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Created by LoLnage on 2009-07-02
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Yeah! Im back with my 2nd strategy guide and its for the Dotactics hero guide contest. I'm making a guide for Lanaya The Templar Assassin. She can be a very strong and versatile hero if used correctly. She can take out almost any hero with her array of combos. She can do so much in the game. In this guide i will show you how she can be used at her full potential and how you can have fun playing her. I hope you enjoy reading this guide.

Lanaya - Templar Assassin

Range: | Move Speed: 305
Primary: AGI
Str: 18 + 2.1 | Agi: 23 + 2.7 | Int: 20 + 2.0
Damage: 53 - 59 | HP: 492 | Mana: 260
HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.81
Attack Speed: 0.72 | Armor: 4
Refraction (R)
Manipulating psionic energy around herself granting a mystical refraction of light that protects her from external harm and giving her bonus damage for a limited number of instances. Lasts for 17 seconds.
Level 1 - 20 bonus damage, 2 Instances.
Level 2 - 40 bonus damage, 3 Instances.
Level 3 - 60 bonus damage, 4 Instances.
Level 4 - 80 bonus damage, 5 Instances.
Direct HP Removal does not trigger refraction.
The instance blocking and damage bonus are independent of each other.
The status buff might take a while to dissapear after the charges are gone.
Only instances of more than 5 damage (after all reductions) will remove a charge.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 17
Comment: refer below for updated description. Level 1 - 20 bonus damage, 2 Instances Level 2 - 40 bonus damage, 3 Instances Level 3 - 60 bonus damage, 4 Instances Level 4 - 80 bonus damage, 5 Instances Cooldown 23- not 20.

Meld (D)
The art of Shakuras allows Lanaya to conceal herself at any time of the day and strike from the shadows with her armor-shredding blades. Deals bonus damage and reduces enemy armor for 10 seconds.
Level 1 - 50 damage, -2 armor.
Level 2 - 100 damage, -4 armor.
Level 3 - 150 damage, -6 armor.
Level 4 - 200 damage, -8 armor.
Damage type: physical
Meld is broken by any action other than staying in position.
The bonus damage and armor reduction is only applied if Meld is broken by attacking a unit.
The armor debuffs don't stack with each other.
The invisibility comes from windwalk with a fadetime of 0.001 seconds.
Duration Meld: Infinite
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 7
Comment: Cooldown- 7 seconds not 12.
Psi Blades
Psi Blades (B)
Using her psionic powers, the Templar causes enemy units behind her target to feel the same pain as the target itself. This psionic power extends her attack range.
Level 1 - 40 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.
Level 2 - 100 Bonus Range, 340 Spill Range.
Level 3 - 160 Bonus Range, 360 Spill Range.
Level 4 - 220 Bonus Range, 380 Spill Range.
Damage type: pure
Spill damage hits invisible units.
Attack effects (like orb effects and bash) will only will be applied to the main target.
Area of Effect: 80 width and 295/315/335/355 length
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: refer below for updated spill range description. 60 spill range 120 spill range 180 spill range 240 spill range
Psionic Trap
Psionic Trap (C)
Creates psionic traps on ground. When triggered, it will slow units within 400 range by 50% for 5 seconds.
Level 1 - 50% slow on activation, Max 5 Traps.
Level 2 - 50% slow on activation, Max 8 Traps.
Level 3 - 50% slow on activation, Max 11 Traps.
Traps last indefinitely.
They have invisibility (3 seconds fade time), magic immunity and 100 HP at all levels.
They do not prevent Neutrals spawning.
Traps have 400/400 vision range.
When a Trap is placed, it is added to your selection
Casting range: 2000
Area of Effect: 400

Trap (T)

Key Combo: T
Description: Releases the energy stored from the nearest trap.
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
Mana Cost: N/A

Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 11/9/7
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Meld
2. Refraction
3. Meld
4. Refraction
5. Meld
6. Psionic Trap
7. Meld
8. Refraction
9. Refraction
10. Psi Blades
11. Psionic Trap
12. Psi Blades
13. Psi Blades
14. Psi Blades
15. Stats
16. Psionic Trap
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Power Treads
Power Treads
60 Movement Speed
30 Attack Speed
8 Selected Attribute

Active: Switch Attribute
Switches the attribute that receives a bonus. From Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength.
Note: Can only carry one. Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin or Robe of the Magi or Belt of Giant Strength
2. Kelen
3.View Details for Stygian Desolator
Stygian Desolator
60 Damage

