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Staple's Guide To Krobelus - Death Prophet

Created by staple on 2009-06-18
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Staple's entry to Dota Strategy's Contest. I really hope enjoy reading this guide as much as I have at creating it. The goal with this guide was to make a very thorough guide discussing everything concerning Death Prophet, and I hope I did succeed. Enjoy! PS: More screenshots to come! For some reason I could not upload any more images at a time, and I was going to be late for Dotactics, so expect some mroe in the coming weeks!

Krobelus - The Death Prophet

Range: | Move Speed: 285
Primary: INT
Str: 19 + 2.2 | Agi: 14 + 1.4 | Int: 20 + 3
Damage: 44 56 | HP: 511 | Mana: 260
HP Regen: 1.32 | Mana Regen: 0.81
Attack Speed: 0.67 | Armor: 2
Carrion Swarm
Carrion Swarm (R)
Sends a horde of bats to damage enemies.
Level 1 - 100 damage per unit.
Level 2 - 175 damage per unit.
Level 3 - 250 damage per unit.
Level 4 - 300 damage per unit.
Damage type: magical
Casting range: 600
Area of Effect: 110 (Starting AoE)/700 (Distance)/300 (Final AoE)
Mana Cost: 105/120/140/165
Cooldown: 8

Silence (E)
Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells.
Level 1 - Silences units in a target area, lasts 3 seconds.
Level 2 - Silences units in a target area, lasts 4 seconds.
Level 3 - Silences units in a target area, lasts 5 seconds.
Level 4 - Silences units in a target area, lasts 6 seconds.
Targets can still use items when silenced
Casting range: 900
Area of Effect: 200/275/350/350
Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Witchcraft (C)
Increases the potency of each of Krobelus' spells and provides a passive movement speed boost.
Level 1 - Improves spells, increases movement speed by 3%.
Level 2 - Improves spells, increases movement speed by 6%.
Level 3 - Improves spells, increases movement speed by 9%.
Level 4 - Improves spells, increases movement speed by 12%.
Decreases Carrion Swarm and Silence cooldown by 1/2/3/4 seconds.
Decreases Carrion Swarm and Silence manacost by 10/15/20/25.
Creates 3/4/5/6 extra Exorcism spirits.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Exorcism (X)
Unleashes evil spirits to attack your enemies. Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 1 - Summons 4 evil spirits.
Level 2 - Summons 10 evil spirits.
Level 3 - Summons 18 evil spirits.
Spirits do 43-48 hero type damage.
If a spirit gets 2000 range or more from Krobelus, it will be destroyed.
After the spell ends, the spirits will heal Krobelus for 25% of the damage dealt by them.
The spirits' damage is reduced by armor, but not by damage block (Stout Shield, etc.).
Mana Cost: 200/300/400
Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Silence
2. Carrion Swarm
3. Carrion Swarm
4. Witchcraft
5. Carrion Swarm
6. Exorcism
7. Carrion Swarm
8. Witchcraft
9. Witchcraft
10. Witchcraft
11. Exorcism
12. Silence
13. Silence
14. Silence
15. Stats
16. Exorcism
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

Skill Build

Early Game:

Hello everybody, this is the first guide into which I really put in some effort. I think I did not have the neccesary motivation to complete other attempts on a competetive level, but for this one I had all the motivation a man could possibly ask for; MONEY!!!

Just joking, the motivation came from 1) the love of the game, and 2) my love for that ugly bitch witch named Krobelus, my love for her is everlasting and therefore I just had to create this guide as an excuse to take sexy screenshots of her doing her thing (during games).


Did I say ugly?





Why yes, yes I did.


Now that your familiar with her face, general moving animation (Just floats around like a ghost) and her hero icon, lets take a look at where she is positioned:




Krobelus Stats As Well As General Information


Base Damage 
  39 - 51
Base Armor   1
 Strength  19 + 1.8
  14 + 1.4
  20 + 3
 Movespeed   285 
 Base Attack Time  1.7
 Attack Range  600 (ranged)
 Attack Animation  0.56 / 0.51
 Casting Animation                 
  0.5 / 0.83

Krobelus, or Krobby (for short) is one of my personally favourite heroes, and do NOT kid yourself by saying she is pretty, because you are damn right, she sure as heck isn't.

