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The Perfect Hero, Boush Tinker

Created by rjay01 on 2009-10-12
Last modified: 2009-10-14
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Do you want a hero that can play almost all roles? Do you want a hero that can bring 5 heros down to low HP all of its own? What a bout a hero that can take down creep waves less than 2 seconds all the time? Not to mention can TP anywhere at anytime it wants. What about a hero that almost always has the most kills while also having the most assists and less deaths? There's only one hero for you. Yes, Boush The Tinker. I see outdated guides to Tinker here in And many people in public games don't play Tinker do its max potential. I'd like to add that the Tinker guides here, build Tinker incredibly weak, with the skill builds maxing March of Machines? With that said, I will help and show you guys how to build Tinker to its maximum potential.

Boush - The Tinker

Range: | Move Speed: 305
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 2 | Agi: 13 + 1.2 | Int: 27 + 2.2
Damage: 49 - 55 | HP: 473 | Mana: 351
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 1.09
Attack Speed: 0.66 | Armor: 4
Laser (E)
Fires an intense beam of light at a target, blinding it for 2 seconds causing it to miss all of its attacks. Deals precise damage.
Level 1 - 80 damage, 100% miss.
Level 2 - 160 damage, 100% miss.
Level 3 - 240 damage, 100% miss.
Level 4 - 320 damage, 100% miss.
• Damage type: pure
• The damage is dealt immediately while the miss effect is delayed until the projectile hits.
Mana Cost: 95/120/145/170
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Comment: This skill must ALWAYS be maxed out first. It deals "PURE" damage meaning magic resistance will be ignored and it will deal exactly the damage it says on the information (eg. 80/160/240/320). It's incredible for lane control because its mana efficient, deals so much damage bringing your opponent always on half hp in your lane if you spam (which u can), and also gives a % of blindness to your opponents, so that it cripples their last hit. This skill is very important.

Heat Seeking Missile
Heat Seeking Missile (T)
The Tinker fires a rocket at the nearest visible enemy hero. Range of 2500.
Level 1 - 100 damage, 2 targets
Level 2 - 175 damage, 2 targets
Level 3 - 250 damage, 2 targets.
Level 4 - 325 damage, 2 targets.
• Damage type: magical
• Does not hit ethereal units (such as targets of Pugna's Decrepify or heroes who use a Ghost Scepter).
Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Comment: Missile (we call it "rocket" where i play), has massive range and deals alot of damage. Lv 3/4 Rocket deals dmg to 2 nearby opponents which really helps in battles (possible to grab yourself a double kill if 2 low hp heros nearby). This skill must be gotten along with Laser, so at lvl 8, when both these skills are maxed, you're dealing almost 600 DMG to at least 1 opponent!
March of the Machines
March of the Machines (C)
Calls in hordes of robotic goblins to destroy your enemies.
Level 1 - 16 damage/goblin.
Level 2 - 24 damage/goblin.
Level 3 - 32 damage/goblin.
Level 4 - 40 damage/goblin.
Mana Cost: 145/150/165/190
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Comment: After we have Boots Of Travels, Tinker can farm like a maniac with this skill. I'll explain why later. Also does alot of damage in big battles. Always use this in battle. It will damage your opponents so much if walking into this skill.
Rearm (R)
Instantly reloads the Tinker`s weapons.
Level 1 - 3 seconds to rearm.
Level 2 - 2 seconds to rearm.
Level 3 - 1 second to rearm.
• Rearm works on all items except Black King Bar, Arcane Ring, Helm of the Dominator, Hand of Midas, Refresher Orb, and Necronomicon.
• This spell uses mana when cast, but will not refresh abilities until finished casting. This means interrupting Rearm while it is casting will waste mana but have no effect on ability cooldowns.
Mana Cost: 150/250/350
Cooldown: 0
Comment: This is what makes Tinker one of the most powerful heros in the game. This is what makes Tinker a mid/late gamer as well. He's not only an early gamer, as people think.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Laser
2. Heat Seeking Missile
3. Laser
4. Heat Seeking Missile
5. Laser
6. Heat Seeking Missile
7. Laser
8. Heat Seeking Missile
9. Rearm
10. March of the Machines
11. March of the Machines
12. March of the Machines
13. March of the Machines
14. Stats
15. Rearm
16. Rearm
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Empty Bottle
Empty Bottle
Active: Regenerate
Restores 135 HP and 70 mana over 3 seconds. Effect ends if you take damage. When used, Magic Bottle 3/3 changes to 2/3, 2/3 changes to 1/3, and 1/3 changes to Empty Bottle. Can't be used when Empty Bottle. 0.5 second cooldown.
Active: Rune Capture
Stores a rune in an Empty Bottle. When a rune is used, this item is refilled to Magic Bottle 3/3. Stored runes are automatically used after 120 seconds. Can't be drop if it has a rune stored.
Note: This item is refilled to Magic Bottle 3/3 when near the fountain.
Bottle is a must, to heal your hp/mp incase ur short in hp/mp. Also to grab runes, especially during the lane phase. But please do NOT get it as a first item, since stats/regen is always the better choice.
2.View Details for Null Talisman
Null Talisman
6 Intelligence
3 Strength
3 Agility
3 Damage