Passive: Corruption
- Causes attacks to place a buff that reduces armor by 6 (works on buildings)
- Buff lasts 15 seconds
- Orb effect

2x Mithril Hammer + Stygian Desolator Recipe Scroll (900)
4.View Details for Assault Cuirass
Assault Cuirass
35 Attack Speed
10 Armor
Passive: Attack Speed Aura
Adds 20 attack speed. 900 AoE
Passive: Positive Armor Aura
Adds 5 armor. 900 AoE. Affects buildings. Doesn't stack with armor auras from Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, or Vladmir's Offering.
Passive: Negative Armor Aura
Remove 5 armor to enemies. 900 AoE. Affects enemy buildings.
Plate Mail + Hyperstone + Chainmail + Assault Cuirass Recipe Scroll
5.View Details for The Butterfly
The Butterfly
30 Agility
30 Damage
30 Attack Speed
35% Evasion
Eaglehorn + Talisman of Evasion + Quarterstaff
Skill Build

Early Game:

LoLnage's Guide to Lanaya The Templar Assassin

Welcome to my second guide here in Dotastrategy. It’s been fun doing my first strategy which is The Faceless Void-Universal Remote but now we will look at Lanaya the Templar Assassin. In this guide you will see the way I play and how I can guide you in to playing her right.

Let’s take a look at this hero.

Found in the Dawn Tavern

{name} - {alias}

The apprentice of a legendary creature from Aiur, Lanaya is a psychic adept who specializes in strategic assassination for the Sentinels. Her psionic abilities manifest in and out of combat, and can be used to amplify damage while attacking, to protect her from enemy assault, or cloak herself invisibly before lashing out at an unfortunate passerby. And so more often than not, the foes that encounter the Templar on the battlefield find themselves dead and buried, their lives cut short as she fades back into the shadows, waiting for a new prey.

Levels 1 with no items, to check stats per level or try items go here .

Lanaya's her model.


Name: Lanaya                     Strength: 18 + 1.7
Affiliation: Sentinel               Agility*: 23 + 2.7
Damage: 45 – 55                  Intelligence: 20 + 2
Movespeed: 305                   HP: 492
Range: 140 (ranged)              Mana: 260
Attack Time: 1.38 (+23%)         Armor: 4.2

Agility hero.


  • A powerful hero killer and ganker.
  • Good overall stats.
  • Refraction gives free damage for 5 attacks.
  • Refraction also blocks any incoming damage for 5 times.
  • Good creep clearing skills from psi blades.
  • Awesome AoE slow from psionic trap.
  • Psionic trap can act as a free ward.
  • Very short range (140) only needs skill to increase range.
  • Very hard to control, You need very quick fingers.
  • Meld becomes week when the opponent has high armor.
  • Some times countered by dust, sentry wards, enemy tracking skill or gem of true sight.

Role in games

Lanaya is mostly defined as a carry/semi carry hero and a powerful ganker thanks to her stats and skills so in this guide we will be focusing the carry type lanaya. She also does a good job in assisting in ganks and clashes with her ulti Psionic trap making her a semi-support. Her ulti is also very useful, Acting like a free ward but with infinite time, it gives rune site, ganking opportunities, countering ganks from incoming enemies, Etc. Very useful in teams.

Skills Overview

Refraction (R)


Manipulating psionic energy around herself granting a mystical refraction of light that protects her from external harm and giving her bonus damage for a limited number of instances. Lasts 20 seconds.
Level 1 - 20 bonus damage, 2 Instances
Level 2 - 40 bonus damage, 3 Instances
Level 3 - 60 bonus damage, 4 Instances
Level 4 - 80 bonus damage, 5 Instances

Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown:  23

Superb skill. This skill gives bonus damage for a limited number of instance and prevents any damage coming to you for a number of instance, damage and instace depends on level. An early game double damage-like skill. Great skill for blocking big nukes. On the bad side it’s inferior to damage over time skills like pudge’s Rot or creeps attacks that come in the way because any damage will waste instances. And it does not block direct hp removal skills like sunder does not trigger the block.