Here are the Pro's and Con's Strong Points and Weak Points that Krobelus has:

(I couldn't say Pro's And Con's because it just didn't feel right, I don't know what they stand for, and I also want to score some points with you guys as to how original this guide is, so i reckoned I'd improvise =)

Strong Points

  • Skills are useful throughout the ENTIRE game, making her a valuable asset to every team during the Early, Middle, and Late stages of the game.
  • Very good harrassing skill.
  • Very good disabling skill.
  • Very good skill with which to takedown buildings (if not the best).
  • Good early mana regeneration, making her hard to lane against due to spammability (if thats a word).

Weak Points

  • Even though she has an average stats gain, her base HP is left asking questions, making her weak against spammers.
  • Other than the use of Carrion Swarm, she is very hard to farm with.
  • Nightmarish attack animation makes it difficult to Last Hit and Deny.
  • Horriblific (:D) armor stats.
  • Definitely not going to win the DotA Beauty Contest.


If any of the above terms are unfamiliar to you, I suggest you have a look at the following pages:



WiiVenom's Guide To Knowing Your Role


Then you propably noticed that I did not include an Item Build; I thought this might demonstrate it more clearly.

Its a handy little image I made with the preferred items to get for Krobelus

(Starting Items -> Core -> Shoe -> Developed Core -> Optional Items)

Before furthering this guide, I would like to let you know that even though I made this I can take no credit for the ingenuity behind it, as the making of such a flow diagram was all Amplirage's idea, and Id like to thank him for giving me the permission to use it.

NOTE: This graph is based on a 5vs5 type of game. 


Throughout the guide I will comment on the choice of items.



Starting out with the Early Game guide, I would like to state that I disagree with assigning a specific range of levels to a specific part of the game, in my opinion, your Early/Mid game ends when you have completed specific goals, eg. Farming for Items.


 Starting Items   Starting Items  Starting Items


Having said that we start off by looking at what items you buy for Ye Olde Ugly when she gets favoured by you and spawns.

As in the Krobitems image I made, it shows the following 4 options, I will name them Option1, Option2, Option3, and Option4:



 Mantle of Intelligence Mantle of Intelligence 
 Ancient Tango of Essifation Lesser Clarity Potion 





This is the first option, very simple, 2 x Mantle of Intelligence (150 gold each), 1 x Tango of Essifation (90 gold. This will give you 3 charges) and 4 x Clarity Potions.(50 gold each)


You would use these starting items for the following reasons:


  •  The 2 Mantle's give you 3 Intelligence points each (6 in total) meaning you get a nice Mana Regeneration, Mana Pool Improvement as well as Damage Output Bonus. Making it easier to last hit and making your using of spells available for more frequent use.
  • Tango Of Essifation; One buy gives you 3 Charges and each of them allow you to munch down a tree, giving you a HP regeneration boost of 115 HP over 16 seconds. Essential for Early Game survivability. The use of this DOES NOT dispell when attacked.
  • The Clarity Potions gives you a Mana Regeneration boost of 100 Mana over a 30 second period, allowing you to sufficiently spam your Carrion Swarm to farm and harras, since your Attack Animation proves that difficult to do otherwise. The use of this DOES dispell when attacked.

You would however NOT use these starting items for these reasons:


  • You already have a Mana Regeneration source on your team (Like Crystal Maidens Aura, or if you are laning with Obsidian Destroyer, who has the Arcane Aura.) This would mean that you would be better off with Gauntlets Of Strentgh instead of Mantle's (Explained with the following Option2). 
  • If there are heavy nukers on the other team, and the chances of you laning against them are almost inevitable, then you would also be better off with Option2.

 Gauntlets of Ogre Strength Gauntlets of Ogre Strength 
 Ancient Tango of Essifation Lesser Clarity Potion 
This is the second option and consists of 2 x Gauntlets Of Strentgh (150 gold each), 1 x Tango Of Essifation and 4 x Clarity Potions.
You would use these starting items for the following reasons:
  • The 2 Gauntlets give you 3 Strentgh points each (6 in total) giving you a very good Early Game HP boost, as well as a nice HP Regeneration improvement. This Option is almost ALWAYS a neccesity for Krobelus since she has such a low starting HP, leaving her very vulnerable against nukers.
  • Tango And Clarities are already explained.