Mantle of Intelligence + Circlet of Nobility + Null Talisman Recipe Scroll (145)
Increase mana pool, your damage, and gives stats meaning more hp as well. I usually buy 3 of them, for Tinker to use his skills alot more in battle.
3.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
100 Movement Speed

Active: Teleport
- Teleports you to an allied non-hero unit or building
- Casting time: 3 seconds
- Manacost: 75 mana
- Cooldown: 60 seconds
- Shares cooldown with Scroll of Town Portal

Note: Movement speed bonus does not stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, Tranquil Boots or Boots of Speed.
Double clicking teleports you to your fountain.
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
Skill Build

Early Game:

Before you move on to the guide:
This guide is about showing how to play Tinker, so you will NOT find stuff like:

  • How to last-hit, how to deny, how to creep block etc.
  • The background story of Tinker
  • Irrelevant images randomly inserted in the page like anime
  • Level 25 stats with no items
  • How to find your hero at the start of the game -.-"
  • In-depth information of the hero's stat-gain. This is a gameplay guide.


All the things listed above are a waste of space. I'm sure you want to get straight to the point right? Okay stop reading this now and move on to the guide!!

If you really want to know everything about the skill mechanics and advance statistics of Tinker, it can be found here!

  - Introduction to Early Game -

Boush - The Tinker "Hello, My name is Boush Tinker. Choose me!"



Ok so now you've chosen Tinker. Tinker's lane control is one the of the most powerful out of all heros in DotA. Tinker can bring down his opponents almost always half hp all the time in his lane. He is very powerful early gamer, and should be played aggresively to take this early game advantage.


 - Starting Items -

I hear you ask, "So what items should I start off with then, since you say bottle is no good to start off with?" In public games, where you can rely only on yourself, buy an Animal Courier. It is important to get your bottle as fast as possible, but you also need the stats+regen to survive in your lane. So unless you have a friend that can lend you his chicken or your playing -ar, buy yourself an animal courier.


Let me break it down for you:

603 starting gold (-ap/-rd/-sd etc.): 

   Ancient Tango of Essifation    Healing Salve  
   Lesser Clarity Potion    Ironwood Branch  
   Ironwood Branch    Ironwood Branch  

      Animal Courier


*Justification: Tangoes self-explanitory, you need the regen in case of harass from hits/spells etc. Flask for healing your hp if you've dealt massive damage from high damage spells. 1 mana-pot for more spam. 3 GG Branches for stats. Can upgrade to Magic stick if you want.


800 starting gold (-ar/friend lent you chicken in -ap):

  Mantle of Intelligence   Mantle of Intelligence  
  Ancient Tango of Essifation   Ironwood Branch  
  Healing Salve  

Lesser Clarity Potion



*Justification: Of course you'll have to buy a courier if you randomed. 2x mantles and branch gives mana so you can spam alot. The starting dmg helps you to last hit in your lane. Not much hp with this build, but always be careful and always be aware of your enemies spells.

If you're confident that you can farm that bottle extremely fast and don't need the clarity potion to spam (ie. you havent used your mana-pot but already have your bottle) then I like to use these items as my starter:

  Mantle of Intelligence   Mantle of Intelligence  
  Ironwood Branch   Ironwood Branch  
  Ancient Tango of Essifation   Healing Salve  

*Justification: Balance of hp/mana. 8+ damage for easier last hits. Tango+Flask for staying alive.


- The Laning Phase -

So now you have bought your items. Level up your Laser, and move on to your lane. Best lane is mid solo.

Creep block if you can for the early level advantage.

All you need to know when laning with Tinker is:


1. Spam your Laser


Even at level 1. It deals the exact amout of dmg it says on the tooltip 80/160/240/320. Spamming this will keep your opponent to play defensively, and cripple them from farming cos of the the % miss. You can spam this alot, since Tinker's starting mana pool is pretty high. Laser's casting range is 550, which is as far as your attack range but a little bit closer. So when using Laser, immediately attack your opponent straight after u laser while your still in your attack range. Do that by animation cancelling. Doing this will deal as much dmg as possible in ur lane.

