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MadCow Disease, Cairne Bloodhoof

Created by cytrikz on 2010-01-25
Last modified: 2010-10-18
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Well, I noticed there was no guide for this great hero. I always end up swapping with people that random him, because I do like him and I think I have a fair understanding of how to use him. This guide will mostly focus on 1 build, and it is aimed at new to intermediate players. So pro's please go rage at someone else's guide, kthxbai.
Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne Bloodhoof - Tauren Chieftain

Range: | Move Speed: 315
Primary: STR
Str: 24 + 2.3 | Agi: 14 + 1.5 | Int: 23 + 1.6
Damage: 47-57 | HP: 606 | Mana: 299
HP Regen: 0.97 | Mana Regen: 0.93
Attack Speed: 0.67 | Armor: 3
Echo Stomp
Echo Stomp (T)
Calls upon the spirit of his ancestors to join him in an earth-shattering echo, rendering nearby foes unconscious. The spirit and Tauren Chieftain both deal 80 damage in the area, the Spirit dealing magical damage and the physical form dealing physical damage. Unconscious enemies will wake if they get hit. If the spirit is separated from you, it will still perform its part of the spell. 1.4 second cast time.
Level 1 - Knocks out units for 2 seconds.
Level 2 - Knocks out units for 3 seconds.
Level 3 - Knocks out units for 4 seconds.
Level 4 - Knocks out units for 5 seconds.
Damage type: magical (spirit), physical (tauren)
Area of Effect: 500
Mana Cost: 100/115/130/145
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Comment: Your way of disabling, it is perfect skill to use with Ancestral Spirit, because both you and your spirit stun. I will provide screenshots on the most optimal way of using these 2. Also, great skill to jungle/push with.

Ancestral Spirit
Ancestral Spirit (C)
The Tauren Chieftain sends forth his guardian ancestor to bring ruin upon his foes. While separate from the Chieftain, the spirit will mimic his movement and damage any unit it passes through. When it rejoins the Chieftain, it grants him bonus damage and movement speed for each enemy it has struck. Lasts for 8 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 120 damage. Gives 3 damage and 1% speed per creep, 10 damage and 5% speed per hero.
Level 2 - Deals 160 damage. Gives 6 damage and 1% speed per creep, 20 damage and 5% speed per hero.
Level 3 - Deals 200 damage. Gives 9 damage and 1% speed per creep, 30 damage and 5% speed per hero.
Level 4 - Deals 240 damage. Gives 12 damage and 1% speed per creep, 40 damage and 5% speed per hero.
Casting Range: 1200
Area of Effect: 275
The spirits movements are Tauren Chieftain's own but mirrored.
Using the ability again returns the spirit to you.
Mana Cost: 110
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Comment: A great skill to maximize your damage on heroes with. I mostly will be using this on conjunction with the Echo Stomp, although I have seen other players use this as a main skill.
Natural Order
Natural Order (N)
The Tauren Chieftain uses wisdom gathered throughout the ages to reduce everything to its most basic level. Removes base Magic and Physical resistance.
Level 1 - 20% reduction.
Level 2 - 40% reduction.
Level 3 - 60% reduction.
Level 4 - 80% reduction.
Area of Effect: 275
The Ancestral Spirit also has this ability.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: The reason a lot of people complain that the Cow is overpowered. This is your bread and butter, this is why you choose to play this character. The beauty of it is, it stacks with a few other things we'll discuss.
Earth Splitter
Earth Splitter (E)
Using his mighty axe, the Tauren Chieften rends the very earth itself, sending a jagged crack under the feet of his enemies. After several seconds the earth implodes, sending his foes tumbling inwards. Any unit caught in the implosion will take damage based on their maximum life and have their speed slowed for a short time. Implodes after 3 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 30% for 3 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 40% for 4 seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 50% for 5 seconds.
Casting Range: 1600
Area of Effect: 325 (width) / 2400 (distance)
The whole crack implodes 3 seconds after casting.
The crack extends with a speed of 900, to maximum distance of 2400.
Mana Cost: 175
Cooldown: 100
Comment: Just wow! this thing hurts, it doesn't matter if you have 100 hp or 2000 hp, it freagin hurts, and since it is % based it will scale nicely always. The area it covers is great too. This combined with a refresher orb, is made of win for those Team Battles.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Natural Order
2. Echo Stomp
3. Ancestral Spirit
4. Natural Order
5. Natural Order
6. Earth Splitter
7. Echo Stomp
8. Natural Order
9. Ancestral Spirit
10. Echo Stomp
11. Earth Splitter
12. Ancestral Spirit
13. Echo Stomp
14. Ancestral Spirit
15. Stats
16. Earth Splitter
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Empty Bottle
Empty Bottle
Active: Regenerate
Restores 135 HP and 70 mana over 3 seconds. Effect ends if you take damage. When used, Magic Bottle 3/3 changes to 2/3, 2/3 changes to 1/3, and 1/3 changes to Empty Bottle. Can't be used when Empty Bottle. 0.5 second cooldown.
Active: Rune Capture
Stores a rune in an Empty Bottle. When a rune is used, this item is refilled to Magic Bottle 3/3. Stored runes are automatically used after 120 seconds. Can't be drop if it has a rune stored.
Note: This item is refilled to Magic Bottle 3/3 when near the fountain.
For the Bold Intermediate Players
2.View Details for Phase Boots
Phase Boots
55 Movement Speed
24 Damage