Meld (D)


The art of Shakuras allows Lanaya to conceal herself at any time of the day and strike from the shadows with her armor-shredding blades. Deals bonus damage and reduces enemy armor for 10 seconds.
Level 1 - 50 damage, -2 armor
Level 2 - 100 damage, -4 armor
Level 3 - 150 damage, -6 armor
Level 4 - 200 damage, -8 armor
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 7

Your nuke. This skill grants you invisibility when used and the time of invisibly is infinite. The invisibility will be broken if you move, use a spell, issue a moving command(attack) or if the opponent has a skill which alters your position. While you’re invisible, if you attack a unit you will deal bonus damage to the unit.  The damage you deal when you break meld is Physical or Normal damage. Normal type damage means that the damage is reduced by the target's armor and since you will reduce armor, the damage won’t go lower most of the time. Doesn’t stack with itself.



Psi Blades (B)

Psi Blades

Using her psionic powers, the Templar causes enemy units behind her target to feel the same pain as the target itself. This psionic power extends her attack range.
Level 1 - 50 bonus damage, 60 spill range
Level 2 - 100 bonus damage, 120 spill range
Level 3 - 150 bonus damage, 180 spill range
Level 4 - 200 bonus damage, 240 spill range
Passive skill

This skill basically gives more range prior to lanaya’s attack range being 140. This skill also gives damage spill to the enemy behind the target you attacked, The damage is blocked only by spell immunity, Range increases per level. The damage spill is in a rectangle shape.

Psi blade


Psionic Trap (C)

Psionic Trap

Creates psionic traps on ground. When triggered, it will slow units within 400 range by 50% for 5 seconds. AoE.
Level 1 - Max 5 traps
Level 2 - Max 8 traps
Level 3 - Max 11 traps
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 11/9/7

Lanaya learns Trap after you leveled Psionic trap.

Trap(T) wellspring.gif



Releases the energy stored from the nearest trap.
Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0.5

One of the best slows in the game. An invisible trap that slow enemies within 400 AoE range for 5 seconds. Countered by dust, wards or gem since it’s an invisible unit. Also this is like a free observers ward to help teams. At all times do not let your opponent know where you put the trap. Remember that C-T is to fire you’re slow quickly.


*If your still confused about the skills then play in a single player (-test) mode and try out the skills.

Skill build justification

6.-Psionic Trap
10.-Psionic Blades
11.-Psionic Trap
12.-Psionic Blades
13.-Psionic Blades
14.-Psionic Blades
15.-Bonus Attributes (Stats)
16.-Psionic Blades
17-25. Bonus Attributes (Stats)

My skill build is meld and refraction. Meld is your early game bread and butter skill. You can kill, harass, go invisible in your position and what not. Also early game opponents have low armour so more damage from meld. Now the debate is about refraction or psi blades. Psi blades give more range which is important for early game and more important to hit the opponent with meld easier and it also provides spill damage which can clear a creep line. Refraction gives free damage and damage block (depending on skill level), Good damage for early game killing and domination and mainly blocking high nukes. Refraction is the better skill because range is not much of a problem because by level 6 you will have ulti with slow so there is not so much problem using meld. Also having huge damage in early game will have the enemy’s dead fast and blocking huge nukes is precious.

Starting items

 Ironwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchIronwood BranchAncient Tango of EssifationAnimal Courier

 Circlet of NobilityCirclet of NobilityAncient Tango of Essifation

 Empty Bottle

Stats items provides lane survivability so it’s obviously important. Same goes with tangoes and clarity potions. Courier is important to send items in lane (I usually take boots or wraith) Bottle is also another good starting item because by level 6 you get your ulti so you can ward it in rune spots.

Core/Full items

Power TreadsKelenStygian DesolatorAssault CuirassThe Butterfly


Power Treads VS Boots of Travel VS Phase Boots

Power treads is the best boots for lanaya. She has average movement speed and she needs attack speed. Lanaya doesn’t need more movement speed from Boots of travel or phase boots because she has a slow from her ulti.


Kelen’s Dagger is one the core items on lanaya. Dagger is for positioning for your meld and an escaping mechanism. Although you already have a slow, but with dagger you can gank and ambush better and since her ulti cooldown is fairly long, for a 5 second slow, Dagger gives her more mobility. This item will also be able to give you an escaping mechanism, usually when you use meld you can get the 3 sec before using the dagger. You should not skip this.

Stygian Desolator

Desolator. Cookie cutter. With meld enemies’ armours are very low and with your high damage from refraction, You’ll be killing enemies in a second. And it helps your third skill psionic trap because the more damage done to the first target the more damage is splashed. Best orb for lanaya. For more info about armour and amour reduction please go here (armour damage system walkthrough by Caspian).