 You would however NOT use these starting items for these reason:
  • Well, there are not really any disadvanteges that this Option has for Krobelus, but I guess that if there are no heavy nukers on the other team and you really like to lead the offensive, then Option1 would suit you better.

Now before we move on to Option3, alot of you will be asking "Why get Mantle's/Gauntlets when you could buy Circlet Of Nobilities?" (185 gold, +2 Stats to all Attributes).


Answer: To lead a good early game, you will have to use Carrion Swarm to last hit and harras since your attack animation is poor, thus opting for the cheaper Mantle/Gauntlet you have gold left with which you can buy Clarity Potions, so that you can spam Carrion Swarm for the stated reasons.




 Ring of Regeneration Ironwood Branch 
 Ironwood Branch Ancient Tango of Essifation 


Option3 consists of a 1 x Ring Of Regeneration (375 gold), 2 x Ironwood Branches            (53 gold each) and 1 x Tango of Essifation (90 gold).


 You would use these starting items for the following reasons:


  • Ring Of Regeneration gives you a handy 3 HP/second regeneration bonus which helps you with survivability.
  • Ironwood Branches are propably the most cost effective items there are to fill up your inventory; At a mere 53gold you get +1 to all attributes, it also fills your inventory and makes you look super professional ;D. We get these early on instead of Clarities like in the other Options because we are opting for a more supportive role with the eye on Mekansm later on.
  • Tango already explained.

You would however NOT use these starting items for these reasons:
  • You wont be taking this route if your team already consists of naturally supportive heroes such as Dazzle, Warlock, Chen and other heroes with heals. They usually take on this role then.
  • Hence I find this Option mostly only good for Krobelus when there are NO naturally supportive heroes in your team.
 Empty Bottle   

 Option4 consists merely out of an Empty Bottle (600 gold)


  You would use this starting item for the following reason:


  • This is THE ganking item. Empty Bottle stores 3 Charges, each of them restoring 135 HP and 70 Mana over a 3 second period. I say this is the best ganking item because when ganking you are constantly changing lanes to target some heroes, which gives you the chance to make use of the other option this item has bottled up, whenever the bottle is empty (3 charges used) you can store Runes in them for up to 2 minutes; doing this also refills the bottle.

 You would however NOT use this starting item for these reasons:


  • You won't be taking Option4 when you are not laning middle, and furthermore, to use this to the fullest you should also be solo.
  • You won't buy Bottle if you are not planning on Ganking, then you would waste your gold as this is mostly an item bought for Ganking purposes.


NOTE: In order to use Runes to the fullest as well as do your team a favour you might want to plant some wards. Click HERE for Caspian's Warding Guide.



Choosing a Lane   Choosing a Lane  Choosing a Lane


If you opted for Option4 you will most likely want to solo Middle Lane. 

Now Krobelus can lane with a lot of heroes and is often used to defend and harras on behalf of Late Game carries so that they get left alone and can farm freely. Heroes like Sven/Phantom Lancer.

If these type of heroes are already laned up with partners fulfilling your role, try to lane with a melee hero; Having 2 melee heroes in one lane always ends up giving your team difficulties.

After discussing your role and Lane Position with your teammates you can headout to your designated lane; be it Top Lane, Middle Lane, or Bottom Lane.


Creep Blocking  Creep Blocking  Creep Blocking


Depending on the situation you might feel like it is needed to do a Creep Block , you might already know this, if this is not general knowledge for you I suggest you read Caspians Creep Blocking Guide by clicking on the above link.




 Skill Build Clarification  Skill Build Clarification  Skill Build Clarification


Now before you actually start playing, I am going to define the reasons for the Skill Build, most of it is fairly straight forward.


Silence    Silence - Level 1, 12, 13, 14

I included this at level 1 since I have played on numerous occasions and found it neccesary when I did not have it. Here is a GIF showing how this saved me from definite death against Tiny.


Although this is an exceptional skill, one level is enough for early on. At level 12 I start maxing it out since by then you should be deep into your Middle Game and hopefully participating in Team Pushes.


