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Lightning Fast Revenant

Created by nidoking on 2006-05-25
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i am used to using Razor in many games.. so i would just want to share with you my strategy when i use this hero..

Razor - The Lightning Revenant

Range: | Move Speed: 295
Primary: AGI
Str: 21 + 1.7 | Agi: 22 + 2.0 | Int: 19 + 1.8
Damage: 45 - 47 | HP: 549 | Mana: 247
HP Regen: 0.88 | Mana Regen: 0.77
Attack Speed: 0.72 | Armor: 2
Plasma Field
Plasma Field (F)
Razor releases a wave energetic plasma which grows in power as it extends outwards. Deals damage to units both on expansion and on contraction. The further the plasma is from razor the more energy it has.
Level 1 - Min damage 80. Max 140
Level 2 - Min damage 120. Max 210
Level 3 - Min damage 160. Max 280
Level 4 - Min damage 200. Max 350
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Comment: i only use Frenzy when destroying towers or going for a quick kill.. i tend to use this late in the game because i always forget to use this skill when i got my items already because of Razor\\'s high attack speed..

Static Link
Static Link (C)
Taps into the energy of a target hero, creating a charged link between Razor and his foe. As long as this link is maintained, Razor will continue to steal damage from the target and adds it to his own. Drains up to 8 seconds. Bonus lasts 13 seconds after that.
Level 1 - 7 attack damage per second
Level 2 - 14 attack damage per second
Level 3 - 21 attack damage per second
Level 4 - 28 attack damage per second
• The link is broken when either unit dies, the distance between them becomes greater than 700, or when Razor loses sight of the targeted unit.
• If targeted on the ground, the link will travel in that direction, if an enemy hero comes within 225 range of it during this time, will be linked to Razor.
Mana Cost: 20/30/40/50
Cooldown: 35/30/25/20 seconds
Comment: Chain Lightning is good for damaging opponents or farming golds and is only useful for me if it is in the level 3-4.. i rarely use this on heroes.. so i only use this before attacking an opponent (initiating damage) and going for the kill.. why? because of it\\'s slow cooldown and high mana cost..
Unstable Current
Unstable Current (N)
Razor's very body is a constantly shifting miasma of dark energy. This unnatural state allows him to move with supernatural speed, and any foe foolish enough to launch a direct magical assault against him will have their boldness rewarded with a shock of purging electricity.
Level 1 - 3% movement, 40 damage, slows for 0.3 seconds.
Level 2 - 6% movement, 60 damage, slows for 0.6 seconds.
Level 3 - 9% movement, 80 damage, slows for 0.9 seconds.
Level 4 - 12% movement, 100 damage, slows for 1.2 seconds.
• Damage activates when the spell cast on Razor begins its effect.
• Only activates if the caster is a hero unit.
• Does not work against arrow effects.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: this i think is the most important skill of Razor just because of the additional stats you gain..
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm (E)
The Lightning Revenant calls upon a powerful storm of crackling energy, which strikes weakened enemies with deadly bolts of lightning. The storm is charged with Razor's malevolent will, and will seek out only the most injured targets for its armor shattering blasts.
Level 1 - Deals 37.5 damage and reduces armor by 1 each strike. One strike each 0.85 (0.7*) seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 50 damage and reduces armor by 1 each strike. One strike each 0.75 (0.6*) seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 62.5 damage and reduces armor by 1 each strike. One strike each 0.6 (0.5*) seconds.
• Each blast targets the lowest health enemy unit within 525 range.
• Aghanim's Scepter improves damage (*) and now allows Eye to target structures (armor can't be reduced on structures).
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds
Comment: Storm Seeker.. you need to damage you opponents more? the description of this skill tells it all.. enough said..
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Unholy Fervor
2. Chain Lightning
3. Chain Lightning
4. Unholy Fervor
5. Chain Lightning
6. Storm Seeker
7. Chain Lightning
8. Unholy Fervor
9. Unholy Fervor
10. Stats
11. Storm Seeker
12. Stats
13. Stats
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Storm Seeker
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Frenzy
23. Frenzy
24. Frenzy
25. Frenzy
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Power Treads
Power Treads
60 Movement Speed
30 Attack Speed
8 Selected Attribute

Active: Switch Attribute
Switches the attribute that receives a bonus. From Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength.
Note: Can only carry one. Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin or Robe of the Magi or Belt of Giant Strength
a basic necessity
2.View Details for Perseverance
10 Damage
5 HP Regeneration
125% Mana Regeneration
Note : Can be disassembled.
Ring of Health + Void Stone
you will need extra hp/mp regen and you can recreate this to form a level 2,3,4 item
3. Sange&Yasha
For added attack & movement speed; extra hp; extra damage; and maim ability 4. Yashaagain, for added attack & movement speed; extra damage (i think i got up to 408 movespeed of razor after getting Power Treads, Sange & Yasha and another Yasha)
5.View Details for Buriza-do Kyanon
Buriza-do Kyanon
81 Damage

