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Obsidian Destroyer

Created by ReSpEcT on 2007-02-27
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Just thought of making a guide.. and this hero happens to be one of my favourites.. sounds stupid, but i like this hero because hes one of the not-so-boring hero to use unlike silencer which has ONE standard boring build

Harbinger - Obsidian Destroyer

Range: | Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 19 + 1.85 | Agi: 24 + 2.0 | Int: 26 + 3.3
Damage: 49 - 64 | HP: 511 | Mana: 338
HP Regen: 0.82 | Mana Regen: 1.05
Attack Speed: 0.73 | Armor: 4
Arcane Orb
Arcane Orb (R)
Gives the Destroyer extra power to damage his enemies based on his remaining mana pool. Damage type is pure.
Level 1 - Deals 6% of your current remaining mana. Deals 100 bonus damage to illusions and summoned units.
Level 2 - Deals 7% of your current remaining mana. Deals 200 bonus damage to illusions and summoned units.
Level 3 - Deals 8% of your current remaining mana. Deals 300 bonus damage to illusions and summoned units.
Level 4 - Deals 9% of your current remaining mana. Deals 400 bonus damage to illusions and summoned units.
Damage type: pure
The damage is calculated after the mana cost is spent.
Does not stack with orb effects and buff placers.
Casting range: 450
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 0 Seconds
Comment: Your bread and butter, get it from lvl 12-15 in the ideal situation. Anytime u feel that harassing would help , get a point of two in this in place of astral imprisonment . And if your team battles actually starts before u get to lvl 15(which shouldnt be the case) , pump this up at lvl 9/10 instead of stats.

Astral Imprisonment
Astral Imprisonment (T)
Teleports a target allied or enemy hero into an astral prison. The hero remains separated from the real world for the duration of the spell. If cast on an enemy, Harbinger steals intelligence from the target. Intelligence is restored to the hero after 60 seconds.
Level 1 - Banished for 1 second. 2 Int exchange.
Level 2 - Banished for 2 second. 4 Int exchange.
Level 3 - Banished for 3 second. 6 Int exchange.
Level 4 - Banished for 4 second. 8 Int exchange.
When cast on an ally, no intelligence is stolen and vision is not removed.
Imprisoned units are hidden and invulnerable, but do not lose their vision of the surrounding area.
Casting range: 550
Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12
Comment: your free modified version of eul, this combined with eul gives u the ability to effectivly disable 2 heroes at once , a useful thing for your team.
Essence Aura
Essence Aura (E)
Whenever a nearby allied hero casts a spell, it has a chance to restore a portion of its mana pool. Passively adds to the Destroyer's base mana pool.
Level 1 - 10% chance to restore. Increases base mana by 75.
Level 2 - 20% chance to restore. Increases base mana by 150.
Level 3 - 30% chance to restore. Increases base mana by 225.
Level 4 - 40% chance to restore. Increases base mana by 300.
When autocasting Arcane Orb, the chance to restore mana is reduced to 5%/10%/15%/20%.
If Arcane Orb is cast manually it has the regular 10%/20%/30%/40% chance for mana restoration.
Several skills with no cooldown (such as the Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning) and toggled spells (such as the Witch Doctor's Voodoo Restoration) cannot trigger Essence Aura.
Area of Effect: 1000
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Like it or hate it, this is what makes the obsidian destroyer .Maxing this out is mandatory regardless of matchup. Scream, whine , beg and do whatever it takes to bring a spell caster with u during early game(or at least when u're lvl 7) and see your zeus spam his lightning like theres no tomorrow (i.e this aura also affects ur allies as well as yourself)
Sanity`s Eclipse
Sanity`s Eclipse (C)
The Obsidian Destroyer unleashes his full potential; his mind unleashes a psionic storm able to penetrate lesser minds with terminal force, dealing massive damage to them. More crafty minds are able to resist most of the damage, but they expend most of their energies to do so, losing 75% of their mana. Heroes with more intelligence than the Destroyer are unaffected.
Level 1 - Deals damage equal to 8x (9x*) the difference between the heroes intelligence and Destroyer's intelligence.
Level 2 - Deals damage equal to 9x (10x*) the difference between the heroes intelligence and Destroyer's intelligence.
Level 3 - Deals damage equal to 10x (11x*) the difference between the heroes intelligence and Destroyer's intelligence.
Damage type: magical
Does not affect units under the effect of Astral Imprisonment.
If an enemy hero takes less than 80/270/500 damage (at levels 1/2/3), he will lose 75% of his current mana.
Casting range: 600/650/700
Area of Effect: 400/500/600 (700/750/800*)
Aghanim's Scepter improves damage and casting range (denoted by *)
Mana Cost: 175/250/325
Cooldown: 160
Comment: Personally, i dont like this ulti too much, get it at 6 11 16 if u like,But i personally prefer stats because obisidian is gonna get focused-fire every single game, and if you logically calculate it, your ultimate has a 200 seconds cooldown , means u get approximately 33.4% extra damage over 200 seconds period. Not worth it - imo, stats helps in spamming arcane orb.
Skill Build
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Null Talisman
Null Talisman
6 Intelligence
3 Strength
3 Agility
3 Damage