Carrion Swarm    Carrion Swarm - Level 2, 3, 5, 7

Like I said before, you have a shitty attack animation, making it extremely hard to Last Hit creeps and ultimately gain gold. Therefore after the Silence at level 1, you take this whenever you can. Summarizing this skill in a basic mathematic formula;   Farm + Harras = Gold + Kills.

Witchcraft    Witchcraft  - Level 4, 8, 9, 10

Whenever you are not taking Exorcism or Carrion Swarm, this Nifty skill is on the list. It passively enhances all the other abilities, also improves movement speed, as shown below:

Level of WC
  Carrion Swarm
      N/A 9sec CD | 105/120/140/165 MC
            14sec CD
         5/10/16 ghosts             280 base MS
        1 8sec CD | 100/115/135/160 MC
            14sec CD
         6/11/16 ghosts
        27sec CD | 95/110/13 0/155   MC
            13sec CD         7/13/18 ghosts               +6%
        3 6sec CD | 90/105/125/150   MC
         12sec CD 
         8/14/20 ghosts             +9%
        4   5sec CD | 85/100/120/145   MC
            11sec CD
         9/16/23 ghosts             +12%


Exorcism   Exorcism - Level 6, 11, 16

Alright, the above "graph" already shows how many ghosts get summoned. Here are some further information on Exorcism.

-  The Exorcism Spirit has the Locust and Marker abilities, which together prevent it from being targeted or damaged. (Meaning that they are there for the whole duration time of Exorcism, being 30 seconds. Other than that they will dissapear when Krobelus dies).

-  Damage block from Stout Shield or Vanguard doesn't work against the Exorcism Spirit.

-  The Exorcism Spirits are unaffected by Auras.

-  Exorcism Spirits will attack nearby enemy units within 900 range by default. If Krobelus directly attacks anything, the Spirits will change targets to focus on that unit.

-  The Exorcism Spirits can only be a maximum of 2000 distance from Krobelus. Any further, and they disappear.

-  Note that while the Spirits have a ranged attack, their range of 10 is less than that of many melee units, requiring them to be virtually on top of the enemy unit.

-  When Exorcism ends, the Spirits will return 25% of the damage they dealt as health to Krobelus, for a maximum of 1000 damage. For example, the spirits deal 100 damage in the time that they were summoned, after the 30 seconds, they will return to Krobelus and heal her for 25/100*100 = 25hp.

-  The spirits have a base damage of 43-48.

Exorcism is most likely the best demolishing skill there is, say your level 16 with Witchcraft leveled out, you summon 23 spirits, these 23 each deal 43-48 damage. Later on Ill add some pictures of the strength of these spirits.  


Stats - Level 15, 17 - 25

Take what's left xD.



Farming  Farming  Farming


Once more, Krobelus has a horrid attack animation, but it can be mastered to be used efficiently Last Hit and Deny. By saying Last Hit and Deny, I mean that you should attack the creeps with low HP, the idea is to only use one shot (the last one) to get the creep gold and the minor EXP bonus.

To Deny means you kill your own creeps when they are on low HP, doing so means you prevent the Opposing Hero to gain as much EXP and you Deny him of potential gold which he could have received if he killed the creep. And that is basically what Early Game is about, to get ahead/gain an advantage over your opponents.


Here is a simple image of me Last Hitting and Denying.

See what I mean?


Now there is another technique when Last Hitting with Krobelus, which is very efficient in both gaining money and harassing your opponents (eventually they will have to go heal, meaning you denied them of precious time in which they could have leveled!).

Yes, I am talking about the previously mentioned use of Carrion Swarm, the idea is to use Swarm to give the last damage to the creeps, giving you the bling as well as lineing the projectile up with the enemy hero.

Here is what I mean pictographically explained:

And here is another:

Now this is why I include Clarity Potions for regeneration means. However, I would suggest you only start using Swarm to farm when you reach level 3 (Level2 Carrion Swarm), this way its easier to NOT misjudge whether or not the creeps will die, and you damage the enemy hero even more. Now if you are uncertain about the range of Carrion Swarm I have made these images so you can see exactly where Carrion Swarm damages, and the range.


Carrion Swarm has a casting range of 600, but it travels 700, demonstrated here:

Yes yes, maybe the line is not pink and maybe it is, I am colourblind so you should forgive me here : )

Now note the next image, seeing the casting range above, you will now see how far the projectile travels, as well as the AoE (Area of Effect, meaning the area where it deals damage.)