Passive: Critical Strike
- 25% chance to deal 2.7 times normal damage on an attack

Crystalis + Demon Edge + Buriza-do Kyanon Recipe Scroll
this one is for added damage
6.View Details for Heart of Tarrasque
Heart of Tarrasque
40 Strength
300 HP
Passive: Health Regeneration
Regenerates 2% of max health each second. Only regenerates health when the bearer has not taken damage from a player owned source or Roshan in the last 6 seconds (ranged) or 4 seconds (melee). Doesn't stack with itself.
Messerschmidt's Reaver + Vitality Booster + Heart of Tarrasque Recipe Scroll
you will need extra hp and hp regen because Razor is an easy kill for some hero
7.View Details for Radiance
60 Damage

Passive: Burn Damage
Deals 45 damage per second. 650 AoE.
Note: Clicking Radiance will toggle Burn Damage on and off.
Sacred Relic + Radiance Recipe Scroll
this one is optional for added damage and mass damage for farming and killing heroes
Skill Build

Early Game:

at the early part of the game, try buying Ring of Regeneratio, some Flasks, and Scroll of Town Portal or if you can purchase Ring of Health, much better..

be cautious at first and try killing as many creeps and denying your opponent.. be patient and don't be too greedy and try to kill an enemy hero.. you can then purchase a Chicken for faster purchasing of items..

cast Chain Lightning when the skill is at level 3 or 4.. and only on heroes.. why? because of it's slow cool down and high mana cost..

by now, you can purchase Void Stone to form Perseverance, and a Ring of Basilus for added mana regen and armor for all.. then start purchasing the items to form the Power Treads and create 2-3 Wraith Bands.. these"mini-items" we call are good at the early part of the game..

Razor can only be a hero killer if he can deal damage faster and more.. so Power Treads is a necessity.. i can kill heroes even if i only have Power Treads , Perseverance and Ring of Basilus and some Wraith Bands..

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47 By *BEAT_ME* 2008-03-07

why no butterfly???

46 By everilballester 2008-02-27

bobo gumawa nito

45 By terrorericc 2007-12-16

wats better for razor mkb or radiance ? if both wat do you usually get first

44 By peepiet 2007-12-12

I will not ever take perseverance on this hero. Wasting too much money, while better to spend the money on making massive wraith, or vanguard, or farm for mael.

Omgwtf what you said is just daydreaming i say. Lol. 2 Mjol doesn't stack and make his auto-Chain go more often. Mjol and sangeyasha doesn't stack. He needs HP boost. HoT or EoS would be good.

And frenzy is such a bad skill early game. It won't even help razor to go kill, but killed instead. It makes him become more and more vulnerable.

43 By bloddy_spree 2007-12-12

No need to make hp regen. By increasing razor's speed it will already kill anybody coming across him.

42 By bloddy_spree 2007-12-12

try frenzy and chainlightning for early game it will really help on killing strenth heroes while dying comes less often. try 2 hyperstone, 2 majolinier, boots of travel, and butterfly/sange and yasha it will make you unstoppable.

41 By calvin08 2007-12-04

is frenzy realy that great 4 razor??

40 By wtp 2007-12-03

noob build

39 By ravenox 2007-11-30

nice strategy!!!!!! tnx

38 By killaholicxd 2007-11-28

for me frenzy is important to me that adding stats first

37 By AXCELACCEL 2007-11-05

the hell, razor don t n eed perseverance

36 By nakpack 2007-11-03

hmm no stat items only damage....

35 By BboyDefie 2007-11-03

Thanks for all these strategies buddy, i just started Dota today and i really dont know what 2 buy. Muchly appreciated

34 By jayquiling 2007-09-09

power treads


33 By Shaitan™ 2007-08-23

no offense dude, but i like only ur skill build which is anyway obvious. item-build is not at all that good. better make a mjollnir and assault of cuirass (crazy combination with razor)
and for hp regen you can make hood of defiance (2 if necessary) and of course dagger of escape else as you say, razor is kinda a free kill.

32 By coolzgeek 2007-08-23

This guide rocks. Make another guide!

31 By kdta123 2007-08-07

u know, u don't really need perseverance cuz it'll cost u some money and u don't even need it cuz ur hp's good and u don't need mana for razor. but the skill build is good

30 By Stevie_b 2007-08-04

Nice strat, just could have more in it... Eg combo's nd stuff...

29 By cedie961 2007-07-30

This hero is my favorite and the greatest..I can defeat 5 insane w/ razor!!

28 By kviddan 2007-07-18