Active: Phase
Gives 16% movement speed bonus and lets you move through units. Using items or abilities cancels Phase. Lasts 4 seconds. 8 second cooldown.
Note: Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Boots of Speed + 2x Blades of Attack
For Speed and Damage
3.View Details for Bracer
6 Strength
3 Agility
3 Intelligence
3 Damage
Gauntlets of Ogre Strength + Circlet of Nobility + Bracer Recipe Scroll
2 of these for extra HP and Damage
4.View Details for Perseverance
10 Damage
5 HP Regeneration
125% Mana Regeneration
Note : Can be disassembled.
Ring of Health + Void Stone
For that extra regen, and for building your Refresher
5.View Details for Oblivion Staff
Oblivion Staff
6 Intelligence
10 Attack Speed
15 Damage
75% Mana Regeneration
Quarter Staff + Robe of the Magi + Sobi Mask
For your Refresher
6.View Details for Refresher Orb
Refresher Orb
6 Intelligence
5 HP Regeneration
200% Mana Regeneration
40 Damage
Active: Reset Cooldowns
- Resets the cooldowns of all your abilities and items.
- 375 manacost.
- 160 seconds cooldown.

Perseverance + Oblivion Staff + Refresher Orb Recipe Scroll
For that double whammy combo
7.View Details for Assault Cuirass
Assault Cuirass
35 Attack Speed
10 Armor
Passive: Attack Speed Aura
Adds 20 attack speed. 900 AoE
Passive: Positive Armor Aura
Adds 5 armor. 900 AoE. Affects buildings. Doesn't stack with armor auras from Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, or Vladmir's Offering.
Passive: Negative Armor Aura
Remove 5 armor to enemies. 900 AoE. Affects enemy buildings.
Plate Mail + Hyperstone + Chainmail + Assault Cuirass Recipe Scroll
This will make your hits hurt anything even more, and will beef you up as well
8.View Details for Stygian Desolator
Stygian Desolator
60 Damage

Passive: Corruption
- Causes attacks to place a buff that reduces armor by 6 (works on buildings)
- Buff lasts 15 seconds
- Orb effect

2x Mithril Hammer + Stygian Desolator Recipe Scroll (900)
If you are this far in the game, you got fed or are really good, wait that's the same thing xP
Skill Build

Early Game:

This guide was written for Dota 6.64


This guide is written mostly because i've been asked how do i play the cow so well, and because my friend was inquiring as to how i "kill so much with that slow oversized cow?" Mainly this guide is aimed at the newer players, but who knows, maybe those of you that know how to play already, will learn something new. Also i wrote it because at the time of writing, there were no guides for our friend Mr. Bloodhoof. So i hope you enjoy the guide, and i hope it helps you.


For those of you that are just here to critiSIZE (aka boost your ego by talkin smack) this guide, please take the following into consideration before you do so.

  • Read the FULL GUIDE, before you go onto your rash comments
  • Leave your douchbaggery elsewhere, this is meant to help people, so if you're just here to troll, then take it elsewhere
  • If you are gonna agree or disagree with something, at least give reasons to back your statements, or examples, etc
  • Try to give positive feedback, as not only will it help me write better guides (in the future) but it will help those newer players that might be visiting for the 1st time

and without further ado i present to you

Mad Cow Disease

yah i know the name is cliche, but meh -.-;;

Pros vs Cons


  • Aura, aura, aura (does so much and stacks with others)
  • STR hero (great HP gain, and whacks quite a blow)
  • Can take a hit (read above)
  • Disable/Slow (Echo stomp will stun, and Earth split will slow)
  • Great for Team Battles
  • Versatility (can play almost any role in a team)


  • Melee hero (for new players, this usually means they do nothing but feed)
  • No Mana = Dead Cow (not always true, read above)
  • Slow Attack Speed (we can fix this)
  • Limited escape methods (won't matter if you kill them before they kill you)
  • Channeling (this can somewhat be overcome)
  • Obvious Ultimate (they can see it coming, or can they?)
  • Versatility (new players don't know how to build him, as he can play many roles, hopefully this guide can help with this problem)

Before i get into early game strategies, i will discuss his combos. Just like back in the day street fighter, memorizing combos and power moves, will get you a win. This of course requires good timing. So let's begin with the combos.

Spirit + Echo (your main combo, this is your jack of all trades)

The screenshot above is not the "Best" range to distance your spirit for the stomp method, but it is the Optimal one for those new players reading this guide. This is your ONLY natural method of escape. If you see them coming at you, and you are low on hp, send a spirit out towards them and stomp, then run. Normally with this character you don't have to run, but you never know. This is your all time fave combo tho, you will be able to jungle with this, kill creep waves, and stun opponents without them getting "too" close to you, and if they do, they will probably be stunned anyway due to the AoE it has, and if they are running toward you they will probably encounter your stomp, and not your spirits. You can also get a First Blood with this, if your opponent is unwise enough to go too close to your tower, and you stun them right next to it. This combo can be accomplished starting at level 3 if you are following this guide.

