doesn't need attack speed of Power threads
7.View Details for Refresher Orb
Refresher Orb
6 Intelligence
5 HP Regeneration
200% Mana Regeneration
40 Damage
Active: Reset Cooldowns
- Resets the cooldowns of all your abilities and items.
- 375 manacost.
- 160 seconds cooldown.

Perseverance + Oblivion Staff + Refresher Orb Recipe Scroll
This item is good in late game or when you face high HP heroes such as Pudge or Axe.
8.View Details for Shiva`s Guard
Shiva`s Guard
30 Intelligence
15 Armor
Passive: Freezing Aura
Gives -25 Attack Speed to enemies. 1000 AoE.
Active: Arctic Blast
Emits a freezing wave around the caster. Enemies hit by the wave take 200 magic damage and have their movement speed slowed by 40% for 4 seconds. The wave extends at a speed of 300 to a max size of 744. 100 manacost. 30 second cooldown.
Note: Can be disassembled.
Plate Mail + Mystic Staff + Shiva's Guard
Well, if you have all items from above and STILL have much money(not usual)...Buy this!Nice aura,artic blast can be used to escape and it is cool to have this with Crystal Maiden!You will be the master of ice..
Skill Build

Early Game:

Crystal maiden:


-good int gain

-nice skill damage

-skills help each other

-you can make nice combos



-low HP

-She is slow

-Ultimate manacost is insane

-Ultimate is channeling

Now,just to make it clear,my build solves all cons of Rylai:)

Now,for the skill build,you wonder why do'nt use nova,and use Brilliance Aura instead.Well,if you go frostbite and nova,you won't have enough mana for both of them.You may make it with Clarity potions,but they dispel on attack which means you will have to stay back and miss Xp, denies and last hits.Frostbite is more then enough to kill somebody,and with the aura,you will have mana to cast it more often and no gold is wasted on clarity potions.

So let's get started.In all games buy Boots of Speed and 1 or 2 Ancient Tango of Essifation.In smaller games buy a point or energy booster if you can afford it.The best lane for Rylai...Well in VERY early game best lane is mid of course but once you hit level 7-8 and get freezing field and maxed frostbite,it will be much easier to kill enemies in bottom or top lanes.It is your decision,in mid lane you won't die but you won' kill either and in other lanes you will kill easier but can be easily killed by some good melee heroes like axe.You may block creeps but then after your tower destroys first enemy wave,your creeps will push towards enemy tower which is NOT what you want.


Now more about how to use frostbite.Frost bite can be used in more then one way.The point is to use it so the hero takes most damage.Of course it does same damage no matter how you cast it but the point is when you cast it:

1)-when you see the enemy hero will be attacked by your creeps for those 2-3 seconds he is frozen.That will not hurt him VERY much,but when you keep doing that,he will always be low HP.A screenshot:Mortred attacked

This made him lose only about 25% hp,but I do that rapidly with right timing,so he becomes low hp in two more creep waves.Then,when you are sure your ulti will kill you,cast frostbite,run next to him and cast ulti.Note that you should position your self a little bit towards the enemies escape route,but still not too far,or he will run in opposite direction.

Another screenshot of me vs axe,who made a stupid mistake to come this close to me,hoping to kill me with few helixes and his ulti(a bit lower resolution because larger isn't required):

Of course,this damaged him quite a lot although he is axe.He retreated to his base and healing after this,missing expirience,gold,last hits and denies,so I gained big advantage over him.

2)-Frostbite is a great skill for saving allies.When you see somebody chasing your ally,cast frostbite on him.If your ally turns around,finish the enemy,if not,you run too if you can't kill the guy.Here's a screenshot.Now my ally Vengeful spirit had just pwned somebody's head,but barely escaped the tower.I've already used my ulti to kill an enemy,but furion survived.Because he realized I will kill him,he decided to at least kill Vengeful spirit before dying(smart of him)-1 hit would be enough.