Thats totally gnarley awesome right?



 Early Game Goals  Early Game Goals  Early Game Goals


In my own opinion, your Early Game period ends when

a) You farmed and harassed opposing heroes properly.

b) You completed your starting items into something more firm (Gauntlets = Bracers, Mantles = Nulls, Ring of Regeneration = Mekansm, Bottle = Bottle.)

c) You bought your perseverance, (core to your core, boosts your survivability. +5 HP regeneration, +150% Mana Regeneration, +10 damage.)


d) You destroyed your first tower.


Now we are still missing something here and that is HOW you destroy your first tower. But before I get to that; I know a lot of you will be asking why I would want to destroy the first tower, because ultimately that would make my lane more difficult, thing is, when we move into Mid Game you will almost never be in your lane, but we will get to that when we get into Mid Game.



Claim Your First Tower  Claim Your First Tower  Claim Your First Tower


Basically when you start aiming towards this, you forget about the Last Hitting and just spam Carrion Swarm to reach your destination; The tower. When the tower is round about at a third of its original health you just activate Exorcism and click attack on the tower.

Then you kill oncoming creepwaves with Carrion Swarm

NOTE: Do not click attack on the creeps as that will divert the spirits from attacking the tower.

DOUBLE NOTE: Do not rambo the tower, even with Exorcism on you are still very vulnerable to tower attacks.

Here is an image demostrating your first Tower Demolish:


Also, Exorcism is very effective when you are in tight spots, it deals mass damage when appointed to attack a single hero.




Conclusion Of Early Game  Conclusion of Early Game  Conclusion of Early Game


At the end your inventory should contain one of the following sets:



 Bracer Bracer 
 Boots of Speed Perseverance 
 Scroll of Town Portal Ironwood Branch 


 Null Talisman Null Talisman 
 Boots of Speed Perseverance 
 Scroll of Town Portal Ironwood Branch 



 Mekansm Perseverance 
 Boots of Speed Ironwood Branch 
 Scroll of Town Portal Ironwood Branch 



 Empty Bottle Perseverance 
 Boots of Speed Ironwood Branch 
 Scroll of Town Portal Ironwood Branch 

On the note of the bottle, if you have good micro-skills (controlling more than one unit), a crow might be a good investment; whenever your bottle is empty and runes are not nearby, let the crow come fetch the bottle, send the crow to the fountain (Fountain restores bottle charges when its empty) and order the crow to give the bottle back to you.

 You will also see that I have included Teleportation Scrolls into the inventories, these are VERY important as they are extremely useful in a lot of scenarios.

a) You get ganked, run into the forest and trick (juke) the enemies so that will save you a few seconds and then you can freely TP home or to safety.

b) You are farming top and the other team start a massive push in middle lane, the tower is a definite gonner. But hey you all just TP in to the middle tower and defend it easily.

The above created situations are only examples.


Other important notes about Early Game:


Glyph of Fortification  Glyph of Fortification

What this "Item", "Skill", or "Buff" or whatever you want to call it, is activated it gives all allied structures invulnerability for 5 seconds. Use it when a tower is about to be destroyed so you can give you and your team some time to come to the aid of the tower.







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Tank :D

232 By NFXX 2010-08-30

Uhm i actually just go for eol and bot... It makes you reAlly fast with your speed buff ... Also shiva slowing your enemies so once again you are even more faster then them :) try it its fun... Also nice to use eols on yourself while your spirits are owning if you get focus fired in team battles

231 By pierorita 2010-08-05

Vanguard sucks man, SUCKS!

230 By Shortpigg 2010-07-13

vanguard isn't really that great on her cause she's range. Just got for a stout shield and 2 bracers then either grab a lothars (your ult stays active while windwalking) go for shiva if you don't want to be countered. The armor from platemail will work just as well as a vanguard. Get some health regen from a soul ring and you're good to go.

229 By 11wavework11 2010-07-12

Vanguard+2 braces ensures survivability and is possibly one of the best items you can get for her, cause shesoften targeted in team clashes, and owned. She wont get targeted by spells, cause she has silence, therefore, you will be damaged 60 percent less in early game.

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My bulid:
Guinso or Hex
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