Tower Breka (Caution: this move is sometimes frowned upon)

Don't ask me why, but some people throw a ragefit when you use this against them. They say it's cheap, but then again, so are many other strategies. What is so great about this? 1st off, it can be used at basically any tower, it's just about positioning and geometry. What will this gain you? You will delay their creep line, (and maybe a hero or two) allowing your creeps more hits on the tower, if you can time it well enough, their tower will finish your creeps off, and this will give you time to run back and delay your creep line. So essentially it's a win win for you, the other good thing is, on most of the angles, you can generally postion yourself out of the tower's range. This combo can be done starting at level 3 if you are following this guide.

Freagin Cow (this is your signature move, if you were a wrestlers, your fans would be cheering this on)

This 2 part combo is your Win move. If you are executing this at level 6 be sure to be at full mana. 1st throw your spirit behind, or "in" your opponent, and then whack once (twice at most (for now)) then Earth Split, and continue to whack. Now be very careful, as you have an ultimate which can be "somewhat" avoided, depending on the characters. So try to position the line, between you, your opponent, and the direction in which they will "most likely" flee. This combo will almost always kill low HP int heroes, and severely damage even those tank type heroes, as the ultimate is based on a % scale, so it scales very well. One thing that you all players playing this character should know is, you can interrupt his animation of the cast, almost instantly, after you cast and select where you will be using it, immediately start walking towards the enemy as you do not have to wait for the full animation to kick in.

That is all you need to know for now, i will cover the "extra combos" as we get to them. From this point forward i will divide, the guide into 2 parts, 1 for intermediate to pro players, and the other for beginners. The skill build is the same, just the item order and strategy itself will differ.

I will not cover the following:

  • Creep blocking
  • Denying
  • Last Hitting
  • Runes

Not because i am an evil person, but because these things have been covered so many times before, and because the people that have done so, have done a fine job of covering them. So i do not wish to regurgitate the same information.

Skill Justification

Basically, your aura is your power, it will make you great alone, and will make you great for team battles, this is why we focus on it 1st. This will also help you last hit a little better, and allows your lane partner (if you have one) to harass to a better extent your opponents. We then focus on Stomp with a little bit of Spirit, to allow us to combo, but we put stomp up because it stuns for longer periods of time, and does more dmg. Of course the Ult as soon as we can level it, is a must, just because of the Maim and the Pure Damage. The stats i leave til last, because he is a sturdy hero who really doesn't need it to survive, and can perform well while leaving those for last.

Early Game Strategy


Empty Bottle

Grab your bottle and head to middle lane, if someone protests, slap them. Or get slapped, your choice, you should know by now who if anyone on your team needs priority for the middle lane. Your strategy for early game is, Runes. Try to get as many as you can, so that at level 3 you can start harrassing the enemy hero with the Spirit + Echo combo. The runes will replenish your bottle so that you don't have to make constant trips back to the fountain. Try a Tower Breka combo or two as well, see how it works for you. If you get an opponent that is antsy, and is pushing a lot, slow your creep lane down so that they get close enough to your tower, and you might be able to get a First Blood from the Spirit + Echo combo near your tower, and a few hits from you.


Circlet of NobilityCirclet of NobilityIronwood BranchIronwood BranchAncient Tango of Essifation

Grab your noob gear and head to the bottom lane Sentinel/top lane Scourge. If you were fortunate enough to random the cow, then grab the following.

Circlet of NobilityCirclet of NobilityGauntlets of Ogre StrengthGauntlets of Ogre StrengthAncient Tango of Essifation

Maybe even 2 sets of tangoes, if you already know you're not too good with melee heroes. If possible, try to get a teammate with a ranged hero to go bottom with you as well. Most of the time anyone will agree, as your aura is something very nice to have, and can lead to a first blood. Your role in early game is to just stay alive, and level, and work up some cash. If a teammate asks you to help kill someone, then execute a Spirit + Echo combo on the target, and get close enough so your aura is affecting them, but not enough to put yourself in danger, unless it's an obvious kill.

End of Early Game


Phase BootsBracer

possibly 2 bracers. Depends on how well you did, and you can swap the order if you wish. Some players need more survivability, i usually get the phase boots 1st.


BracerBracerBoots of SpeedEmpty Bottle

depending on how well you survived, you should have the above, maybe more if you helped someone get a kill or two.Be sure to get the bottle, as it will help keep your mana at a decent level.

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nice article for tauren, i tried this last sat. and i was greatly amazed by its combo's.. my item build for this hero before was pwrthreads, cuirass, battle fury and cranium basher, with those items i was already going to triple kill that time.

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@224, It negates physical and magic making early game harass more effective. A level of this early game adds more damage over the course of a lane battle than the extra couple damage upgrading ancestral will. each level is only 40 damage.

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