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Syllabear 2 heroes in 1

Created by fwii~ on 2007-04-20
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Hi I'm fwii~ and I'm gonna write a strat on one of my favorite heroes Syllabear. Sylla bear is an excellent hero early, mid, and late game, it's a pity people repick him because they think he's hard to use. Sylla bear isn't an overly complicated hero as most people think so I'm gonna help you by teaching you how easy it is to own with 2 heroes.

Syllabear - The Lone Druid

Range: | Move Speed: 315
Primary: AGI
Str: 17 + 2.1 | Agi: 24 + 2.7 | Int: 13 + 1.4
Damage: 46 – 50 | HP: 473 | Mana: 169
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.53
Attack Speed: 0.73 | Armor: 3
Summon Spirit Bear
Summon Spirit Bear (B)
Summons a powerful Spirit Bear companion. It randomly Entangles enemies that it attacks.
Level 1 - Summons Spirit Bear with 1400 hit points and Inventory
Level 2 - Summons Spirit Bear with 1800 hit points - adds Return
Level 3 - Summons Spirit Bear with 2300 hit points - adds 20% Entangle
Level 4 - Summons Spirit Bear with 2700 hit points - adds Demolish and 33% spell resistance
• Entangle cooldown: 5 seconds
• Entangle damage: 60/sec
• Spells last as long on Spirit Bear as they do on heroes.
• Can attack up to 925 range away from Syllabear. If it attacks further away, its attack will stop.
• If the Spirit Bear dies, Syllabear will take 100 mixed damage per level of Summon Spirit Bear, from the unit that killed the Spirit Bear.

Return (R)

Description: Immediately teleports the Spirit Bear back to Syllabear. Cannot use Return if it has taken damage from a player unit in the last 3 seconds. This skill is acquired when the Spirit Bear is at level 2.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Mana Cost: N/A


Description: Passive ability that causes attacks to do 1.4 times normal damage to buildings.


Description: Attacks randomly cause roots to burst from the ground, immobilizing a target enemy unit for 3 seconds, and dealing 60 damage per second. 20% Chance to entangle.
• This skill is an Orb Effect that's also a Buff Placer when it procs.
• A unit can't Blink or Metamorphose when affected by this skill.
• You can bash and crit at the same time Entangle is applied.
• If the target is affected by this skill and activates an invisibility spell you'll be able to see him for Entangle's duration.

Spell Resistance

Description: Spirit Bear gains 33% resistance against spell damage.

Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 180/160/140/120 seconds
Comment: You bread and butter skill, this is what playing sylla bear is all about. Only level 4 bear has entangle now. Believe it or not your bear can use items!! This makes him like a second hero! It's also not too hard to micro aswell (I find banehallow's wolves harder to micro)

Rabid (R)
Syllabear can create an intense combative fury in himself and his Spirit Bear Companion. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 5%
Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 10%.
Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15%.
Level 4 - Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 20%.
Rabid goes on both the Spirit Bear and Lone Druid when casted instead of requiring a target
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 30
Comment: Attack speed and movespeed and lots of it. Cast it on your bear not yourself!!! Most syllabear players I see tend to cast it only on themselves which is wrong your bear is the one that needs attackspeed!!
Synergy (Y)
Increases the Lone Druid's synergy with his Spirit Bear and himself with each level, upgrading spells.
Level 1 - Adds +10 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 10 and True Form hp with +100.
Level 2 - Adds +20 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 20 and True Form hp with +200.
Level 3 - Adds +30 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 30 and True Form hp with +300.
Level 4 - Adds +40 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 40 and True Form hp with +400.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Improves other skills no comment.
True Form
True Form (F)
Syllabear learns to morph himself into a brown bear. Morphing into Bear Form causes Syllabear to lose his ranged advantage, by making him melee. He can morph freely between druid and bear form.
Level 1 - Morphs into Bear Form; 250 bonus health and 4 bonus Armor and has Battle Cry
Level 2 - Morphs into Bear Form; 400 bonus health and 6 bonus Armor and has Battle Cry
Level 3 - Morphs into Bear Form; 600 bonus health and 8 bonus Armor and has Battle Cry
• You can dodge stuns while transforming.
• 2 second transformation time.
• While in this state, Syllabear will have a Base Attack Time of 1.6 seconds.
• Syllabear has base movement speed of 280 while in bear form.

Battle Cry (C)

Description: Adds damage and armor to nearby units controlled by Syllabear.
Adds 20/40/60 Damage and 2/4/6 Armor for 8 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Mana Cost: 50

Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Well this ulti has only 2 uses and it's use is to help you tank and escape nukes. I recommend you should stay in ranged form as often as possible.
Skill Build

Skill Build:

1. Summon Spirit Bear
2. Synergy
3. Summon Spirit Bear
4. Synergy
5. Summon Spirit Bear
6. Synergy
7. Summon Spirit Bear
8. Synergy
9. Rabid
10. True Form
11. Rabid
12. Rabid
13. Rabid
14. Stats
15. True Form
16. True Form
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats
Item Build

Item Build:

1.View Details for Power Treads
Power Treads
60 Movement Speed
30 Attack Speed
8 Selected Attribute

Active: Switch Attribute
Switches the attribute that receives a bonus. From Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength.
Note: Can only carry one. Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, or Boots of Speed.
Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin or Robe of the Magi or Belt of Giant Strength
2.View Details for Headdress of Rejuvenation
Headdress of Rejuvenation
2 All Attributes
Passive: Regeneration Aura
3 HP regeneration. 500 AoE.
Ring of Regeneration + Ironwood Branch + Headdress of Rejuvenation Recipe Scroll
3.View Details for Radiance
60 Damage