Mantle of Intelligence + Circlet of Nobility + Null Talisman Recipe Scroll (145)
2.View Details for Null Talisman
Null Talisman
6 Intelligence
3 Strength
3 Agility
3 Damage

Mantle of Intelligence + Circlet of Nobility + Null Talisman Recipe Scroll (145)
3.View Details for Hand of Midas
Hand of Midas
30 Attack Speed
Active: Transmute
Kills a target non-hero non-ancient unit, giving bonus reliable gold. Gives 190 reliable gold (you do not get the normal creep bounty). Also gives 1.5 times the normal experience when used on a unit. 100 seconds cooldown.
Gloves of Haste + Hand of Midas Recipe Scroll
4.View Details for Mekansm
5 All Attributes
5 Armor
Passive: Mekansm Aura
4 HP regeneration. 500 AoE
Active: Heal
Heals 250 HP and gives +2 armor in 750 AoE. Armor bonus lasts 25 seconds. Doesn't affect units that have been healed by any Restore in the last 25 seconds. 150 manacost. 45 seconds cooldown.
Headdress of Rejuvenation + Netherezim Buckler + Mekansm Recipe Scroll
5. Guinsoo`s Scythe of Vyse
6.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
100 Movement Speed

Active: Teleport
- Teleports you to an allied non-hero unit or building
- Casting time: 3 seconds
- Manacost: 75 mana
- Cooldown: 60 seconds
- Shares cooldown with Scroll of Town Portal

Note: Movement speed bonus does not stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, Tranquil Boots or Boots of Speed.
Double clicking teleports you to your fountain.
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
Skill Build

Early Game:

 (The item build that I posted above is for your general reference , in the strategy section, I’ll go into detail the various different build that you can go for) 

(Note: Starting items are fine, get whatever suits you - i like chicken/circlet/tangos or mass gg brach/4 tangos , ROR/GG branch or Mass Tangos/Mass clarities – whatever that SUITS you . Just don’t get a boots of speed -  cause that makes you a noob) 

Early Game Conduct:  

During the early game, your job is to FARM. Scan it, photocopy it, stick it in front of your desktop, record it, tape it and get it into your head – FARM. No matter what your team mates tell you to do – apart from farming – kindly explain to them or if you are not free just ignore them . Obsidian DOES NOT GANK early game  , because he has no slow, no stun , no nukes,  no dps, no ias no NOTHING.  

Disclaimer : If you do not like to farm-farm-farm, this hero is NOT for you.   ßIt doesn’t matter whether you solo or not , make a informed TEAM decision which lane you are going, and whether you are soloà 

Okay, now that you have acknowledged that you’re a farmer, start last hitting/denying effectively. If your opponent is skills dependent (i.e lich and the likes) , take last hits over denies , however if your opponent is a item dependent hero (i.e Troll Warlord and the likes) take denies over last hits. If you’re good, you should be able to deny and last hit together.