Here's an image showing that Laser deals pure damage.


2. Always check your opponent's HP

This is important to grab early kills. Don't ignore this pointer later on in the game, because it helps in ganks and teambattles as well. Since your Laser is pure damage, you'll know when you have the opportunity to kill.



LaserHeat Seeking Missile

This is SO EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because this grabs you the easiest kills. At each level, there are numbers that you have to remember while your looking at your opponents HP.

The magic numbers are the approximate amount of damage your combo does depending on your level. Here they are:

  • LEVEL 1: 80
  • LEVEL 2: 155
  • LEVEL 3: 235
  • LEVEL 4: 291
  • LEVEL 5: 371
  • LEVEL 6: 427
  • LEVEL 7: 507
  • LEVEL 8+: 564

Any HP below the magic numbers is a guaranteed kill with Rocket Laser combo! 


Always make sure that when you want to use the Laser+Rocket combo, that you have enough mana to do it. Many times i make this mistake not to check my remaining mana and lost the opportunity to kill because I had no mana left after using one of my nukes. The problem to solving this is to check that your remaining mana must be around or over 325 MP. If it's less than that, then there is a risk that you have lost the kill. 


Empty Bottle

Tip: A charge of your bottle can help regain your mana, therefore having enough for a Laser+Rocket combo.


Here's an animation of checking opponent's HP:


3. Harass

Remember your a range hero as well. Harass ur enemies with normal attacks too. But balance with Harass and farming.



When laning with not only Tinker, but other heros that solo mid, you almost always have to check runes before your opponent does. This gives you have the lane control over your enemy. And when you have bottle, runes are important to store into your bottle, so that you can regain your hp and mana, and save powerups for later.


  • RUNE WHORE - Runes are sometimes annoying. It's all luck really. Every 2 mins (2:00, 4:00, 6:00 and so on) runes spawn at a random side. Look at your timer on the top of ur screen to check these times. When it hits xx:45 secs, starting walking to the rune spot (any), and wait for a rune to appear. If your lucky, the rune appeared at your side, then you can grab yourself the rune.


  • EMPTY BOTTLE - Once you have your bottle, you can capture the rune, by emptying your bottle, click the empty bottle, and then click the rune. The rune will store inside your bottle, until you click on it, then your bottle will be full charge again, and you have activated a powerup.


  • POWER-UPS - Power-ups are what give you the lane control advantage over your enemies. Because these powerups can grant you easy kills, and gank effeciently. Lets have a look at what powerups you can have, and how to use them effectively:


Double Damage

This grants double damage to any hero's base damage. This is very useful for Tinker, not only to harass the enemy with your massive damage, but it also helps in ganks as well. 2-3 hits of Tinker with DD will deal as much damage as Rocket. This can get you easy kills when ganking. Laser > Hit 2+ times > Dead. 



Grants you 2 images of youself. You can use this rune for either scouting, or confusing the enemy. Control an illusion like it's the real Tinker, and see if your opponents fall for it by wasting one of their spells on it. Then laugh at their face and feel safe now that the enemy's skill is on cd, and/or have an easy opportunity to kill. Not really that good for ganking, just good for mindgames. Sometimes I can get lazy and leave it at the rune spot, but hey, you have full charges on your bottle again right?



Grants you maximum speed boost (522ms). This rune can help you to escape danger, but it's best use for ganking. You have no problems of chasing, when you acquire the Haste rune. Use the 522ms to your advantage. You can tower dive without the trouble of dying, because you know you can escape easily with your super fast speed.



Grants you Invisibility. Awesome rune for ganking and also escaping. When ganking, invis gives you a chance to place yourself somewhere safely with your enemy unaware of where you are. Use invis to your advantage, by letting your ally initiate the battle for you (eg. a stun/slow). Your enemy wont know you're there, and might fight back. But tell him wait a minute, you dont touch my friend! Laser+Rocket = GG.

Tip: When an invis rune is stored in your bottle, and you want to use it, you can activate it and use one more charge on your bottle immediately after activating invis. This doesn't affect the fade of your invis. It's good to heal your hp/mp and still stay invis.



This rune grants a regeneration of both HP and MP, until your full HP/MP or if you get hit by an attack or a spell. This rune is like clarity potion and Flask of Sapphire Water. It cancels when you get damaged. This is extremely helpful, because if you were in conflict earlier and left with low hp/mp, you can use this to bring it to full again. Also a great trick is to keep this in your bottle, spam as much as possible until you have absolutely no mana left, then use the regen from your bottle.