Hyperstone Assault Cuirass

A good cheap item for more attack speed. Assault Cuirass is superb thanks to the armour reduction which can synergies Meld and Desolator.

The Butterfly

Butterfly. The item explains itself. Best item for any dps hero. No reason not to get this.


Other items

Hood of Defiance

If there are many nukers. You can make this in the goblin shop.


Blade Mail

This is actually a very good item since it changed. Opponents Dps power will bite them back.

Items you’ll be buying during early game/laning


Boots of Speed

Useful for meld. You can get it in your lane from courier.


Wraith BandWraith BandBracerBracer

Bracers or wraith bands. This is kind of a no brainer. You will be needing this for some agility or strength.


Magic Stick

A very useful item if your lane partner or lane enemy is a spell spammer.


Ring of Health /  Void Stone /  Perseverance

Very good for laning survivability. You can purchase this if you’re having lots of trouble in your lane.


If you however get 2150 gold in your lane (or after purchasing some of the above items). Don’t hesitate to buy this in the (sometimes in the goblin shop). It’s a good advantage to get this in the laning phase.


Scroll of Town Portal

Always have one of these to escape or quickly jump to another lane.


Early game tasks (after creep blocking ).

*Go for kills
*Gank or help team mates in ganks
*Use ulti for wards in crucial ganking spots.

Survive and farm is obviously a must. You have quite a good attack animation speed (0.5), BAT of 0.3 / 0.51 and average attack damage (45-55) so there is no need to cancel her attack animation. If you want to know more about the basics of DotA please visit here (Ghost’s guide to DotA). In early game you’re a hell of a hero killer. Do not engage the opponent below level 6 when you get your ulti. By level 6 you will get you kills and gank easily. Also remember to use ulti to ward in spots where enemies usually come or rune spot

Solo mid

Usually with bottle. Don’t engage the target until you get your slow. Always check for runes even before the game starts (when the 1st creep line comes). Also your ulti casting range is a whopping 2000, you won’t need to go all the way to check the rune. Farm and survive in the lane is your main objective. Killing the enemy is your second. Scenarios:

You vs. Melee opponent
– A good advantage since you won’t be harassed as much as a ranged hero. You can also harras him a few times using meld so he won’t come near me or he would even go to the fountain. But this is not so easy, Some of the melee opponents are hard to kill and can control the lane pretty good (namely admiral).

You vs. Ranged opponent
– very hard since ranged heroes can control a lane pretty well. Stay defensive. Lure the enemy creeps by attacking the opponent to force them and then type s to stop the command so you can last hit. Deny if you need. At all times stay defensive. Try to go for a kill when you get your ulti since most of the ranged heroes are weaker than melee heroes and sometimes below average movement speed.

You can jump into a lane for 3 on 2 ganks if you feel you need to. Refer below in the killing section to know the combos of lanaya.

If you’re having troubles then ask an ally to come and kill the enemy.


Top or bottom lane

Go with an ally in this case. You can make good combos with an ally and gank effectively in top or bottom lane. Your nuke and slow is your killing arsenal. You should also watch out for stunners, disablers, Mana burners, etc.

 Anub`arak - The Nerubian AssassinEzalor - The Keeper of the Light

Watch out for these two.

Your ulti is also useful to check gank spots. Here are the spot where the opponent will more likely come for ganks.

Bottom lane


Bottom lane traps

Top lane


Top lane traps

If you having a hard time on your lane then as usual lane swap or ask for an ally to come and gank the opponents.


By level 6 you should try to get a kill. For lanaya killing is a bit harder than most heroes. You have three active skills and one more if you got dagger so you need quick fingers. Before you go for the kill activate refraction so you won’t have to waste time when you slow the target. You can gank/roam around the map when you get your slow.

When to use meld

Before anything happens using meld is one of the most important things for lanaya. You should not use meld to stand in a spot and wait till the enemy comes close so you can meld. Meld is only used to for the bonus damage and it’s not an escaping mechanism. Remember to go right next to him because your range is short. I usually click the attack button ‘a’ if I use meld because it gives more accuracy then right clicking. Beware of Gondar and Rooftrellen, They are very hard to click coz of their hero model.


These combos are done only with an ally that has disables, stun, slow, Etc.

RefractionPsionic TrapMeld

Activate refraction before engaging for the kill. Slow the opponent. Go near him and meld-attack. Keep attacking after. This is a good combo if your with an ally.