Going for early kill at lvl 6/7/8 : (added this just to make you happier using him)


Going for the kill at lvl 6 is highly possible with the obsidian destroyer against a low int hero. If you have been harassing consistently with imprisonment , effectively you have already + 12 int against your opponent - although in practice you most probably only have +8 advantage(+80 damage to ultimate) . Against a hero with a low base int and low hp (think sniper and the likes), look out for the time when the opponent gets careless (decent opponents will not let you in the area of 400 AOE within himself - he knows what you can do to him) , immdiately move BEHIND him and cast sanity eclipse , follow up with normal hits , if your astral imprisonment has cd-ed , imprison him again and move BEHIND him again, and the kill is in your pocket (somewhat).


This is very possible only if you take imprisonment/essence aura , because you need the extra disable to help you chase, this works especially well in the mid lane as the area for manuveur is much lesser compared to the other lanes.


Your main job however, is to FARM. If killing a hero will leave u with 2 hp and you go running for the fountain and back, please DO NOT do so. Farming, out-denying and out-microing your opponent is the best possible way to maximise your potential as a late gamer. Not rambo - at least not early game. 

Astral Imprisonment : Proper Usage 

I would like to elaborate a bit more on this awesome skill, firstly, it’s a free modified version of eul and it drains away 2 Int per second(lasting 60 seconds). This can effectively increase your base damage(hence making last hitting/denying – micro – easier) , lower your opponent’s mana pool(except per say naix, every other hero needs mana) and lower your opponent base’s damage by a significant bit if your opponent is INt based.   This is a skill which I feel shouldn’t be skipped over anything as it’s the only form of lane control obsidian has , arcane orb is too expensive to be spammable.   Below I offer you 2 builds which I frequently use, take either one that suits you better .  

Build 1 : The Carry Build


This build revolves around your ability to boost your damage insanely , it is arcane-orb oriented and less eclipse-dependent. For early game your items should be… 

 Hand of Midas Boots of Speed 
 Bracer Headdress of Rejuvenation 
 Scroll of Town Portal Ancient Tango of Essifation 

Generally  , you should be able to farm midas and boots of speed under 20 min, if you cant do that, please switch to the alternative build. Always get midas FIRST (a chicken will help), unless you're up against heroes that a difference of 50ms can mean life/death(i.e night stalker and the likes) , no hero can kill a competent obsidian destroyer. (thumbs up to astral imprisonment) I added tp's and tangos to the inventory(other than to make it look nicer) because i want to emphasis the usefulness of tp scrolls in helping you switch lanes to avoid ganks / save a team mate(thumbs up again to astral imprisonment) .

 Please note that if you are solo-ing, midas should be obtained under 15 min (11th min is ideal case). Complete up your headress/bracer/boots/midas by the time you hit lvl 8 or so , headress is interchangable with ring of basillus depending on your lane mate (headress/basi combination).  Again if you are solo, never mind the basillus . Build 2 : The Hybrid Build


 Null Talisman Null Talisman 
 Null Talisman Null Talisman 
 Headdress of Rejuvenation Boots of Speed 


This build generally focuses on mid game dominance instead of late-game carry . The general idea is to fully utilise the obsidian's skills as a TEAM player (particularly his ultimate) . If you intend to opt for this build, take sanity eclipse at every chance you have.  

No i am not kidding, yes 4 null talisman boots and headress, please note that the combined cost is approximately that of a midas, BUT , it gives alot more than a midas, particularly the +24 int(one int less than mystic staff - so do not complain) , +12 agi (armor and IAS , whow) and +12 str (more hp, hooray) . Boots are a must(as usual) and headress/basi interchangable (as mentioned above).


Conclusion :

 Please note that regardless of the build you're going, your early game remains the SAME - FARM. i know some people is gonna go ga-ga saying  , "how on earth do i farm 4 nulls a boots and headress by early game?" , that is why i stressed-and-stressed the importance of farming, its that important for any OD user. (and i am stressing it here again) 

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180 By bobbob247 2009-03-17

This hero has decent base damage and animation, decent STR, and lategame, NEVER has to worry about mana. Combined with a spell spammer like zeus, the spell spammer will have infinite mana to lane with.