Luckily i cast frostbite in last second,and of course:



3)Now look at this screenshot(Sorry if there are too many screenshots,I just wanted to make things as clear as possible):


Furion and I are just shooting at each other.But he doesn't see my ally vengefull spirit(you cannot see her either,sry for that but I circled her on minimap.).So when I saw Vengefull spirit was coming in I froze furion for few seconds.That + V. Spirit's stun and we got the kill(actually she got the kill:( )

Ok so early game is till lvl 11 for Rylai ,and you should aim to get get as much boosters as possible,and maybe even complete Soul Booster.Pushing is not goal here because you want the enemy close to your tower.Just keep casting frostbite,2-3 kills and do not die!

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249 By tasik 2011-06-30


248 By dktw 2010-08-07

nice guide :D crystal maiden ForTheWin!

247 By Melcore 2010-06-21

@245 nice DPS rylai =.=

mkb and shiva ... lol evn some of the best Cm player would have hard time farming those and they never do that because they know how useless is DPS rylai

246 By CATS 2010-06-07

You should get a medal if you manage to farm 26k gold with Rylai without stealing it from your carries.
And it should be taken away from you again after spending it on those items.
MKB and Skadi. Since you don't have a slow or a disable already and your attackspeed is that imba. "Best build" for sure.

245 By mochie 2010-06-07

you don't need dagger cus you already have lothars

best build is:
-power treads
-skadi or shiva's

244 By markhoppus 2010-05-25

why not dagger first after aghanim?it makes you easier to kill heroes with the freezing field

243 By silverlight eagle 2010-05-18

goog man

242 By silentzero 2010-05-12

won't work against decent opponents

DPS rylai = fail

most of the time, better off with guinsoo

241 By Hein Myint Myat 2010-05-12

Eye of Skadi is quite good. Ultimate Queen of Frost with extra stats and frost attack.

240 By dktw 2010-05-12

Nice Guide :) Cm ftw.

239 By namelessidiot 2010-03-17

238 By silentzero 2010-03-17

lol @ DR rylai

237 By Brian_bg 2010-03-17

@235 Agha helps her dmg output, but it should not be rushed. Agha helps, but dagger and bkb are the core.. check those out..

the real power of CM

236 By orvaldo 2010-03-17

Rylai + Juggernaut boots first = First blood for sure. No joke.

235 By iluvlunabutiamnoob 2010-03-05


234 By pLoki 2010-02-25

@233 Maybe but remember DotA is a team game: cast FB on someone; see your allies and even yourself crush the biten guy => GG ofc.
Aghanim helps her damage output.
However I agree with you about Lothar: try BKB instead, a simple Dust and bye-bye WW! 5 sec immunity when BKB is overused is widely enough for the 4 sec channeling: (if you can: blink), BKB, freezing field, GG. Refresher to do it again if no GG. And the cooldown is under the one from FF. Have Linken too is great with BKB: no surprise!

233 By Saiyuki_Hakusho 2009-11-05

This is an old guide..

232 By Brian_bg 2009-11-03

1. At lvl 1 Frost nova is better than FB so I suggest 1 Lvl Nova, after this max FB and BA and ult. lvl 2,3,4 nova get at lvl 23,24,25.
2. 2 Braces, BoS and Dagger + wards/chicken are far better then Lothars/agha scepter. After Dagger think between Agha and BKB... CM is mostly support so it's good to think about Necrobook... (sometimes as a first core item) minions + bite + slow can kill a single mid hp target :)

231 By teamgary 2009-11-03

i dont like refresher as one of her core item. Double ulti is not needed to just kill,the opponent would have already escape.I would prefer blink more than wind walk. Wind walk is easily countered by dust and you wouldnt make use of the damage and attack speed. Blink dagger is already much more cheaper than it.It also gives a good positioning for your skills.
Yup,aoe stun like split earth will hit. Even if invisible unit get hit by split earth,he will remain invisible.for impale i am not sure..

230 By Rampag3r 2009-11-03

fuk this noob guide