  • KILL RUNES - You can attack runes? Yes you can. Press "A" and left-click the rune. There's no real point in doing this, but if you didn't know before, you know now!


4a. Ganking

Once you have acquired a power-up, don't go back to your lane once u have the rune. Always check the other lanes (including the one you were previously in) to see if there is a good opportunity for a successful gank (eg. There are low hp heroes easy to kill). If you think you can't successfully gank, then go back to ur lane and farm.

Here's an animation of Ganking with the Haste rune:


4b. Observer Wards for Mid Lane HILL

Observer Wards

No, I'm not telling you to play Tinker as a support hero. Observer wards are extremely helpful for Tinker to check runes, avoid ganks, and most of all give sight on the hill in mid-lane. I usually buy 1 set of obs wards when my enemy is using the hill as a Fog-of-war advantage, crippling my chance to use my skills, especially rocket. To stop this, we use an observer ward on the hill, to have clear sight on top of the hill at all times.


*Obs placement on the hill of mid-lane:

When your on Scourge Team:


When your on the Sentinel team:

Okay, now you have used one observer ward on the hill. You have one more observer left. Use that ward to have clear vision of one rune spot.


*Obs placement on rune spots:

When your on the Sentinel OR Scourge team:


Follow these steps, and you'll be able to grab a few kills, and farm really well, enough for u to get your BoT asap.


 - Main Item to Aim For-



Boots of Travel

Try to get this item ASAP. A good time is 15 mins in -ap (no em). Average time 20 mins, but if ur farming really well and have some kills, u can get this less than 10 mins. But why BoT? Because this item allows you to TP anywhere around the map at anytime, and then TP back to base. Because Rearm cancels cooldown to spells and items right? This makes Tinker a farm+gank machine.


What about the other Boot Upgrades?

Phase BootsPower Treads

No. I do not recommend getting these boots. Never. These boots do not benefit Tinker as much as BoT does. Without BoT, Tinker wouldn't be that strong hero we know.


Do I rush BoT before my nulls?

Null TalismanNull TalismanNull TalismanBoots of SpeedEmpty Bottle  vs  Mantle of IntelligenceMantle of IntelligenceIronwood BranchBoots of TravelEmpty Bottle       

You can do any way you want. For me, rushing BoT is first priority Early-Game because not only does it allow you TP anywhere in the map, it helps you to manouver your movements way better than Boots of Speed does. The ms boost helps so much in ganks and chasing. But if you're having trouble early game, for example you're feeding or your lane is so hard (eg. Chain stuns+nukes), then 3 nulls before BoT is the better choice, for more HP and MP.


What about Bracers instead of nulls?

BracerBracerBoots of SpeedEmpty Bottle

If you prefer Bracers over Nulls then go for it. Nothing wrong with a bit more HP. But Bracers are more expensive than Nulls, so I recommend getting 2 bracers instead of 3, for cost efficiency and a faster BoT. But I'm not saying 3 bracers isn't bad either, just my opinion and recommendation.


- Summary of Early Game Strategy -

  • Mid lane solo
  • Farm up bottle asap and let courier send to you
  • Spam your laser everytime it's off cooldown, also trying to get the extra hit immediately after laser
  • Make sure you get the runes before your enemy does
  • Gank side lanes when you think you will kill successfully
  • At level 8 your combo deals approx 564 DMG
  • With that point said, always check your enemies HP to let you know that its a guaranteed kill with combo
  • Obs wards if your opponent uses fog of war advantage at mid


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i use capslock and space button as hotkeys..but tinker uses more than 2 clickable items, so i hav to manually click these other items.. wat do u guys use as hot keys??(rather than alt+1/2/3/4)

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And also, you should try Soul Ring for Tinker. Definitely an item that should be always gotten (Core item). Covers Rearm's mana cost issues, and you can spam your skills no problem.

Reading these comments again makes me really want to make another guide. wow :D Thanks for the comments!

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I think I did mention it somewhere in the guide that you should start levelling Rearm to level 2/3 once you have an item like Mystic staff/Ulti Orb or whatever increases your mana pool. But it's good to know that, even though you didn't read that part in my guide, you're still able to figure out that issue and that you are able to find the solution to fixing it. :)

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I do have one adjustment I made for my play, that i'd like to share. It's regarding rearm, as it costs so much more mana each level.

So, I get
1st at lvl 9
2nd whenever I buy first mystic staff and have at least 2 nulls.
3rd level after shiva is completed and i get another staff or mana item with total mana over 2.2k.

This allows me to empty my arsenal twice at each level plus rearm.

just wanted to share.

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