RefractionMeldPsionic TrapMeld

Activate refraction, Go next to the enemy and meld-attack (you will need your ally for this). Slow him after that and finally meld.

There is a bunch of ways to do your skills. First combo is to slow your target first by using psionic trap then run next to him and meld-attack then still attack with refractions damage. The other is to meld next to your opponents (You may want an ally for this) and after breaking meld slowing them then attacking with your refraction damage and after meld cools down use to finish. With an ally you can kill using this if the ally has stun, nuke, disable etc. Solo killing is much harder for now.  So you have to kill with an ally. Here are some allies.

Shendelzare Silkwood - The Vengeful SpiritSven - The RogueknightLeviathan - The TidehunterCrixalis - The Sand KingRaigor Stonehoof - The EarthshakerLion - The Demon WitchAnub`arak - The Nerubian Assassin Etc.












Solo killing

This is a method to get kills with or without an ally only in lane phasing. The trick is to put 2 or 3 Psionic traps in a line so you will continuously slow the opponent and then feast on him. And again do not let your opponent know where the trap is, Plant it when the opponent isn’t there to realised where the trap is. It’s useless if the opponent knows where the trap is.










If your opponent shows up again and he knows the trick, then try using it in another pattern or in another line in case the enemy stays at the right or left side. If he doesn’t come down to you then just relax and farm.


Rune scenarios

For information about runes please go here (Caspian’s guide to power-ups/runes walkthrough)

Haste – This rune is useful for meld. Use your ulti because sometimes if you’re too fast you can lose control.

Invisibility – You can use this to position yourself for meld or you can slow your opponents and use your combo. You can go meld even when in invisible and while on meld if you move you will not lose invisibility from the rune but meld will be broken. Use refraction before becoming invisible.

Regeneration – This rune doesn’t benefit your skill but it’s useful if you have low hp or mp at the moment. Lanaya doesn’t have a big mana problem but after 2 or 3 combos of skills she can get in trouble.

Double Damage
– Your best rune. Double damage mixed with refraction is superbly imba (stacks). You can’t ask for more. With your slow the enemy can’t escape like they usually to when you get double damage with other heroes.

– This rune is good for playing mind games and do some damage.

What to do if you’re in danger

If you’re about to die and u quickly use meld your opponent can’t see you. You’re safe if you face an opponent who has no AoE skills. If he does then you’re in danger. You need to activate refraction while in meld and make a run for it, Use your ulti if you need. Or you can ask help from your allies. The most dangerous moves are the ones which alter your position and breaking meld. Some of them are Vacuum, Meat Hook, Reverse Polarity, Black Hole, Berserker's Call, Primal Roar, Fissure and Nether Swap.

How to prevent situation like these? Your ulti will aid you in this situation. Check if they are hiding on your trap spots. Map awareness – if your ally calls MIA (missing in action) or any kind of signal then stay below your creeps. You should also call mia to warn your allies. If the opponent does come up then try to juke him.

Mind games using juking.

If you don’t know whats juking then go here (Katzkie guide to juking/fog. from

Very useful for escaping. The trick is that during juking an opponent you actually use meld when the enemy loses sight of you in the fog so he becomes confused. This is usually used in a place where there are lots of trees or routes so you can’t tell where you actually are. You can also use your ulti to slow the opponent if the enemy tries to catches up.

Invisibility revealing items or skills

These items can counter you from meld and your ulti since its invisible. This is only a counter if you’re in danger. Since you don’t go invisible to sneak and attack, The opponent won’t need the dust, wards or gems most of the time. Scenarios:

 Glyph of Fortification Sentry Wards Necronomicon

These items are only dangerous if you’re in danger hiding in meld. Watch out for Necronomicon. It has mana burn and can see invisible units.

Gem of True Sight

Basically gg’d if the enemy has this. It’s able to destroy traps. Usually the gem holder is hero’s that are hard to kill like Abaddon, Axe, Centaur warchief, etc. Ask your allies to gank him.

By level 8-11 you should have one these item builds.

  Boots of Speed   Wraith Band  
  Wraith Band   Wraith Band  
  Scroll of Town Portal      



  Power Treads   Empty Bottle  
  Scroll of Town Portal      


Optional items

Ring of Health / Perseverance

If you’re good or lucky enough you can get this

  Circlet of Nobility   Circlet of Nobility  


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