Passive: Burn Damage
Deals 45 damage per second. 650 AoE.
Note: Clicking Radiance will toggle Burn Damage on and off.
Sacred Relic + Radiance Recipe Scroll
4.View Details for Hyperstone
55 Attack Speed
5.View Details for Heart of Tarrasque
Heart of Tarrasque
40 Strength
300 HP
Passive: Health Regeneration
Regenerates 2% of max health each second. Only regenerates health when the bearer has not taken damage from a player owned source or Roshan in the last 6 seconds (ranged) or 4 seconds (melee). Doesn't stack with itself.
Messerschmidt's Reaver + Vitality Booster + Heart of Tarrasque Recipe Scroll
6.View Details for Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel
100 Movement Speed

Active: Teleport
- Teleports you to an allied non-hero unit or building
- Casting time: 3 seconds
- Manacost: 75 mana
- Cooldown: 60 seconds
- Shares cooldown with Scroll of Town Portal

Note: Movement speed bonus does not stack with Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Power Treads, Tranquil Boots or Boots of Speed.
Double clicking teleports you to your fountain.
Boots of Speed + Boots of Travel Recipe Scroll
Skill Build

Early Game:


    * The Bear does not drop items upon death except for Gem of True sight and Divine Rapier
    * Syllabear takes damage when the bear dies so be careful
    * The bear has 340 base movespeed it becomes 380 after 4 levels of Synergy
    * The bear cannot benefit from stats such as Strength, Agility, or intelligence.
    * The bear has a BAT of 1.3 at level 4 Which means he attacks faster than Anti-Mage
    * The Bear can use items and can benefit from them

 Remember entangle is an orb effects so don't buy orb effects on the bear.

       Once you start out in the game buy a Headress or Rejuvination  and take a solo lane. Use your bear as soon as you learn it. The bear can help you alot in last hitting since he gives you two attacks to last hit with. You simple have to group together sylla bear and his bear and attack. The bear can also be used as a chicken when he reaches level 7 and can also help harass heroes. Your job here is to farm for power treads and Sacred Relic as quickly as possible. Hero killing is possible only after Lvl 7 when the bear has entangle.

Expected items by the end of early game:

 {name} - {alias}                                                  Summon Spirit Bear                                                

 Headdress of RejuvenationBoots of Speed                                  Power TreadsSacred Relic

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398 By willisverynice 2012-03-28


what does it mean to call people "retarded"? are you cheap and gay?

397 By skillerfoe 2011-06-25

hey can you put maelstrom on this guy

396 By Afroboy 2011-06-04

dude must be paying this on single player...

395 By potay 2011-03-20

@nightmareboobies actually it's 操你媽媽

394 By nightmareboobies 2011-03-06

wat does it mean to call people “Cheap and Gay” ? r u retarded?

393 By nightmareboobies 2011-03-06

this guide is so short and crapy.

( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊!

392 By LAN-Lord 2010-12-16

I will now make a very simple item list:

1| Treecutter
2| Agi treads (I know bot is better, but u need the stats early game)
3| Vlads
4| Basher
5| BKB
6| Curiass

(If I fill my items I either shift my vlads to bear or drop the axe when i need aegis)

1| Treecutter
2| Treads (any)
3| Radiance
4| Basher
5| (Usually never get past bear basher, but if I get there I switch vlads to bear and farm like shit for a b-fly for sylla)
6| (Do bashers stack? LOL)

391 By LAN-Lord 2010-12-16


I do way better focusing on sylla after my first two bear items (treads and radi). Both of em have treecutter for farming, vlads for sylla, plus a basher and bkb come around the start of mid game. Assault curriass is too easy with that ultra farming ability. normally, by lvl 9 u can solo rosh without breaking a sweat as long as u have vlads.

390 By chicKen07 2010-11-03

he'll be sylla without his bear

389 By alfian96 2010-09-24

Syllabear is not Syllabear without his Bear. LOL.

388 By lollolzz 2010-05-25

ermm rabid effects both bear and hero

387 By windwaker 2010-05-24

u are right, it is really gay, thx^^

386 By Dew1996 2010-05-14

-.- sylla bear is just.. good ! but not with this shit
he will have to mutch hp, but he wont attack very fast, so i suggest to use hyperstone on syyla :)

385 By Ghost 2010-05-07

actually... we should take this guide down...

384 By DEEsturbing 2010-05-07

Well.. he didnt put a dagger in syllabear.. so when he is chasing an enemy.. syllabear uses dagger and bear uses return.. so.. youll probably end in either.. making the enemy in critical or either kill the enemy

383 By uh_nathan 2010-05-07


too bad you dont remember when this was accurate, bear and sylla have been changed in recent updates, he had a skill called One if you dont see, where the bear and sylla shared HP etc etc. his BAT was 1.3 and his synergy used to be 380 with lvl 4 so this is all correct. and with bear pulling and normal last hit (sylla has good atk animation) you can farm radi in 15 minutes with a headress and branches.

382 By brownmagic 2010-05-07

Where do you get your info from? It's all wrong:

1) bear's BAT at lvl 4 is 1.45, it is never 1.3
2) bear's base ms is 320 and can increase to 360 after 4 levels of synergy, not 340/380
3) a relic early game with treads, BoS, and Headdress? Ok, assuming early game ends 15min in, you'd have to last hit every creep to get that much gold (6353 gold)

I didn't even bother reading the rest, it's so bad of a review. How did it get 4 stars?

381 By elsondaryl 2010-04-27

nice guide... i like

380 By axelbedan 2010-04-22

Short but precise! Good job mate :)

379 By Castbreeder 2010-04-15