179 By Rapeurface 2009-03-17

This hero sucks. Weak, can't farm early because you have to run back to fountain after every kill. Arcane starts to suck once you get low on mana. No farming skills. I hate this hero

178 By biak_cool 2009-03-10

midas as ending item ???

why you not buy an Assault Cuirass

177 By nathaniel076 2009-03-10

no pictures

176 By xlilflamexd 2009-02-06

lol how about a dagon?

175 By iremnant 2009-02-05

don't just get aghanim. Try guinsoo, shiva, andeven linken.
Good guide! Good job 9/10

174 By WhatTheHeck55 2009-02-02

Have you guys tried focusing on his first skill?

1.arcane ring
2.arcane ring
3.arcane ring
6.Aghanim Scepter

Stats,lvl,and items,arcane orb can do around over 300 damage and 500 with your attack and items put together. Somewhere around there, I think I messed up but thats a lot.And its much cheaper since arcane ring is 1700.

1700 x 3 = 5100 + 5900 + 6200 = 17200

Not only that arcane ring can heal your mana + give armor. This build works pretty good even though you have a h

173 By fer_nan 2009-01-13

awesome guide..its almost the same as mine. wat bout putting in a eye of skadi?

172 By 0cton 2008-12-24

you are an idiot
his ulti can instant kil
200-50=150*10=1500 damage
and if they are all in a circle its over
and if you exchange intelligence enouhg by level 6 you can bring any strengh hero to 10 or even 6 intelligence
now 70-6=64*6=384 by level 6
not that much but you do a couple of attacks and boom!

171 By Grey_Lord747 2008-12-16

nice man i actually laughed in the 5R bit!

3.3.4) Admire your statue of harbringer flying to heaven

lol lol : p

170 By babar335 2008-12-12

No no no.
Skills: Max arcane orbs first. Then essence.. then stats. Only get 1 or 2 lvls of imprison til last. You are not a disabler..

Items: Early: 5 nulls and power treads. Boost early game intel for arcane spam and nasty ult.
Late game: Agha, Mys staff, Mys staff, Mys staff, Treads, Powerstone. You can kill virtually anyone with ease. You will be hitting for 500+ with a sick ult that can 1 hit most agi. Turn your staffs into Shivas guard or guinsoo.. but not til have 4 staffs

169 By Greggz 2008-12-12

not good 2.5/10

168 By FrozenYeti 2008-12-02

I think a good combo for this hero is like :
Treads or BoT ( depends on opponents)
2-3null talismans
Scythe scepter

167 By daxisonlyme 2008-11-25

best build:
threads int
=pure ownage

166 By The Real Chuck Norris 2008-11-14

This guide is okay but it lacks in several areas. Most ppl say get arcane orb later i say max it first. It is your primary damage skill and it will get you crucial early game kills. The build is weak too. Instead of headress make pers then uprgrade it later into Sheep stick. With TREADS (+10 int +%30 IAS) and three nulls you will be a force to be reckoned with. The goal is to get over 2000 mana so that you can auto cast arcane permanently w/o worrying about mana. Then go for shivas(15armor)

165 By rafibadz 2008-11-06

same as mine but

i'll take astral imprisonent first,
why?? coz the harbinger attck will increase wuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzz.... and it can to ganking skill... stop the enemy and,is time to call all your friends to KILL KILL KILL

if the enemy not dead kill him with your ulti!!!!!!
thats all!

164 By azrael1218 2008-11-06

man you sucks! i hate you personally. you don't know what youre talking about. stop pretending to be smart or a pro.

163 By ayanami-x 2008-09-02

skill build is empty? lol

162 By dddeniz 2008-08-27

good strategy 7.5/10 thx

161 By DusHbaG 2008-08-20

when you get afghanims scepter when playing, it says "500 life", but that's just the same as hit points right?